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Detecting hot areas in dumps with a handheld, infrared scanner 1973
Determination of strontium-90 in water 1967
Development and application of the waste-plus-waste process for recovering metals from electroplating and other wastes, 1974
Development document for effluent limitations guidelines and new source performance standards for the plywood, hardboard and wood preserving segment of the timber products processing point source category / 1974
Development document for proposed effluent limitations guidelines and new source performance standards for the textile, friction materials and sealing devices segment of the asbestos manufacturing point source category / 1974
Development of a process for producing an ashless, low-sulfur fuel from coal. Volume IV, Product studies. 1974
Development of an emergency response program for transportation of hazardous waste / 1979
Development of analytical techniques for the determination of trace organic materials in water, 1968
Development of effective regional environmental monitoring for Puget Sound / 1985
Development of methods and techniques for final treatment of combined municipal and textile wastewater, including sludge utilization and disposal / 1979
Diesel Crankcase Emissions Characterization : final report. Task No. 4 / 1977
Diet, Nutrition and Cancer Program status report, September 1978. 1979
Digital-simulation model of the Wenonah-Mount Laurel aquifer in the coastal plain of New Jersey / 1976
Discharge of sands and mean-velocity relationships in sand-bed streams / 1964
Dispersion of dissolved or suspended materials in flowing streams, 1964
Disposal of liquid wastes by injection underground: neither myth nor millennium, 1969
Disposal of solid wastes from coal mining in Washington, Oregon, and Montana, 1969
Disposal of uranium-mill effluent by well injection in the Grants Area, Valencia County, New Mexico. 1972
Dissolved-oxygen depletion and other effects of storing water in Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Wyoming and Utah 1979
Dissolved-solids discharge to the oceans from the conterminous United States, 1974
Distribution and abundance of benthic organisms in the Sacramento River, California 1977
Distribution and relative abundance of fishes in Newport River, North Carolina / 1973
Distribution of cobalt 60, zinc 65, strontium 85, and cesium 137 in a freshwater pond / 1967
Distribution of forage of skipjack tuna (Euthynnus pelamis) in the eastern tropical Pacific / 1972
Distribution of minor elements in coal beds of the eastern interior region / 1964
Distribution of minor elements in coals of the Appalachian region 1966
Distribution of nitrates and other water pollutants under fields and corrals in the middle South Platte Valley of Colorado / 1967
Distribution, abundance, and growth of juvenile sockeye salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, and associated species in the Naknek River system, 1961-64 / 1974
Documented personnel exposures from airport baggage inspection systems 1976
Douglas-fir tussock moth : an annotated bibliography 1978
Drainage basins, channels, and flow characteristics of selected streams in central Pennsylvania, 1961
Dredged material as a natural resource : concepts for land improvement and reclamation / 1976
Drought of the 1950's with special reference to the mid-continent, 1965
Dual matrix and other environmental impact assessment methods 1980
Earth manual : a guide to the use of soils as foundations and as construction materials for hydraulic structures. 1974
Earth photographs from Gemini III, IV, and V. 1967
Eastern Lake Superior chemical and physical characteristics data for 1968 / 1980
Ecological evaluation of proposed discharge of dredged or fill material into navigable waters : interim guidance for implementation of section 404(b)(1) of Public Law 92-500 (Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972) / 1976
Ecological risk assessment guidance for preparation of remedial investigation feasibility study work plan / 1993
Ecology of Daphnia in Bull Shoals Reservoir, 1969
Economic evaluation of California-Nevada iron resources and iron ore markets. 1971
Effect of aging on aluminum hydroxide complexes in dilute aqueous solutions / 1972
Effect of drilling fluids on permeability of uranium sandstone 1984
Effect of flow on performance and behavior of chinook salmon in fishways / 1970
Effect of fuel front-end and midrange volatility on automobile emissions / 1972
Effectiveness of sediment-control techniques used during highway construction in central Pennsylvani 1978
Effects of acids and alkalies on survival of bluegills and largemouth bass 1969
Effects of CO on vigilance performance : effects of low level carbon monoxide on divided attention, pitch discrimination, and the auditory evoked potential 1977
Effects of coal mining on the water resources of the Tradewater River Basin, Kentucky, 1972
Effects of community-wide installation of household garbage-grinders on environmental sanitation, 1952
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