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131I levels in cow's milk following ingestion of contaminated alfalfa or sudan grass / 1975
2-chlorotoluene Metabolism by Rats with Cover Letter dated 01/14/1983. 1983
A biologic indicator for air pollution / 1979
A Chamber and modeling study to assess the photochemistry of formaldehyde / 1990
A computational study of mixing in jet stirred reactors / 2014
A coupled two-dimensional diffusion and chemistry model for turbulent and inhomogeneously mixed reaction systems / 1973
A Lagrangian photochemical air quality simulation model : adaptation to the St. Louis - RAPS data base, volume I, model formation / 1979
A Lagrangian photochemical air quality simulation model : adaptation to the St. Louis - RAPS data base, volume II, user's manual / 1979
A model of turbulent diffusion flames and nitric oxide generation / 1990
A Pocket Manual of the Physical and Chemical Characteristics of the Earth's Atmosphere. 1974
A study of nitrification and denitrification / 1970
Abiotic Dehalogenation of 1,2-Dichloroethane and 1,2-Dibromoethane in Aqueous Solution Containing Hydrogen Sulfide. 1989
Abiotic Hydrolysis of Sorbed Pesticides. 1984
Abiotic Reduction of Nitro Aromatic Pesticides in Anaerobic Laboratory Systems. 1989
Abiotic reductive dechlorination of carbon tetrachloride and hexachloroethane by environmental reductants / 1990
Abiotic transformation of carbon tetrachloride at mineral surfaces 1994
Abiotic transformation of carbon tetrachloride in the presence of sulfide and mineral surfaces / 1992
Abiotic Transformation Pathways of Organic Chemicals in Aquatic Ecosystems. 1994
Abiotic Transformations in Water, Sediments, and Soil. Chapter 5. 1990
Abiotic transformations of pesticides in natural waters and sediments / 1991
Abiotic Transformations of Toxic Organic Chemicals in the Liquid Phase and Sediments. 1988
Absorption from Aqueous Solution. 1974
Absorption of 14C-Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane using the Flow-Through Diffusion Cell System for In Vitro Dermal Absorption in Human Skin, with Cover Letter dated 06/29/1998. 1998
Absorption of C14-Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane Using the Flow-Through Diffusion Cell System for In vitro Dermal Absorp in Human Skin, Amend 1998-I0000-44368, w/Cvr Ltr Dt'd 3/25/1999. 1999
Absorption of SO2 by Alkaline Solutions in Venturi Scrubber Systems. 1973
Absorption of SO2 into Lime Slurries: Absorption Rates and Kinetics. 1973
Absorption of sulfur dioxide in spray column and turbulent contacting absorbers / 1975
Absorption, Distribution, and Elimination of 14c-dodecamethylcyclohexasiloxane in Rats Following Oral Administration, with Cover Letter dated 4/20/94. 1994
Acid Hydrolysis of Cellulose in Refuse to Sugar and Its Fermentation to Alcohol. 1973
Acidification of Rain by the Oxidation of Dissolved SO2 and the Absorption of HNO3. 1984
Acrylamide: Toxicodynamics in Rats with Cover Letter from Hampton L, dow to Dco Epa dated 021684. 1984
Activated carbon adsorption of dibromochloropropane / modeling of adsorber performance under conditions of water treatment / 1988
Acute Toxicity Study of 2-ethylhexanoic Acid in the Rat (Final Report) with Attachments and Cover Letter Dated 06/17/1987. 2000
Acute Toxicologic Properties and Industrial Handling Hazards of Dow Corning X 2-8025, a Silicone Intermediate with Cover Letter Dated 04/20/1994. 1994
Adaptation of Aquifer Microbial Communities to the Biodegradation of Xenobiotic Compounds: Influence of Substrate Concentration and Preexposure. 1989
Adsorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion of Cyclohexane (June 1984). 2000
Advanced Oxidation Processes. Description of a Kinetic Model for the Oxidation of Hazardous Materials in Aqueous Media with Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in a Semibatch Reactor. 1989
Advanced Oxidation Processes. Test of a Kinetic Model for the Oxidation of Organic Compounds with Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide in a Semibatch Reactor. 1989
Aerobic and Anaerobic Degradation of Aldicarb Sulfone in Soils. 1985
Aerobic Biodegradation of Natural and Xenobiotic Organic Compounds by Subsurface Microbial Communities. 1988
Aerobic Soil Microcosms for Long-Term Biodegradation of Hydrocarbon Vapors. 1992
Aerodynamic Size Measurement of Airborne Fibers and Health Effects Implications. 1992
Aerosol formation from gas phase reactions of ozone and olefin in the presence of sulfur dioxide / 1974
Aerosol research branch, annual report : FY 1976/76A / 1977
Afterburner Systems Study. 1972
Air emissions from scrap tire combustion / 1997
Air Oxidation of Organic Compounds in Aqueous Systems. 1972
Air Pollution and Air Toxics-U.S. Regulatory Framework and Control Technologies. 1998
Algal-Induced Decay and Formation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Water: Its Possible Role in Oxidation of Anilines by Algae. 1986
Allyl Chloride: The Mutagenic Activity of Its Photooxidation Products. 1987
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