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Abrasion Resistance and Strength of Cotton-Containing Fabric Made Resilient with N-Methylolacrylamide-Type Reagent. 1981
Acrylamide : fact sheet on a drinking water chemical contaminant. 1992
Acrylamide : health advisory / 1987
Acrylamide and Methacrylamide-Subchronic Percutaneous Toxicity Study in New-Born Rabbets. Prepared by Dublin Labs. with Cover Letter. 1975
Acrylamide Arrests Mitosis and Preents Chromosome Migration in the Absence of Changes in Spindle Microtubules with Cover Letter Dated 04/29/1994. 1994
Acrylamide health and safety guide. 1991
Acrylamide. 1985
Acrylamide: a Two-year Drinking Water Chronic Toxicity-oncogenicity Study in Fischer 344 Rats Final Report Sponsored by Amer Cyanamid, dow Chem Usa, Nalco Chem. 2000
Acrylamide: Toxicodynamics in Rats with Cover Letter from Hampton L, dow to Dco Epa dated 021684. 1984
Acute Toxicity of Acrylamide to Mysid Shrimp (mysidopsis Bahia) a Toxicity Test Report with Cover Letter. 1986
Acute Toxicological Properties and Industrial Handling Hazards of a 50% Aqueous Solution of Acrylamide with Cover Letter. 1984
Ambient water quality advisory : acrylamide. 1987
Assessment of airborne exposure and dermal contact to acrylamide during chemical grouting operations : quality assurance project plan for the Office of Toxic Substances / 1986
Assessment of airborne exposure and dermal contact to acrylamide during chemical grouting operations, final report for the Office of Toxic Substances / 1987
Assessment of health risks for exposure to Acrylamide / 1990
Assessment of the need for, and character of, limitations on acrylamide and its compounds : Draft final report / 1979
Behavioral and Pharmacological Responses Following Acrylamide Exposure in Rats. 1981
Best demonstrated available technology (BDAT) background document for acrylonitrile wastes (K011, K013, and K014) : final. 1990
Carcinogenic Activity of Acrylamide in the Skin and Lung of Swiss-ICR Mice. 1984
Carcinogenic Effects of Acrylamide in Sencar and A/J Mice. 1984
Chemicals in the environment, acrylamide. 1994
Comparison of the Toxicity of Acrylamide, Cyclophosphamide, Chlrodecone, and Diethylstilbestrol in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells with Their Toxicity In vivo. 1986
Declassification of an Acrylamide Polymer. 2011
Determination of hemoglobin adducts following acrylamide exposure / 1993
Determination of hemoglobin adducts following acrylamide exposure : project summary / 1994
Determination of hemoglobin adducts following acrylamide exposure : project summary / 1994
Distribution and Binding of (sup 14C)Acrylamide to Macromolecules in SENCAR and BALB/c Mice Following Oral and Topical Administration. 1985
Dominant Lethal Effects of Subchronic Acrylamide Administration in the Male Long-Evans Rat. 1986
Draft toxicological profile for acrylamide / 2009
Drinking water criteria document for acrylamide (final draft), July 1987 / 1987
Drinking Water Criteria Document for Acrylamide (Final Draft). 1985
Drosophila Sex-linked Recessive Assay of Acrylamide -with Co ver Letter 12/10/1985. 1985
Dynamic 96-hour Acute Toxicity of Acrylamide Monomer to Fathead Minnow (pimephales Promelas). 2000
Dynamic 96-hour Acute Toxicity of Acrylamide Monomer to Midge Larvae (paratanytarsus Parthenogenetica) Final Report. 2000
Effects of Acrylamide on Mouse Germ-Line and Somatic Cell Chromosomes. 1989
Environmental and health aspects of acrylamide : a comprehensive bibliography of published literature, 1950-1981 / 1981
Environmental and Health Aspects of Acrylamide: A Comprehensive Bibliography of Published Literature, 1950-1981. 1981
Environmental assessment for acrylamide : draft test rule support document: chapters I, II, IV, V / 1981
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : acrylamide, CH2=CHCONH2. 1978
Environmental monitoring near industrial sites : acrylonitrile / 1978
Environmental Monitoring near Industrial Sites Acrylamide. 2000
Environmental Sciences Research Environmental Analyses of Acrylamide June 16, 1975 with Cover Letter. 1984
Evaluation of certain food contaminants : sixty-fourth report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives. 2006
Exhaust AAM with Cover Letter. 1982
Factors Associated with Reduced Fertility and Implantation Rates in Females Mated to Acrylamide Treated Rats. 1989
Final report for task 2-12 : risk calculations for acrylamide / 1986
Final Report on the Evaluation of Four Toxic Chemicals in an 'In vivo/In vitro' Toxicological Screen: Acrylamide, Chlordecone, Cyclophosphamide, and Diethylstilbestrol. 1986
Final report on the evaluation of four toxic chemicals in an In Vivo/In Vitro toxicological screen--acrylamide, chlordecone, cyclophosphamide, and diethylstilbestrol / 1986
Health and environmental effects profile for acrylamide. 1985
In vitro and In vivo Toxicity: A Comparison of Acrylamide, Cyclophosphamide, Chlordecone, and Diethylstilbestrol. 1987
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