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Adult T cell leukemia and related diseases 1982
An SAB report : review of the health risk assessment of 1,3-butadiene. / 1998
Analysis of the Genotoxicity of Anthraquinone Dyes in the Mouse Lymphoma Assay. 1991
Biological response modifiers, leukaemias and lymphomas 1987
Burkitt's lymphoma : a human cancer model : 1985
Comparative morphology of hematopoietic neoplasms; [proceedings.] 1969
Comparison of Chromosome Aberration Frequency and Small-Colony TK-Deficient Mutant Frequency in L5178Y/TK(+/-)-3.7.2C Mouse Lymphoma Cells. 1990
Comparison of Mutagenicity Results for Nine Compounds Evaluated at the 'hgprt' Locus in the Standard and Suspension CHO Assays. 1991
Cytogenetic Characterization of the L5178Y TK+/-3.7.2C Mouse Lymphoma Cell Line. 1985
Cytogenetic Distinction between the TK+ and TK- Chromosomes in the L5178Y TK+/- 3.7.2C Mouse-Lymphoma Cell Line. 1982
Development of an Intact Hepatocyte Activation System for Routine Use with the Mouse Lymphoma Assay. 1987
Do Trifluorothymidine-Resistant Mutants of L5178Y Mouse Lymphoma Cells Re-Express Thymidine Kinase Activity Following 5-Azacytidine Treatment (Journal Version). 1988
Emerging links between chronic disease and environmental exposure Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma / 2003
Epstein-Barr virus and Kaposi's sarcoma herpesvirus/human herpesvirus 8. 1997
Evaluation of the Mutagenic Activity of 2,5(or 2,16). Bis-isocyanatomethyl- bicyclo(221)heptane in an In Vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Test with l51 78y Mouse Lymphoma Cells. 2010
Evaluation of the Mutagenic Potential of High Drop Point Lithium Hydroxystearate Grease (XRR 185A) in the Mouse Lymphoma (L5178Y/TK(sup +/-)) Assay with Cover Letter. 1983
Genotoxicity in Mouse Lymphoma Cells of Chemicals Capable of Michael Addition. 1991
Genotoxicity of 2-Amino-6-N-Hydroxyadenine (AHA) to Mouse Lymphoma and CHO Cells. 1991
Genotoxicity of Gamma Irradiation in L5178Y Mouse Lymphoma Cells. 1986
Genotoxicity of Inhibitors of DNA Topoisomerases I (Camptothecin) and II (m-AMSA) In vivo and In vitro. 1990
Human T-cell leukemia/lymphoma virus : the family of human T-lymphotropic retroviruses, their role in malignancies and association with AIDS 1984
In vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Assay Thymidine Kinase Locus/TK (+or -) in Mouse Lymphoma L5178Y Cells with Triethoxy(3-thiocya natopropyl)silane. 2012
In vitro Mammalian Cell Gene Mutatyion Assay (Thymidine Kinase Locus/TKI) in Mouse Lymphoma L5178Y Cells with (Chloromethyl)triethoxysilane. 2012
In vivo and in vitro Mutagenicity Studies-Paraffinic Oil 78-9, 70 SUS/100 deg F; and Paraffinic Oil 78-10, 150 SUS/100 deg F. 1981
Industry-Wide Mortality Study of Chemical Workers Occupationally Exposed to Benzene with EPA Acknowledgement dated 03/09/84 and Peer Reviews and Cover Letter datewd 12/16/1983. 1984
Information Regarding an Ames Test Micronucleus Test, Mouse Lymphoma Test, Acute Algal Toxicity Test, and a 7-Day Range-Finding Inhalation Toxicity Study in Rats. 2012
L5178 TK +/- Mouse Lymphoma Mutagenesis Assay of 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane with Cover Letter dated 07/10/87. 1987
Letter from Mobil Oil Corporation to USEPA Submitting Laboratory Results on Dimethyl Hydrogen Phosphite. 1980
Letter from Toms River Chemical Company to USEPA regarding Information on Diperse Turquoise Alf Test Results with Attachments. 1979
Mammalian Cell Gene Mutation Assays Working Group Report. 1994
Molecular Dissection of Mutations at the Heterozygous Thymidine Kinase Locus in Mouse Lymphoma Cells. 1990
Mutagenesis of L5178Y/TK(+/-)-3.7.2C Mouse Lymphoma Cells by the Clastogen Ellipticine. 1987
Mutagenic Screening of Three Dyes for Marker Grenades in the Salmonella Reversion Assay and the L5178Y/TK+/-Mouse Lymphoma Assay. 1988
Mutagenicity and Clastogenicity of Teniposide (VM-26) in L5178Y/TK(+/-)-3.7.2C Mouse Lymphoma Cells. 1987
Mutagenicity Evaluation of Xylene with Cover Letter. 1982
Oncogenesis and herpesviruses; proceedings of a symposium held at Christ's College, Cambridge, England, 20 to 25 June 1971. 1972
Preliminary Results on a Mouse Lymphoma Assay with OO-tert-butyl O-(2-ethylhexyl) monoperoxycarbonate. 2012
Preliminary Results on a Mouse Lymphoma Assay with OO-tert-butyl O-(2ethylhexyl) monoperoxycarbonate. 2012
Proceedings of NIOSH Styrene-Butadiene Briefing, Covington, Kentucky, April 30, 1976 1976
Quantitation of TK-/- and HGPRT- Mutants of L5178Y/TK+/- Mouse Lymphoma Cells at Varying Times Post-Treatment. 1982
Results from In Vitro Micronucleus Assay and Mouse Lymphoma Assay with Substituted Pyrandione. 2012
Results of a Bacterial Reverse Mutation Screen and a TL5178Y TK+/- Mouse Lymphoma Forward Mutation Screen with 4,4-Dihydroxy-biphenyl Diglycidyl Ether. 2011
Results of a Mouse Lymphoma Study with (((Dihalocarbomonocyclyl)-(dihaloheteromonocyclyl)-heteromonocyclyl)-alkyl)-heteromonocyclecarbonitrile. 2014
Virus-associated cancers in Africa = Les Cancers associ es aux virus en Afrique / 1984

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