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A national survey of methyl tert-butyl ether and other volatile organic compounds in drinking-water sources : results of the randon [i.e. random] survey / 2003
A review of literature for methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) in sources of drinking water in the United States / 2003
A study of industrial data on candidate chemicals for testing : research request no. 2 / 1978
Achieving clean air and water : the report of the blue ribbon panel on oxygenates in gasoline. 1999
Acute Eye Irritation Study in Rabbies C-47, C-48, and C-49. Final Report with Cover Letter. 1982
Acute Inhalation Study using 3,3,3-Trifluoromethyl-1,2,2, trifluorovinyl ether. 2006
Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study of MTDID 18132 in Male and Female Rats: 09-123. 2010
Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study with 1,1,1,3,5,5,5-Heptamethyl-3-Heptamethyl-3-(propyl(poly(EO))hydroxyl) Trisiloxane; 3-(Polyoxyethylene)propylheptamethyltrisiloxane; Polyethylene oxide monoallyl ether; Polyethylene glycol. 2015
Acute Oral Toxicity Studies with Four Samples: Methallyl Chloride Bottoms, Methallylether of Nitrophenol, 7-Hydroxy Tar and Tertiary Butyl Chloride in Albino Rats with Cover Letter. 1984
Acute Oral Toxicity Study of Glycol Ether PH-250 in Albino Rats. Summary of Clinical Findings: total Occurrence No. of Animals. 2006
Advanced notice of proposed rulemaking to control MTBE in gasoline / 2000
Aerobic biodegradation of tert-butyl methyl ether and tert-butanol an initiatory study / 1996
An evaluation of MTBE impacts to California groundwater resources / 1998
Analysis of MTBE groundwater cleanup costs : a report to the American Petroleum Institute / 2005
Assessment of potential health risks of gasoline oxygenated with methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) 1993
Assessment of the Oral Toxicity, Including the Haemolytic Activity of Dowanol-pnb in the Rat: 14-day Study with Attachments. 2000
Assessment of the use of selected replacement fluids for PCBS in electrical equipment / 1979
Assessment of unregulated emissions from gasoline oxygenated blends. / 1991
Atmospheric Chemistry Studies of Exhaust from Vehicles Operating with Reformulated Fuel. 1997
Basic Toxicity of Ethylene Glycol Monophenyl Ether (2-Phenoxy Ethanol). 1983
Bioassay of technical grade bis(2-chloro-1-methylethyl) ether for possible carcinogenicity. 1979
Bioremediation of MTBE, alcohols, and ethers : the Sixth International In Situ and On-Site Bioremediation Symposium : San Diego, California, June 4-7, 2001 / 2001
Bis(2-chloroethyl) ether. 1993
Bis(chloromethyl) ether and chloromethyl methyl ether 1993
Bis-(2-chloroisopropyl) ether : drinking water health advisory. 1989
BUA report 193 (Supplementary reports III) : Ditolyl ether (no.18), o-Tolidine (no.26), o-Dianisidine (no.27), 2,4 Dichlorophenol (no.31), Benzenedicarbonitriles (no.32), Morpholine (no.56), N,N,-Dimethylformamide (no. 84), 2-Ethylhexyl acrylate (no.88), Diethyl phthalate (no.104), {and} 1,5-Naphthalenediamine (no.115)) / 1998
Building 6 : the tragedy at Bridesburg / 1977
Catalytic dehydration of methanol : phase I, final report / 1988
Characterization of Emissions from Malfunctioning Vehicles Fueled with Oxygenated Gasoline-Ethanol (E-10) Fuel. Part 2. 2002
Chemical Market Input/Output Analysis of Selected Chemical Substances to Assess Sources of Environmental Contamination: Task II. Biphenyl and Diphenyl Oxide. 1976
Chemicals in the environment. methyl tert butyl ether. 1994
Chloroalkyl ethers : ambient water quality criteria. 1979
Chlorodibenzo-p-diozin Contamination of Two Commercially Available Pentachlorophenols. 1973
Chronic Skin Absorption of Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether (50b). 2000
Chronic Skin Absorption of Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether (33b) and Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether (50b) in Rabbits. 2000
Comparison of effects of MTBE and TAME on exhaust and evaporative emissions, air toxics, and reactivity. 1992
Control of MTBE in gasoline / 2000
Cost estimate to remove MTBE contamination from public drinking water systems in the United States 2005
Cutaneous Carcinogenicity Study with Mice on the Diglycidyl Ether of 1,4-butane Diol, Addendum with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 10/27/1987. 1987
Cytogenicity Study - Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells in Vitro (Modified) with Propylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether with Cover Letter Dated 03/25/1994. 1994
Determination of haloethers in industrial and municipal wastewaters / 1981
Developmental Toxicity Study of Inhaled Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether in New Zealand White Rabbits (Final Report) with Attachments and Cover Letter Dated 07/12/1989. 2000
Developmental Toxicity Study of Inhaled Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether in Rabbits and Mice with Cover Letter dated 05/03/89. 1989
DGEPBA: Two-Year Dermal Chronic Toxicity/Oncogenicity Study in Femal F344 Rats, Pathology Peer Review Rpt, w/TSCA NTCE of RCPT of Test Data (63 FR 68087) & Cover Letter dated 9/29/1998. 1998
Diethyl ether 1992
Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether (Bis(2-methyoxyethyl)-ether) 1993
Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether : first draft / 2002
Diphenyl ether, pentabromo derivative (pentabromodiphenyl ether) : risk assessment. 2001
Ditolyl ether 1,1'-oxybis{methylbenzenes} / 1992
Dossier on 2-chloroethyl vinyl ether 1977
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