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Aneuploidy 1997
Aneuploidy : etiology and mechanisms / 1986
Aneuploidy and Health Risk Assessment: Current Status and Future Directions. 1985
Aneuploidy Data Review Committee: Summary Compilation of Chemical Data Base and Evaluation of Test Methodology. 1986
Aneuploidy Detection with a Short-Term Hexaploid Wheat Assay (Journal Version). 1988
Aneuploidy etiology and mechanisms / 1985
Aneuploidy in Higher Plants. 1987
Aneuploidy in Mammalian Somatic Cells In vivo. 1986
Aneuploidy Test Development: Kinetochore Staining in Mammalian Systems. 1986
Application of a Wheat Seedling Assay for Detecting Aneuploidy Induced by N-Ethyl-N-Nitrosourea and 4-Nitroquinoline-1-Oxide. 1992
Chemically Induced Aneuploidy in Mammalian Cells in Culture. 1986
Current Status of Aneuploidy Testing in Drosophila. 1986
Detection of Aneuploidy by a Monochromosomal Hybrid Cell Assay. 1987
Detection of Chemically Induced Aneuploidy by the 'Vicia faba' Root Tip Assay (Journal Version). 1988
Detection of Chemically Induced Aneuploidy in 'Saccharomyces cerevisiae': An Assessment of Mitotic and Meiotic Systems. 1986
Detection of Chemically Induced Aneuploidy with Plant Test Systems. 1986
Detection of Chemically Induced Aneuploidy with Plant Test Systems. 1986
Detection of genetic hazards from environmental chemicals with plant test systems / 1989
Efficacy of Neurospora in Detecting Agents That Cause Aneuploidy. 1986
Evaluation of 10 Chemicals for Aneuploidy Induction in the Hexaploid Wheat Assay. 1991
Genetic Activity Profiles of Chemicals Selected from the Aneuploidy Data Base. 1986
Genetic Assay for Aneuploidy: Quantitation of Chromosome Loss Using a Mouse/Human Monochromosomal Hybrid Cell Line (Journal Version). 1988
Genetic Method to Quantitate Induced Chromosome Breaks Using a Mouse/Human Monochromosomal Hybrid Cell Line: Identification of Potential Clastogenic Agents. 1989
Genetic Toxicology of Putative Nongenotoxic Carcinogens. 1993
Hazard Identification: Efficiency of Short-Term Tests in Identifying Germ Cell Mutagens and Putative Nongenotoxic Carcinogens. 1993
Identification of aneuploidy-inducing agents using the wheat seedling assay / 1989
In vitro Assessment of Gamete Integrity. 1990
Introduction to a Series of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Special Committee Reports on Testing Approaches for the Detection of Chemically Induced Aneuploidy. 1986
Mammalian Cell Culture Assay to Quantitate Chemically Induced Aneuploidy: Use of a Monochromosomal Human/Mouse Cell Hybrid. 1985
Mammalian In vivo Assays for Aneuploidy in Female Germ Cells. 1986
Maternal Age Effect: The Enigma of Down Syndrome and Other Trisomic Conditions. 1992
Meiotic Behavior of Platinum-Induced Aneuploids in Pearl Millet. 1983
Meiotic Origin of Aneuploidy: An Overview. 1986
Micronucleus Test in the Mouse. SPL Project Number: 703/264. 2002
Monochromosomal Hybrid Cell Assay for Evaluating the Genotoxicity of Environmental Chemicals. 1988
Review of Literature on Chemical-Induced Aneuploidy in Mammalian Male Germ Cells. 1986
Synaptonemal Complex Damage in Relation to Meiotic Chromosome Aberrations after Exposure of Male Mice to Cyclophosphamide (Journal Version). 1988
Synaptonemal Complex Damage Induced by Clastogenic and Anti-Mitotic Chemicals: Implications for Non-Disjunction and Aneuploidy (Journal Version). 1988
Systems and Results of Tests for Chemical Induction of Mitotic Malsegregation and Aneuploidy in 'Aspergillus nidulans'. 1986
Use of a Human/Mouse Hybrid Cell Line to Detect Aneuploidy Induced by Environmental Chemicals. 1985

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