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A Complete disposal-recycle scheme for agricultural solid wastes / 1977
Advance Statement of Progress on Nutritional and Disease Transmitting Potential of Sewage-Grown Algae. 1964
Air pollution control technology and costs in seven selected areas / 1973
Analysis of state laws and regulations impacting animal waste management / 1978
Analytical Variation in the Determination of the Fatty Acid Composition of Standard Preparations of Brine Shrimp 'Artemia': An Interlaboratory Exercise. 1989
Animal agriculture : concentrated animal feeding operations--livestock operations inspection. 2003
Animal Manures as Feedstuffs: Broiler Litter Feeding Trials. 1983
Animal Manures as Feedstuffs: Cattle Manure Feeding Trials. 1983
Animal Manures as Feedstuffs: Nutrient Characteristics. 1983
Animal Manures as Feedstuffs: Poultry Manure Feeding Trials. 1983
Animal Performance, Carcass Quality, and Tissue Residues with Beef Steers Fed Forage Sorghum Silages Grown on Soil Treated with Liquid Digested Sludge. 1981
Aquatic Plants from Minnesota. Part IV. Nutrient Composition. 1973
Assessment of Primary vs. Secondary Toxicity of Aroclor (Trade Name) 1254 to Mink. 1986
Biological conversion of animal wastes to nutrients, 1973
Case of Parakeratosis in Piglets (Przypadek Parakeratozy u Prosiat). 1972
Changes in Nucleic Acids over the Molt Cycle in Relation to Food Availability and Temperature in 'Homarus americanus' Postlarvae. 1992
Commercial production of protein by the fermentation of acid and/or sweet whey / 1977
Comprehensive Program for the Evaluation of Artificial Diets. 1993
Control of animal production odors : the state of the art / 1978
Development document for effluent limitations guidelines and new source performance standards for the animal feed, breakfast cereal, and wheat starch segments of the grain mills point source category. 1974
Development document for proposed effluent limitations guidelines and new source performance standards for the animal feed, breakfast cereal, and wheat starch segments of the grain mills point source category. 1974
Dietary Influences on Disease Resistance Factors in Channel Catfish. 1989
Diets for 'Ceriodaphnia reticulata' Life Cycle Tests. 1983
Disposal of Wastes from Swine Feeding Floors to Minimize Stream Pollution. 1970
Economic Impact of Proposed Amendments to the Illinois Livestock Waste Regulations (R76-15). 1977
Effect of Diet on Copper Toxicity to 'Neanthes arenaceodentata' (Annelida: Polychaeta). 1986
Effectiveness of agricultural and silvicultural nonpoint source controls : final report / 1988
Effectiveness of Hygienic Control of the Use of Pesticides in Agriculture (Ob Effektivnosti Gigienicheskogo Kontrolya za Primeneniem Pestitsidov v Selskom Khozyaistve). 1972
Effects of Cadmium on the Shrimps, 'Penaeus duorarum', 'Palaemonetes pugio' and 'Palaemonetes vulgaris'. 1977
Effects of Diet Quantity on Sheepshead Minnows 'Cyprinodon variegatus' during Early Life-Stage Exposures to Chlorpyrifos. 1985
Effects of Logging on Growth of Juvenile Coho Salmon. 1973
Effects of Pollution on Biota of the Pigeon River, North Carolina and Tennessee. 1966
Effects of sewage sludge on corn silage and animal products {microfiche} 1984
Elimination of pollutants by utilization of egg breaking plant shell-waste / 1978
Elimination of pollution from cottage cheese whey by drying and utilization 1976
Emission factor development for the feed and grain industry / 1974
Emissions control in the grain and feed industry / 1973
Emissions Control in the Grain and Feed Industry. Volume I. Engineering and Cost Study. 1973
Energy and economic assessment of anaerobic digesters and biofuels for rural waste management / 1978
Environmental assessment of regulatory strategies for confined animal feeding operations in Idaho. 1985
Factors Influencing Discrimination between Insecticide-Treated and Untreated Foods by Northern Bobwhite. 1989
Factors influencing growth and survival of white sucker, catostomus commersoni 1982
Feasibility of Hydrolysis of Sludge Using Low Pressure Steam with SO2 as a Hydrolytic Adjunct and Utilization of the Resulting Hydrolysate. 1969
Feeding by Alaska Whitefish, Coregonus nelsoni, During the Spawning Run. 1976
Field Testing and Adaptation of a Methodology to Measure 'In-Stream' Values in the Tongue River, Northern Great Plains (NGP) Region - Executive Summary. 1978
Fish kills caused by pollution in 1976 : seventeenth report [MICROFICHE] / 1979
Food and life. 1939
Food Selection and Feeding Relationships of Yellow Perch 'Perca flavescens' (Mitchell), White Bass 'Morone chrysops' (Rafinesque), Freshwater Drum 'Aplodinotus grunniens' (Rafinesque), and Goldfish 'Carassius auratus' (Linneaus) in Western Lake Erie. 1975
Fruit cannery waste activated sludge as a cattle feed ingredient / 1976
Growth of Postlarval Atlantic Silversides in Four Temperature Regimes. 1981
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