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'Mysidopsis bahia': An Estuarine Species Suitable for Life-Cycle Toxicity Tests to Determine Effects of a Pollutant. 1977
Absorption Dynamics of Organic Chemical Transport across Trout Gills as Related to Octanol-Water Partition Coefficient. 1985
Acute Toxicity of Kepone (Trademark) to Four Estuarine Animals. 1977
Analysis of fish tissue for kepone, mirex, atrazine, linuron and alachlor / 1977
Analytical Methodology for the Determination of Kepone (Trademark) Residues in Fish, Shellfish, and Hi-Vol Air Filters. 1977
Behavior of DDT, Kepone, and Permethrin in sediment-water systems under different oxidation-reduction and pH conditions / 1981
Bethnic Bioassay Using Time-Lapse Photography to Measure the Effect of Toxicants on the Feeding Behavior of Lugworms (Polychaeta:Arenicolidae). 1979
Bioaccumulation of Kepone by Grass Shrimp ('Palaemonetes pugio'): Importance of Dietary Accumulation and Food Ration. 1990
Bioaccumulation of Kepone by Spot ('Leiostomus xanthurus'): Importance of Dietary Accumulation and Ingestion Rate. 1986
Chesapeake Bay basin monitoring program atlas / 1989
Chlordecone (Kepone) : position document 4. 1976
Chlordecone. 1984
Comparative Tissue Distribution of Mirex and Chlordecone in Fetal and Neonatal Rats. 1980
Cycling of Xenobiotics through Marine and Estuarine Sediments. 1982
Determination of Dissolved Kepone by Direct Addition of XAD-2 Resin to Water. 1981
Determination of the environmental impact of several substitute chemicals in agriculturally affected wetlands / 1982
Determination of the sites(s) [i.e. site(s)] of action of selected pesticides by an enzymatic-immunobiological approach / 1978
Development of microwave plasma detoxification process for hazardous wastes / 1977
Distribution of Mirex in an Experimental Estuarine Ecosystem. 1979
Effects of Kepone (Trade Name) on the Sheepshead Minnow in an Entire Life-Cycle Toxicity Test. 1982
Effects of Kepone on Estuarine Microorganisms. 1978
Effects of Lugworms and Seagrass on Kepone (Trade Name) (Chlordecone) Distribution in Sediment/Water Laboratory Systems. 1985
Effects of Malathion on Microorganisms of an Artificial Salt-Marsh Environment. 1977
Effects of Selected Organic Drinking Water Contaminants on Male Reproduction. 1982
Electron Capture Gas Chromatographic Determination of Kepone Residues in Environmental Samples. 1976
Establishment and reviews of original kepone action levels / 1977
Evaluation of the potential carcinogenicity of kepone (chlordecone) (143-50-0) / 1988
Excretion of Pesticides in Saliva and Its Value in Assessing Exposure. 1980
Human Body Burden of Mirex in the Southeastern United States. 1985
Human population exposures to Mirex and Kepone / 1978
Human population exposures to mirex and kepone / 1977
Impact of man on the coastal environment / 1982
In vitro and In vivo Evaluation of the Movement of Kepone in the Rat Submaxillary Gland. 1980
Influence of Size on Fate and Ecological Effects of Kepone in Physical Models. 1991
Kepone (Trademark) Bioconcentration, Accumulation, Loss, and Transfer through Estuarine Food Chains. 1977
Kepone (Trademark): Chronic Effects on Embryo, Fry, Juvenile, and Adult Sheepshead Minnows ('Cyprinodon variegatus'). 1977
Kepone : position document 1. 1976
Kepone effects on development of Callinectes sapidus and Rhithropanopeus harisii [sic] / 1979
Kepone Effects on Larval Development of Mud-Crab and Blue-Crab. 1980
Kepone in the marine environment : publications and prepublications / 1978
Kepone incineration test program / 1978
Kepone risk assessment 1976
Kepone-Induced Scoliosis and Its Histological Consequences in Fish. 1977
Kepone/Mirex/Hexachlorocyclopentadiene: An Environmental Assessment. 1978
Kepone: Position Document 3. 1976
Kepone: Toxicity and Bioaccumulation in Blue Crabs. 1979
Laboratory evaluation of high-temperature destruction of kepone and related pesticides / 1976
Land disposal of hazardous wastes : proceedings of the fourth annual research symposium held at San Antonio, Texas, March 6, 7, and 8, 1978 / 1978
Management of bottom sediments containing toxic substances : proceedings of the fourth U.S.-Japan Experts' Meeting, October 1978, Tokyo, Japan / 1979
Management of bottom sediments containing toxic substances : proceedings of the third U.S.-Japan Experts' Meeting, November 1977, Easton, Md. / 1978
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