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'Giardia muris': Ultrastructural Analysis of 'In vitro' Excystation. 1986
'Giardia' Detection in Water Systems. 1986
'Giardia' Methods Workshop. 1985
Alternative Filtration Methods for Removal of 'Giardia' Cysts and Cyst Models. 1981
Comparison of 'Giardia microti' and 'Spironucleus muris' Cysts in the Vole: An Immunocytochemical, Light, and Electron Microscopic Study (Journal Version). 1988
Comparison of Animal Infectivity and Excystation as Measures of 'Giardia muris' Cyst Inactivation by Chlorine. 1985
Control of giardia cysts by filtration the laboratory's role {microform} / 1984
Cross Transmission of 'Giardia'. 1982
Cross-Species Transmission of 'Giardia spp.: Inoculation of Beavers and Muskrats with Cysts of Human, Beaver, Mouse, and Muskrat Origin. 1988
Detection and Identification of 'Giardia' Cysts Using Immunofluorescence and Phase Contrast Microscopy. 1985
Detection of Giardia Cysts in Drinking Water: State-of-the-Art. 1981
Detection of Giardia muris and Giardia lamblia Cysts by Immunofluorescence in Animal Tissues and Fecal Samples Subjected to Cycles of Freezing and Thawing. 1990
Determination of 'Giardia muris' Cyst Viability by Differential Interference Contrast, Phase, or Brightfield Microscopy. 1987
Determination of Giardia cyst viability / 1979
Determination of the Use of Solid Particle Samplers for 'Giardia' Cysts in Natural Waters. 1983
Diatomaceous Earth Filtration of 'Giardia' Cysts and Other Substances. 1986
Drinking Water Transmission of Giardiasis in the United States. 1986
Encystation and Expression of Cyst Antigens by 'Giardia lamblia' In vitro. 1987
Evaluating Sedimentation and Various Filter Media for Removal of 'Giardia' Cysts. 1985
Evaluation of Sedimentation and Filtration for Microorganism Removal. 1985
Factors Promoting 'In vitro' Excystation of 'Giardia muris' Cysts. 1984
Filtration of Giardia cysts and other substances : Volume 2. slow sand filtration / 1985
Filtration of Giardia cysts and other substances. Volume 3, Rapid rate filtration / 1985
High Resolution Immunogold Localization of 'Giardia' Cyst Wall Antigens Using Field Emission SEM with Secondary and Backscatter Electron Imaging. 1990
ICR protozoan method for detecting Giardi cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts in water by a fluorescent antibody procedure. 1995
Improved In vitro Excystation Procedure for 'Giardia lamblia' Cysts. 1981
Inactivation of 'Giardia' Cysts by Chlorine. 1981
Inactivation of Gerbil-Cultured 'Giardia lamblia' Cysts by Free Chlorine. 1989
International Study of 'Artemia' IX. Lipid Level, Energy Content and Fatty Acid Composition of the Cysts and Newly Hatched Nauplii from Five Geographical Strains of 'Artemia'. 1980
Method 1622 : cryptosporidium in water by filtration/IMS/FA. 1998
Method 1622 : cryptosporidium in water by filtration/IMS/FA. 1997
Microbial water quality concerns for water supply use / 1989
Models for Excystation. 1984
New Method for Excystation of Giardia. 1987
New Method to Determine 'Giardia' Cyst Viability: Correlation of Fluorescein Diacetate and Propidium Iodide Staining with Animal Infectivity. 1987
Occurrence of 'Giardia' in Connecticut Water Supplies and Watershed Animals. 1985
Potential for Long-Term Persistence of the Red Tide Dinoflagellate 'Ptychodiscus brevis' in North Carolina Coastal Waters. 1989
Prevalence of 'Giardia' spp. in Beaver and Muskrat Populations in Northeastern States and Minnesota: Detection of Intestinal Trophozoites at Necropsy Provides Greater Sensitivity than Detection of Cysts in Fecal Samples. 1990
Production of Viable 'Giardia' Cysts in vitro: Determination by Fluorogenic Dye Staining, Excystation, and Animal Infectivity in the Mouse and Mongolian Gerbil (Journal Version). 1988
Recovery of 'Giardia' Cysts from Water: Centrifugation Versus Filtration. 1983
Reference Method for Detecting 'Giardia' Cysts in Water. 1985
Removal of Cryptosporidium and Giardia through conventional water treatment and direct filtration / 1997
Removal of Giardia lamblia cysts by drinking water treatment plants / 1984
Removal of microbial contaminants in drinking water Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. HF-82-35-PMPW ultrafiltration membrane / [electronic resource] : 2006
Removing 'Giardia' Cysts from Low Turbidity Waters by Rapid Rate Filtration. 1986
Removing 'Giardia' Cysts with Slow Sand Filtration. 1985
Review of Methods That Are Used to Determine 'Giardia' Cyst Viability. 1987
Simian Gastropathy with Submucosal Glands and Cysts, Gastritis Glandularis or Cystica Profunds. 1973
Slow sand filter and package treatment plant evaluation : operating costs and removal of bacteria, giardia, and trihalomethanes / 1985
Standardization of the Nutrition of Fish in Aquatic Toxicological Testing. 1985
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