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Advances in Experimental Exposure Methods and Dosimetric Techniques Used in Radio-Frequency Radiation Biological Effects Studies. 1983
An analysis of radiofrequency and microwave absorption data with consideration of thermal safety standards / 1978
An estimate of the potential costs of guidelines limiting public exposure to radiofrequency radiation from broadcast sources / 1985
An investigation of broadcast radiation intensities at Mt. Wilson, California / 1977
Analog Echocardiogram for Estimating Ventricular Stroke Volume. 1976
Assessment of the Immune Responsiveness of Mice Irradiated with Continuous Wave or Pulse-Modulated 425-MHz Radio Frequency Radiation. 1982
Atlas of depth-duration frequency of precipitation annual maxima for Texas / 2004
Aversion/Attraction of Blue Jays to Microwave Irradiation. 1984
Biological Effects of Long-Term Exposure of Rats to 970-MHz Radiofrequency Radiation. 1981
Biological effects of radiofrequency radiation / 1984
Biological effects of radiofrequency radiation / 1983
Biological effects of radiofrequency radiation. 1984
Biological Influences of Low-Frequency Sinusoidal Electromagnetic Signals Alone and Superimposed on RF Carrier Waves. 1985
Broad Spectrum Microwave Systems for Remotely Measuring Soil Moisture Content. 1973
Calcium Release from Neural Tissue: Experimental Results and Possible Mechanisms. 1989
Changes in the Metabolic Processes of Leukocytes During the Action of SHF and of Infrared Radiation of Low Intensity (Izmenenie Metabolicheskikh Protesessov v Leikotsitakh pri Vozdeistvii na Cheloveka SVCh i Infrakrasnogo Izlucheniya Slaboi Intensivnosti). 1967
Characteristics of Transverse Electric and Magnetic Field Transmission Cells at Extremely Low Frequencies. 1987
Chronic Exposure of Rats to 100-MHz (CW) Radiofrequency Radiation: Assessment of Biological Effects. 1980
Cold starting an alcohol-fueled engine with ultrasonic fuel atomization / 1993
Comparison of VLF Auroral Hiss with Precipitating Low Energy Electrons Using Simultaneous Data from Two OGO-4 Experiments. 1971
Conceptual Study of a VHF-UHF Hybrid Aeronautical Satellite for a delta Launch Vehicle. 1971
Control of Energy Absorption Rate in Transmission Line Radiofrequency Exposure Systems (Journal Version). 1987
Depth-duration frequency of precipitation for Oklahoma 1999
Development of a system to measure the response time of microwave survey instruments to rotating radar antenna patterns 1985
Direct Determination of the Electromagnetic Reflection Properties of Smooth Brackish Water to the Continuous Spectrum from 10 to the 8th Power to 4 x 10 to the 9th Power Hertz. 1971
Effect of Solvent and Extraction Methods on the Bacterial Mutagenicity of Sidestream Cigarette Smoke. 1987
Effects of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) Fields on Calcium-Ion Efflux from Brain Tissue In vitro. 1982
Exposure of Man in the Near-Field of a Resonant Dipole: Comparison between Theory and Measurements. 1986
Exposure of Rats to 425-MHz (CW) Radiofrequency Radiation: Effects on Lymphocytes. 1982
Feasibility of a CW lidar technique for measurement of plume opacity / 1973
Feasibility of ultrasonic and other methods for direct measurement of condenser biofouling {microform} / 1984
HF radar measurements of circulation in the eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca (August, 1978) / 1980
Human Leukocyte Functions and the U.S. Safety Standard for Exposure to Radio-Frequency Radiation. 1983
Hyperactivity and Hypoactivity Produced by Lesions to the Mesolimbic Dopamine System. 1981
In Vivo Bone Marrow Cytogenetics Study of Santicizer 141 Plasticizer in the Rat HL-83-209(241-151) with Cover Letter and Cover Memo. 1984
Influence of Temperature during Electric- and Magnetic-Field-Induced Alteration of Calcium-Ion Release from In vitro Brain Tissue. 1991
Instrumentation to monitor location of fish continuously in experimental channels / 1977
Investigation of Microwave and Radiofrequency Radiation Levels in Vernon Township, New Jersey, November 10-15, 1985. 1986
Investigation of Radiofrequency Radiation Levels at the U.S. Forest Service Mt. Elden Lookout Tower, Flagstaff, Arizona, May 1, 1986. 1986
Measures of noise level : their relative accuracy in predicting objective and subjective responses to noise during sleep / 1975
Monitoring of Low-Frequency Phenomena. 1957
Numerical Modeling Study of Gain and Downward Radiation for Selected FM and VHF-TV Broadcast Antenna Systems. 1985
Overview of WHO (World Health Organization) Environmental Health Criteria 35 on Extremely-Low-Frequency (ELF) Fields. 1986
Platform Precision Autopilot Overview and Mission Performance. 2009
Pollution effects on adult steelhead migration in the Snake River / 1974
Population exposure to VHF and UHF broadcast radiation in the United States / 1978
Power Density, Field Intensity, and Carrier Frequency Determinants of RF-Energy-Induced Calcium-Ion Efflux from Brain Tissue. 1980
Precipitation-frequency atlas of the Western United States / 1973
Public health and welfare criteria for noise, July 27, 1973. 1973
Radiofrequency electromagnetic fields and induced currents in the Spokane, Washington area, June 29 - July 3, 1987 / 1988
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