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Acute Inhalation Study in Male and Female Rats (WIL-14068). 2008
Acute Oral Toxicity Study (Up and Down Method) on N-methyl-(amino, chloro, methyl) Carbomonocyclic Carbamide. 2006
Acute Oral Toxicity Study (Up and Down Method) on Titanium Phosphate, Glycolate Complex. 2006
Biochemical Studies of Promoters of Carcinogenesis in Rat Liver. 1989
Body & soul : Diana & Kathy / 2008
Campbell-Walsh urology eleventh edition review / 2016
Chloroform Mediated Refractory State Against Ornithine Decarboxylase Induction by Serial Chloroform Treatment. 1988
Cytoplasmic Microtubular Dynamics and Chromatin Organization during Mammalian Oogenesis and Oocyte Maturation. 1992
Dermal Sensitization (Murine Local Lymph Nose Assay) with Substituted Carboxamide using Femal CBA/JHsd Mice. 2006
Development of a Protocol to Assess Reproductive Effects of Toxicants in the Rat. 1988
Developmental Anomalies Derived from Exposure of Zygotes and First-Cleavage Embryos to Mutagens. 1992
DPM: Limited In Vivo Metabolism Study in Female Crl:Cd(Sd) Rats and New Zealand White Rabbits. 2006
During a 24-Month Study Male and Female Fisher 344/Du0rl Rats Received Diets Containing 0 (control!), 100, 300, or 1000 mg/kg/day of Macroeyclic Picolinamide. 2013
Editorial Introduction (to Female Germ Cells: Biology and Genetic Risk). 1992
Effect of Lindane on Hormonal Control of Reproductive Function in the Female Rat. 1989
Effects of Subchronic Fourteen Day Exposure to Beneophyrene in B6C3F1 Female Mice on Host Resistance with Cover Letter 04/15/85. 1985
Endocrine disruptors : effects on male and female reproductive systems / 2005
ENU Mutagenesis in the Mouse Electrophoretic Specific-Locus Test. 2. Mutational Studies of Mature Oocytes. 1992
Factors Associated with Reduced Fertility and Implantation Rates in Females Mated to Acrylamide Treated Rats. 1989
Female Pubertal Assay of Administered Orally in Juvenile Female Rats. Sanitized. 2006
Female Pubertal Assay of SP 7077 Variant (TS02044) Administered Orally in Juvenile Female Rats. 2004
Frequency and Nature of Specific-Locus Mutations Induced in Female Mice by Radiations and Chemicals: A Review. 1992
Gene Expression during Oogenesis in Mice. 1992
Gene Expression in Pre-Implantation Mammalian Embryos. 1992
Hormonal contraception and post-menopausal hormonal therapy / 1999
Human papillomaviruses. 2007
Human reproduction : physiology and pathophysiology / 1979
Inhalation Study of the Effects of Octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane (D4) Exposure on the preovulatory LH Surge in Ovariectomized Femal Rats. 2001
Lack of Effects from 2000-Hz Magnetic Fields on Mammary Adenocarcinoma and Reproductive Hormones in Rats. 1989
Maternal Age Effect: The Enigma of Down Syndrome and Other Trisomic Conditions. 1992
Measuring Sexual Behavior in the Female Rat. 1992
Microbial inhabitants of humans : their ecology and role in health and disease / 2005
Monitoring of the Estrous Cycle in the Laboratory Rodent by Vaginal Lavage. 1992
My year of meats / 1998
Non-Regulated Study: Effects of Decamethylcyclopentasiloxane (D5) on Cell Proliferation in the Liver of Female Fischer 344 Rats: A 28-Day Inhalation Study. 2004
Obstetrics and gynecology / 2014
Organization of the Ovarian Follicle and Events in the Biology: Oogenesis, Ovulation or Atresia. 1992
Persistent organic pollutants: biomonitoring and their role in endometriosis-related infertility / 2000
Possessing the secret of joy / 1992
Reproductive and perinatal epidemiology / 2011
Results from an Acute Toxicity Study with a Corrosion Inhibitor Additive on Female Rats (Oral Gavage Administration). 2014
Results of a Test Study in Male and Female Wistar Rats (Oral Administration -Gavage) with Ethanone, 1-(2-hydroxy-5-nonylphenyl)-, oxime, branched (CASRN 244235-47-0). 2014
Results of a Test Study in Female, Non-Pregnant Wistar Rats with (Confidential). 2012
Results of a Test Study in Female, Non-Pregnant Wistar Rats with (Confidential). 2012
Spatial Distribution of Sperm-Derived Chromatin in Zygotes Determined by Fluorescence In situ Hybridization. 1992
Standardized assessment of birth defects and reproductive disorders in environmental health field studies / 1996
The light we carry : overcoming in uncertain times / 2022
Williams gynecology / 2016
Women in the Field : America's Pioneering Women Naturalists / 1991
Women's health and disease : gynecologic and reproductive issues / 2003

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