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2,4-Pentanedione: Fourteen Week Vapor Inhalation Study in Rats with Cover Letter dated 07/29/85 and EPA Acknowledgement Letter. 1985
Animal investigation program 1978 annual report : Nevada test site and vicinity / 1980
Animal investigation program 1979 annual report : Nevada test site and vicinity / 1981
Animal investigation program 1980 annual report : Nevada test site and vicinity / 1982
Autopsy protocols of human cases / 1957
Bioaccumulation and Histopathological Effects of Oil on a Stony Coral. 1981
Bioassay of Vinyl Acetate in F344 Rats Pathology Report. Addendum. 1982
Brief Communication: Pancreatic-Type Tissue in Livers of Rats Fed Polychlorinated Biphenyls. 1973
Cadmium induced histopathological changes in the gills of the brown bullhead Ictalurus nebulosus (Lesueur) / 1978
Carcinogenic potential of rotenone : subchronic oral and peritoneal administration to rats and chronic dietary administration to syrian golden hamsters / 1981
Chromate Inhibition of Metabolism by Rat Tracheal Explants. II. In vivo Exposures. 1982
Chronic Effects of Three Crude Oils on Oysters Suspended in Estuarine Ponds. 1978
Comparison of the Pathogenesis of Murine Cytomegalovirus in Lung and Liver Following Intraperitoneal or Intratracheal Infection. 1984
Data Generated from a Thirteen Week Inhalation Study on 1,2-Dichloropropane with Attachments. 1985
Development of Standardized Criteria for the Assessment of Brown Bullhead Lesions and Deformities in Areas of Concern Conference Proceedings. 2006
Dietary subacute toxicity of ethylene thiourea in the laboratory rat / 1977
Dietary Subacute Toxicity of Ethylene Thiourea in the Laboratory Rat. 1977
Dietary subacute toxicity of ethylenebisisothiocyanate sulfide in the laboratory rat / 1976
Effect of exposure to PAN and ozone on susceptibility to chronic bacterial infection / 1979
Effects of Chlorine Dioxide on the Developing Rat Brain. 1990
Effects of Heptachlor and Toxaphene on Laboratory-Reared Embryos and Fry of the Sheepshead Minnow. 1976
Effects of the Rat Testis of Single Inhalation Exposures to Ethylene Glycol Monoalkyl Ethers, in Particular Ethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (EGME). 1983
Evaluation of Chemical Contaminant Effects in the Massachusetts Bays. Report to the Massachusetts Bays. 1995
Failure to Produce Arsenic Neurotoxicity in the Rat. An Experimental Study. 1980
Field Verification Program (Aquatic Disposal): Synthesis of Research Results: Applicability and Field Verification of Predictive Methodologies for Aquatic Dredged Material Disposal. 1988
Final report for Narragansett Bay Project : Quahog histopathology studies / 1990
Fish Tumors Related to Great Lakes Areas of Concern Conference Proceedings. 2003
Four-Week Oral Nephotoxicity Screening Study in Males F-344 Rates Phases I and II with Cover Letter dated 12-13-83 and EPA Acknowledgement dated 03-19-84. 1983
Histopathologic Lesions in Sea Otters Exposed to Crude Oil. 1993
Histopathological and Ultrastructural Changes in the Antennal Gland, Midgut, Hepatopancreas, and Gill of Grass Shrimp Following Exposure to Hexavalent Chromium. 1984
Histopathology and Bioaccumulation in Oysters 'Crassostrea virginica' Living on Wood Preserved with Chromated Copper Arsenate. 1993
Histopathology and Enlargement of the Pituitary of a Teleost Exposed to the Herbicide Trifluralin. 1984
Histopathology Results on an OECD 407 Twenty-eight Day Study with Bisisobutyryl Peroxide in Hydrocarbons. 2012
Histopathology. 1985
Inhalation Toxicity of Dimethylamine in F-344 Rats and B6C3F1 Mice. 1982
Initial Histopathology Results from a 90-Day Repeat Dose Study di-tert-butyl 1,1,4,4-Tetramethyl Tetramethylene Diperoxide. 2014
Initial Submission: Draft Pathology Report (Terminal Kill) in 13-Week Inhalation Toxicity Study in the Rat with 13-Week Treatment-Free Period, with Cover Letter dated 12/07/1999. (Sanitized). 1999
Initial Submission: TSCA Health and Safety Study Cover Sheet with Continuation Sheet re: Preliminary Histopath Evaluation in Subchronic Inhalation Dog Study of Strobilurin (Confidential Information), with Attachment and dated 12/10/99 (Sanitized). 1999
Lethal and Sublethal Exposure and Recovery Effects of Ozone-Produced Oxidants on Adult White Perch (Morone americana Gmelin). 1983
Letter from CIBA-GEIGY Corporation to USEPA Submitting Preliminary Test Results on Strontium Chromate with Attachments. 1979
Letter from Nalco Chemical Company to USEPA Submitting Preliminary Results from a Toxicological Study on 2-Hydroxyethylacrylate. 1980
Lever's histopathology of the skin. 2005
Models for Analyzing Data in Initiation-Promotion Studies. 1991
Modern immunohistochemistry / 2009
Morphological Changes in Animal Viscera During Inhalation of Low Concentrations of Arsenic Trioxide. 1971
Ninety Day Dietary Toxicity Study in Rats. 1984
Pathology of malignant melanoma 2004
Pathology of the skin : with clinical correlations / 2005
Physiological and Histopathological Evaluation of Dithiocarbamate Toxicity to the Grass Shrimp, 'Palaemonetes Pugio'. 1983
Preparation of Copepods for Histopathological Examinations. 1976
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