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1971 Annual Review of Literature. Waste Water Treatment Physical and Chemical Methods. 1972
Absorption of SO2 by Alkaline Solutions in Venturi Scrubber Systems. 1973
Absorption of SO2 into Lime Slurries: Absorption Rates and Kinetics. 1973
Absorption of sulfur dioxide in spray column and turbulent contacting absorbers / 1975
Acid rain mitigation study / 1982
Acid Rain Mitigation Study. Volume II. FGD Cost Estimates (Appendices). 1982
Activated carbon treatment of unbleached kraft effluent for reuse / 1975
Activated Silica in Wastewater Coagulation. 1974
Activation and Reactivity of Novel Calcium-Based Sorbents for Dry SO2 Control in Boilers (Journal Article). 1989
Adipic Acid-Enhanced Lime and Limestone Testing at the EPA Alkali Scrubbing Test Facility. Volume 1. 1982
Adipic Acid-Enhanced Lime and Limestone Testing at the EPA Alkali Scrubbing Test Facility. Volume 2: Appendices. 1982
Advanced oil processing/utilization environmental engineering : EPA program status report / 1978
Advanced Waste Treatment Performance Evaluation: Summary Report. 1984
AICE Survey of USSR Air Pollution Literature. Volume XVIII. Purification of Gases through High Temperature Removal of Sulfur Compounds. 1972
Alum Addition and Step-Feed Studies in Oxygen-Activated Sludge. 1977
Ammonia removal from agricultural runoff and secondary effluents by selected ion exchange. {microform}. 1969
An alternative septage treatment method : lime stabilization/sand-bed dewatering / 1975
Analysis and simulation of recycle SO2-lime slurry in TCA scrubber system / 1977
Analysis of priority pollutants at a primary zinc production facility / 1979
Antimony removal technology for mining industry wastewaters / 1979
Applicability of Aqueous Solutions to the Removal of SO2 From Flue Gases. Volume I. 1970
Applicability of SO2-Control Processes to Power Plants. 1972
Application of LIMB to Pulverized Coal Boilers - A Systems Analysis: Limestone Feed and Boiler Systems. 1982
Application of the Dual Alkali Process at a 280 MW Coal-Fired Power Plant. 1984
Assessment of automotive sulfate emission control technology / 1976
Automation of Sludge Processing: Conditioning, Dewatering, and Incineration. 1985
Bachman Treatment Facility for Excessive Storm Flow in Sanitary Sewers. 1977
Bench-Scale Evaluation of Ammonia Removal from Wastewater by Steam Stripping. 1991
Bench-Scale Process Evaluation of Reburning and Sorbent Injection for In-Furnace NOx/SOx Reduction. 1985
Best demonstrated available technology (BDAT) background document for K060 : final. 1990
Biological Phosphorus Removal. 1986
Biological-chemical process for removing phosphorus at Reno/Sparks, NV / 1979
Buffer additives for lime/limestone slurry scrubbing synthesis, mass transfer, and degradation {MICROFICHE} 1984
Buffer Additives for Lime/Limestone Slurry Scrubbing: Sulfite Oxidation with Enhanced Oxygen Absorption Catalyzed by Transition Metals. 1984
Calcination of Calcium-Based Sorbents for Control of SO2 Emissions from Coal Fired Boilers. 1986
Calcium Oxide Sintering in Atmospheres Containing Water and Carbon Dioxide. 1989
Carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus removal in staged nitrification-denitrification treatment / 1975
Carbonate Bonding of Coal Refuse. 1971
Carbonate bonding of taconite tailings / 1974
Characteristics and treatability of urban runoff residuals. / 1982
Characterization of Advanced Sorbents for Dry SO2 Control (Journal Article). 1988
Characterization of Boliden's Sulfide - Lime Precipitation Plant. 1981
Characterization of carbide lime to identify sulfite oxidation inhibitors / 1978
Characterization of priority pollutants from a secondary lead and battery manufacturing facility / 1979
Chemical and biological treatment of thermally conditioned sludge recycle liquors / 1980
Chemically active fluid bed for SOx control / 1979
Chemically active fluid-bed process for sulphur removal during gasification of heavy fuel oil : (third phase) / 1976
Chemically active fluid-bed process for sulphur removal during gasification of heavy fuel oil : fourth phase / 1979
Color characterization before and after lime treatment / 1974
Color removal and sludge disposal process for kraft mill effluents / 1974
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