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A 31P NMR spectroscopy study of the effects of Malathion on Rivulus marmoratus Poey / 1992
Acute toxicity of malathion, tetrabromobisphenol-a, and tributyltin chloride to mysids (mysidopsis bahia) of three different ages / 1988
Air pollution aspects of pesticides / 1970
Areas and Zip Codes in which Point-of-sale Notification is to be Made for Listed Pacific Salmonids 2000
Bioassay of malathion for possible carcinogenicity. 1979
Bioassay of malathion for possible carcinogenicity. 1978
Biological Effects of Pesticides on the Dungeness Crab. 1977
Chemical and photochemical transformation of selected pesticides in aquatic systems / 1976
Chronic toxicity of methoxychlor, malathion, and carbofuran to sheepshead minnows (Cyprinodon variegatus) / 1977
Common List Of Pesticide Products That Contain 2,4-d, Carbaryl, Diazinon, Diuron, Malathion, Triclopyr Bee Or Trifluralin 2000
Comparative Disappearance of Dioxathion, Malathion, Oxydemetonmethyl and Dialifor from Florida Citrus Leaf and Fruit Surfaces. 1981
Comparative effects of CS and various pollutants on fresh water phytoplankton colonies of Wolffia papulifera Thompson 1971
Contaminant Levels in Animal Feeds Used for Toxicity Studies. 1981
Correlation of the Anticholinesterase Activity of a Series of Organophosphates with Their Ability to Compete with Agonist Binding to Muscarinic Receptors. 1993
Degradation of malathion by indigenous soil microorganisms. 1972
Degradation of Malathion by Salt-Marsh Microorganisms. 1976
Degradation of pesticides by algae / 1976
Determination of incinerator operating conditions necessary for safe disposal of pesticides / 1975
Determination of Malathion, Malaoxon, and Mono- and Dicarboxylic Acids of Malathion in Fish, Oyster, and Shrimp Tissue. 1976
Determination of thiophosphates in industrial and municipal wastewaters : aspon, dichlofenthion, famphur, fenitrothion, fonophos, phosmet and thionazin / 1985
Development of microwave plasma detoxification process for hazardous wastes / 1977
Downwind Drift and Deposition of Malathion on Human Targets from Ground Ultra-Low Volume Mosquito Sprays. 1993
Draft toxicological profile for malathion / 2001
Drinking water health advisory for malathion / 1991
Effect of Aerially Applied Malathion on an Urban Population. 1967
Effect of Food Availability on the Acute Toxicity of Four Chemicals to 'Mysidopsis bahia' (Mysidacea) in Static Exposures. 1989
Effect of Organic Phosphorus Compounds and Alkylating Agents on the Rat Fetus. 1968
Effects of Malathion on Microorganisms of an Artificial Salt-Marsh Environment. 1977
Effects of malathion on two warmwater fishes and aquatic invertebrates in ponds 1970
Effects of mirex, methoxychlor, and malathion on development of crabs / 1976
Effects of mirex, methoxychlor, and malathion on development of crabs / 1976
Endangered Species Act, section 7 consultation : biological opinion : Environmental Protection Agency registration of pesticides containing chloropyrifos, diazinon, and malathion / 2008
Endrin and Malathion Toxicity to Flagfish (Jordanella floridae). 1977
Environmental profiles and hazard indices for constituents of municipal sludge : malathion. 1985
Fate of high priority pesticides during drinking water treatment [electronic resource] / 2008
Field studies in estuarine ecosystems : assessing contaminant effects / 1989
Field Study of the Safety of Abate for Treating Potable Water and Observations on the Effectiveness of a Control Programme Involving both Abate and Malathion. 1968
Genetic Toxicology of Gene-Tox Non-Carcinogens (Journal Version). 1987
Guidance for the reregistration of pesticide products containing malathion as the active ingredient. 1988
Health and environmental effects profile for malathion. 1984
Initial scientific and minieconomic review of malathion / 1975
Insecticide persistence in natural seawater as affected by salinity, temperature, and sterility / 1978
Kinetic Concepts for Measuring Microbial Rate Constants: Effects of Nutrients on Rate Constants. 1986
Kinetics of Chemical Degradation of Malathion in Water. 1976
Laboratory evaluation of residue levels in water treated with an encapsulated malathion formulation, July-September 1971 1971
Laboratory release rates of encapsulated malathion slow release formulations, April-June 1971 1971
Malathion 1982
Malathion Exposure Studies. Determination of Mono- and Dicarboxylic Acids and Alkyl Phosphates in Urine. 1977
Malathion Exposures During Lice Treatment: Use of Exposure Related Dose Estimating Model (ERDEM) and Factors Relating to the Evaluation of Risk. 2007
Microbial-malathion interaction in artificial salt-marsh ecosystems : effect and degradation / 1975
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