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1-Chloromethylpyrene: A Reference Skin Sensitizer and Genotoxin. 1990
Advisory report on the health effects of radium 226 in drinking water / 1978
Animal investigation program 1972 annual report / 1976
Archives of osteoporosis. 2006
Bone and tooth : proceedings of the First European Symposium held at Somerville College, Oxford, April 1963 / 1964
Bone circulation and vascularization in normal and pathological conditions / 1993
Bone mineral determinations : Proceedings of the Symposium on Bone Mineral Determinations held in Stockholm-Studsvik, Sweden, 27-29 May 1974 / 1974
Bone resorption, metastasis, and diphosphonates 1985
Cytogenetic Analyses of Mice Exposed to Dichloromethane. 1990
Developmental and cellular skeletal biology / 1978
Effects of Acrylamide on Mouse Germ-Line and Somatic Cell Chromosomes. 1989
Electrical properties of bone and cartilage : experimental effects and clinical applications 1979
Evaluation of (Confidential) in the Mouse Bone Marrow Micronucleus Assay. 2002
Evaluation of C4 Crude Butadiene (Low 1,3-Butadiene Content) in the Mouse Bone Marrow Micronucleus Test via Inhalation Exposure-Multiple Exposures Followed by a Single Sampling Point. 2002
Evaluation of Immunotoxicity of an Urban Profile of Nitrogen Dioxide: Acute, Subchronic, and Chronic Studies. 1991
Evaluation of the C9 Aromatic Hydrocarbons for Mutagenic Potential Bone Marrow Cytogenetics Tests in Rats (Draft) with Cover Letter dated 12/11/87. 1987
Evidence for Chromosomal Replicons as Units of Sister Chromatid Exchanges. 1989
Final Report on the Induction of IacZ-Mutations in the Liver, Kidney, Bone Marrow and Spermatazoa of Treated Muta Mice with 2,3-epoxypropyl Neodecanoate. 2013
Fluoride dose-response analysis for non-cancer effects. [electronic resource] : 2010
Fluoride exposure and relative source contribution analysis. [electronic resource] : 2010
Food habits and radionuclide tissue concentrations of Nevada desert bighorn sheep 1972-1973 / 1976
Food safety for transplant recipients : a need-to-know guide for bone marrow and solid organ transplant recipients. 2011
Further Evidence That Dichloromethane Does Not Induce Chromosome Damage. 1990
Genetic Method to Quantitate Induced Chromosome Breaks Using a Mouse/Human Monochromosomal Hybrid Cell Line: Identification of Potential Clastogenic Agents. 1989
Genotoxic Potential, Mutagenic Potential, and Micronucleus Test in Bone Marrow Cells of the Mouse with Diisopentyl Ether. 2013
Health Effects of Benzene: A Review. 1976
Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride. 1993
Histopathology of the bone marrow / 1976
Human osteology / 2000
In vivo and in vitro Mutagenicity Studies-Paraffinic Oil 78-9, 70 SUS/100 deg F; and Paraffinic Oil 78-10, 150 SUS/100 deg F. 1981
In Vivo Bone Marrow Cytogenetics Study of Santicizer 141 Plasticizer in the Rat HL-83-209(241-151) with Cover Letter and Cover Memo. 1984
Kinetics of In vivo Sister Chromatid Exchange Induction in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells by Alkylating Agents: Cyclophosphamide. 1983
Kinetics of In vivo Sister Chromatid Exchange Induction in Mouse Bone Marrow Cells in Ethylnitrosourea and Methylnitrosourea. 1986
Letter from Smelter Environmental Research Association to USEPA Submitting Two Research Reports on Arsenic Compounds, Cadmium Compounds and Calcium Sulfate with Attachments. 1978
Methane Sulfinic Acid, Hydroxy-, Monosodium Salt (also known as Sodium Formaldehyde Sulfoxylate-SFS). 2008
Micronucleus Assay in Bone Marrow Cells of the Mouse with Dimethyl 2-Methyl Glutarate. 2007
Micronucleus Assay in Bone Marrow Cells of the Mouse with Dimethyl 2-Methyl Glutarate. Draft Report. 2007
Micronucleus Test in Bone Marrow Cells of the Mouse with Confidential. 2016
Micronucleus Test in Mouse Bone Marrow: Gulfcrown Grease E.P. No. 2 Administered by Dermal Application for Two Days with Cover Letter. 1983
Molecular basis of biological degradative processes 1978
Multicompartment Kinetic Models for Lead. 1. Bone Diffusion Models for Long-Term Retention. 1985
Mutagenic and Clastogenic Properties of 3-Chloro-4-(Dichloromethyl)-5-Hydroxy-2(5H)-Furanone: A Potent Bacterial Mutagen in Drinking Water. 1987
Mutagenicity Evaluation of API 79-1 90 SUS/210F Naphthenic Oil. 1982
Mutagenicity Evaluation of Unleaded Gasoline. Final Report. 1977
Myeloproliferative disorders of animals and man : proceedings of the eighth Annual Hanford Biology Symposium at Richland, Washington, May 20-23, 1968 / 1970
Normal and neoplastic blood cells : from genes to therapy / 1987
NTP Technical Report on Toxicity Studies of a Chemical Mixture of 25 Groundwater Contaminants Administered in Drinking Water to F344/N Rats and B6C3F1 Mice. 1993
Perinatal Immunotoxicity of Benzene Toward Mouse B Cell Development. 1989
Preliminary Evaluation of Results of Studies Recommended by BUA for Trichloromethane. 1988
Radioisotopes in the human body: physical and biological aspects 1968
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