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1,2,3-Trichloropropane: Drinking Water Health Advisory. 1989
1,2-Benzenediol, Mixture with Methanol (22:78)-Acute Toxicologic Properties, with Cover Letter dated 11/02/1995 (Sanitized). 1995
1,2-bis(Triethoxysilyl)ethane. Acute Oral Toxicity Study in Rats. 1997
1-Methyl-4-Phenyl-1,2,3,6-Tetrahydropyridine (MPTP)-Induced Astrogliosis Does Not Require Activation of Ornithine Decarboxylase. 1992
2 Year Cutaneous Carcinogenicity Study with Oil Additive Sap O11 and Its Carrier Oil in Female Mice with Cover Letter dated 031687. 1987
2,4,5-T : position document 2/3. 1979
2,4,5-T: Position Document 1. 1979
2,4,5-Trichlorophenoxyacetic Acid/Silvex: Position Document 4. 1979
2-year Inhalation Study with N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone in Rats (Final) with Cover Letter Dated 08/30/1990. 1990
28 Day Toxicity Study (OECD 407) with Tert-Butylperoxy 3,5,5 Trimethylhexanoate. 2010
3D geoscience modeling : computer techniques for geological characterization / 1994
4, 4'-methylenedianiline : risk assessment. 2001
4-Chloro-2-nitroaniline 2004
4-Diethylaminosalicylaldehyd Stucke: Maximization Test in Guinea Pigs, with Cover Letter dated 08/31/1998. 1998
4-Phenylcyclohexene: Dermal Sensitization Potential in the Hartley Albino Guinea Pig (Final Report) with Cover Letter dated 05/31/89. 1989
414 Pre-natal Developmental Report on Tert-butylperoxy 2-ethylhexanoate(TBPEH). 2013
7 Day Clonal Syrian Hamster Embryo (SHE) Cell Transformation Assay Testing the In Vitro Transformation Potential of Ethylbenzene with Cover Letter Dated 07/27/1995. 1995
90-day Dermal Toxicity Study in Rats of Simulated Cutting Fluid Containing Para-tert-butyl Benzoic Acid with Cover Letter dated 071186. 1986
90-day Subacute Oral Toxicity Study with Monochlorotoluene Isomers (lot no S-75-1300) in Beagle Dogs with Cover Letter dated 062587. 1987
90-day Subacute Oral Toxicity Study with Monochlorotoluene Isomers in Albino Rats with Cover Letter dated 062587. 1987
A Computer code for cohort analysis of increased risks of death (CAIRD) / 1978
A dictionary of mining, mineral, and related terms / 1968
A flexible system of enzymatic analysis 1972
A Fortran program for computing the pollutant standards index (PSI) / 1978
A green history of the world : the environment and the collapse of great civilizations / 1993
A guidebook to lipoprotein technique / 1984
A handbook of statistical analyses using R / 2010
A history of the ecosystem concept in ecology : more than the sum of the parts / 1993
A lagrangian approach to modelling air pollutant dispersion; Development and testing in the vicinity of a roadway. 1979
A Lagrangian photochemical air quality simulation model : adaptation to the St. Louis - RAPS data base, volume II, user's manual / 1979
A primer on nonmarket valuation / 2003
A problem from hell : America and the age of genocide / 2003
A report on the emission performance of the Army sponsored Ford stratified charge engine / 1971
A report on the exhaust emissions of an Army M-151 1/4 ton truck using an exhaust catalyst / 1970
A study of improving compliance of mobile home parks : final report, June 30, 1989 / 1989
A study of pesticide disposal in a sewage sludge incinerator. 1975
Acceptable evidence : science and values in risk management / 1991
Acid rain : a student's first sourcebook / 1990
Actions of pesticides and other drugs on the male reproductive system. 1974
Activated carbon for water and wastewater treatment : integration of adsorption and biological treatment / 2012
Acute (96-Hour) Toxicity of Sodium Metabisulfide to Bluegill with Cover Letter Dated 04/13/1994. 1994
Acute Dermal Toxicity Study of P-tert-butylbenzoic Acid on Rats with Attacments and Cover Letter Dated 07/23/1987. 1987
Acute Dermal Toxicity to Rats of Hexachlorocylclopentadiene with Cover Letter dated 120186. 2000
Acute Inhalation (Acute Lethal Concentration, ALC) Study with Anionic Aqueous Acrylate Polymer Dispersion. 2007
Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study of C-903 in the Rat (final Report) with Cover Letter dated 051587. 1987
Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study of Parachlorobenzotrifluoride in the Rat. 2000
Acute Inhalatory Toxicity of Perfluoropropene with Cover Letter. 1983
Acute Oral and a Subchronic Oral Studies with 1,3,5-Triazine-2,4-diamine, N2, N2-dimethyl-6-(2,2,2,-trifluoro ethoxyl). 2012
Acute Oral Dose Range-rats with Cover Letter Dated 06/25/1987. 1987
Acute Oral Study in Rats and an Acute Study in Daphnia Magna Using Lithium 4,5-Dicyano 2-(Trifluomethyl) Imidazolate. 2014
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