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Acute In Vito Cytogenetics Assay in Male and Female Rats Test Article API 83-19 Draft Report with Cover Letter dated October 30, 1984. 1984
Alpha-Olefin Epoxide C-16 Salmonella/Microsome (Ames) Bacterial Mutagenicity Assay with Cover Letter. 1984
Bioassays on Illinois Waterway dredged material / 1992
C9-C10 Aromatic Hydrocarbon Toxicity Data with Attachments and Cover Letter. 1984
Chromosome Aberration Assay in the Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells with Test Article Sodium Dimethyldithiocarbamate with Cover Letter dated 01/17/86. 1986
Comparison of Bioassay and Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Quantification of 'Spodoptera frugiperda' Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus in Soil. 1985
Comparison of Sister-Chromatid Exchange in Mouse Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes Exposed In vitro and In vivo to Phosphoramide Mustard and 4-Hydroxycyclophosphamide. 1989
Developmental Toxicity and Structure-Activity Relationships of Aliphatic Acids, Including Dose-Response Assessment of Valproic Acid in Mice and Rats. 1994
Effect of Incubation and Activation Conditions on the Hepatocyte-Mediated Plate Incorporation and Preincubation 'Salmonella typhimurium' Mutagenesis Assays. 1983
Effects of Selected Anti-Tumor-Promoting Chemicals on Metabolic Cooperation between Chinese Hamster V79 Cells. 1994
Effects on toxicity of volatile priority pollutants added to a conventional wastewater treatment system / 1983
Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assays for Detection and Quantitation of the Entomocidal Parasporal Crystalline Protein of 'Bacillus thuringiensis' subspp. 'kurstaki' and 'israelensis'. 1982
Evaluation of short-term tests for carcinogens : report of the International Programme on Chemical Safety's collaborative study on in vivo assays / 1900
Evaluation of Techniques for Mutagenicity Screening of Petroleum Samples. 1982
Evidence for Chromosomal Replicons as Units of Sister Chromatid Exchanges. 1989
Genetic Toxicology of Putative Nongenotoxic Carcinogens. 1993
Hepatocyte Primary Culture/DNA Repair Test of Gulf Crown Grease E.P. No. 2 with Cover Letter. 1984
High-throughput screening methods in toxicity testing / 2013
Histopathology, Blood Chemistry, and Physiological Status of Normal and Moribund Striped Bass ('Morone saxatilis') Involved in Summer Mortality ('Die-Off') in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta of California. 1994
Hydroquinone: A Dominant Lethal Assay in Male Rats with Cover Letter. 1984
Immunotoxicology of Benzopyrenes in Fisher 344 Rats Protocol PS-23-B(A) P-14-3SC with Cover Letter dated 12/20/1985. Draft Final Report. 1985
In Vitro Endocrine Assays. 2011
In vivo and in vitro Mutagenicity Studies-Paraffinic Oil 78-9, 70 SUS/100 deg F; and Paraffinic Oil 78-10, 150 SUS/100 deg F. 1981
Incomplete Studies with Cover Letter. 1982
Information Concerning Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride, Hydroxylamine and Hydroxylamine, Sulfate (2:1) (Salt). 1984
Initial Submission: Letter from (Confidential) to USEPA Re Acute Aquatic Toxicity Assays w/Spectrafloc 692 (Confidential) in Pimephales Promelas & Daphnia Pulex, w/Attachments & Dated 04/19/2000 (Sanitized). 2000
Initial Submission: Letter from Procter & Gamble to USEPA w/Results for Ames & Micronucleus Screening Assays for a Mixture Butenolactones (Confidential), Dated 07/11/2000 (Sanitized). 2000
Initial Submission: Salmonella/Mammalian-Microsome Plate Incorporation Mutagenicity Assay (Ames Test) with DS-59037 with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 02/20/92. (Sanitized). 1993
Mammalian Cell Culture Assay to Quantitate Chemically Induced Aneuploidy: Use of a Monochromosomal Human/Mouse Cell Hybrid. 1985
Mouse Lymphoma Mutation Assays with Selected Petroleum Refinery Streams with Cover Letter dated 11/03/86. 1986
Mutagenicity Evaluation of API 79-1 90 SUS/210F Naphthenic Oil. 1982
Mutagenicity Evaluation of Dimethylamino Isopropyl Chloride Hydrochloride Lot 458. Final Report with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 02/15/78. 1977
Mutagenicity Evaluation of Unleaded Gasoline. Final Report. 1977
Occurrence and Biological Activity Testing of Particulates in Drinking Water. 1987
Preliminary Results of Two Micronucleus Assays in TK6 Cells with Acetaldehyde and Vinyl Acetate. 2010
Press Advisory: Endocrine Disruptors, October 5, 1998 1998
Product Environmental Data No. 12 with Cover Letter. 1981
Product Environmental Data with Cover Letter. 1981
Report of 3 Local Lymph Node Assays (LLNA) with Dibromobenzanthrone. 2011
Results from Two In Vitro Genotoxicity Assays (Reverse Mutation Assay and Mouse Lymphoma Assay) with Substituted pyrazole (star 2). 2011
Results of the Mouse Skin Painted with Petroleum Compounds with Cover Letter. 1982
Results of Two Endocrine Assays with N-(trisubstituted carbomonocycle)- (disubstituted carbomonocycle)- dialkyl-heteromonocyclic amine (Generic Name). 2013
Results of Two In Vitro Assays with ((Disubstituted Carbomonocyclyl)-Heteromonocyclyl)(Disubstituted Carbomonocyclyl)Alkanone. 2014
Review of the carcinogenicity bioassays for p-cresidine using individual animal pathology data : final report / 1987
Salmonella/Mammalian-Microsome Plate Incorporation Mutagenesis Assay. 1974
Salmonella/Mammalian-Microsome Plate Incorporation Mutagenicity Assay (Ames Test) for Test Articles FMC 87059 and FMC 1007 with Cover Letter dated 06/25/86. 1986
Study of Effects on Cultured Liver Cells of Three Chlorinated Benzenes with Cover Letter dated 01/30/1984 and EPA Acknowledgement dated 03/09/1984. 1984
Study of the Hepatic Effects of Di-(2-Ethylhexyl) Adipate in the Mouse and Rat with Appendices and Cover Letter dated 11/17/89. 1989
Subchronic in vivo Cytogenetics Assay in Rats using Nose-Only Inhalation Exposure. Draft Report with Attachments and Cover Letter dated 03/15/90. 1990
Subchronic Inhalation Toxicity Study in Rats with 2-(Dimethylamino)Ethanol. Final Report with Cover Letter dated 06/27/90. 1990
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