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Abatement of Mine Drainage Pollution by Underground Precipitation. 1973
Acid aerosols : issue paper : draft. 1988
Acid Deposition and Watershed Characteristics in Relation to Lake Chemistry in Northeastern Minnesota. 1985
Acid Deposition in Maryland. Summary of 1993 Research and Monitoring Results and Evaluation of Status and Trends. 1995
Acid-Base Status of Pennsylvania Streams: Results from the National Stream Survey. 1989
Acidic Deposition and Aquatic Ecosystems: Regional Case Studies. 1990
Acidic Episodes in Surface Waters in Europe. 1992
Acidification and Recovery of a Spodosol Bs Horizon from Acidic Deposition. 1990
Advanced Waste Treatment Performance Evaluation: Summary Report. 1984
Air Flotation-Biological Oxidation of Synthetic Rubber and Latex Wastewater. 1973
An acid aerosols issue paper : health effects and aerometrics. 1989
Applications of reverse osmosis to acid mine drainage treatment / 1973
Appraisal of Neutralization Processes to Treat Coal Mine Drainage. 1973
Assessing the geochemical fate of deep-well-injected hazardous waste : a reference guide. 1990
Characteristics of Acidic Lakes in the Eastern United States (Journal Version). 1988
Characteristics of Lakes in Mountainous Areas of the Western United States (Journal Version). 1988
Characteristics of Lakes in the Eastern United States. Volume 3. Data Compendium of Site Characteristics and Chemical Variables. 1986
Chemical Characteristics and Temporal Trends in Eight Streams of the Catskill Mountains, New York. (Revised). 1993
Classifying Soils for Acidic Deposition Aquatic Effects: A Scheme for the Northeast USA. 1989
Climatically Induced Rapid Acidification of a Softwater Seepage Lake. 1990
Combination limestone-lime neutralization of ferrous iron acid mine drainage / 1978
Combination Limestone-Lime Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. 1972
Combined Treatment of Municipal Wastewater and Acid Mine Drainage. 1972
Comparison of Episodic Acidification in Canada, Europe and the United States. 1990
Development of method for semivolatile organic priority pollutants in fish / 1985
Developments in Chemical Treatment of Contaminated Soil. 1992
Dewatering of mine drainage sludge / 1971
Dewatering of mine drainage sludge. 1971
Direct/delayed response project : future effects of long-term sulfur deposition on surface water chemistry in the Northeast and southern Blue Ridge province / 1989
Effects of Acidic Deposition on North American Lakes: Palaeolimnological Evidence from Diatoms and Chrysophytes. 1990
Effects of Acidic Deposition on Streams in the Appalachian Mountain and Piedmont Region of the Mid-Atlantic United States. 1993
EPA method study 30, method 625 : base/neutrals, acids and pesticides / 1984
Episodic acidification occurrence, causes and significance to aquatic resources / 1998
Episodic Acidification of Adirondack Lakes during Snowmelt. 1990
Episodic Acidification of Freshwater Systems in Canada: Physical and Geochemical Processes. 1993
Episodic response project : northern Applachian plateau: site description and methodology / 1992
Estimating critical loads of sulfate to surface waters in the Northeastern United States : a comparative assessment of three procedures for estimating critical loads of sulfate for lakes / 1991
Evaluation of a Surface Application of Limestone for Controlling Acid Mine Discharges from Abandoned Strip Mines, Sewellsville, Ohio. 1984
Evaluation of Stream Chemistry and Watershed Characteristics in the Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain. 1995
Executive Summary: Winter and Spring Water Quality Survey of Acid Mine Drainage Neutralization Plants. 1975
Explanatory Models for Ecological Response Surfaces. 1993
Exploration of the Relationships among Acidic Deposition, Land Use, and Water Chemistry. 1985
Factors Contributing to Differences in Acid Neutralizing Capacity among Lakes in the Western United States. 1987
Factors Controlling Sludge Density During Acid Mine Drainage Neutralization. 1973
Feasibility of 5 gpm dynactor/magnetic separator system to treat spilled hazardous materials / 1975
Feasibility of Elk Creek Acid Mine Drainage Abatement Project / 1976
Feasibility of silver-lead mine waste manipulation for mine drainage control / 1977
Feasibility study fly ash reclamation of surface mines : Hillman State Park / 1976
Field and laboratory methods applicable to overburdens and minesoils / 1978
Final Response to BDAT Related Comments Document: D002. Volume 1-C. 1990
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