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Factors affecting the appearance of surface waters. 1969
Forest health and air quality in the Western United States. 1986
Forest management practices and natural events their relation to landslides and water quality protection. 1983
Forestry management related subjects on air quality and forest health, solid waste disposal on forest lands and gypsy moth control. 1986
Forestry management related water quality protection regulatory and investigative programs in the South. 1981
Ground water quality data anaylsis. 1985
Growth of known-age muskellunge in Wisconsin: and validation of age and growth determination methods / 1971
Guide to monitoring streamwater quality following forestry herbicide application 1984
Guide to the determination of biochemical oxygen demand, dissolved oxygen, suspended and setteable solids, and turbidity of pulp and paper mill effluents. 1969
Hydrology of prairie potholes : a selected annotated bibliography 1981
Identification of the immature black flies (Diptera: Simuliidae) of the Southeastern U.S. with some aspects of the adult role in transmission of Leucocytozoon smithi to turkeys 1976
Impact of phosphorus reduction via metalimnetic alum injection in Bullhead Lake, Wisconsin 1985
Industry and state programs developing or promoting silvicultural best management practices in the South. 1985
Industry, state, and federal programs designed to assess and protect water quality associated with managed western forests. 1985
Initial review of some outfall dispersion models and an asymptotic jet dispersion model for use in river systems 1986
Intralaboratory precision of the five-day biochemical oxygen demand test. 1985
Inventory and study of the Lake Pontchartrain-Lake Maurepas estuarine complex 1976
Laboratory evaluation of the chromotropic acid method for determination of formaldehyde in the forest products industry workplace environment 1983
Laboratory study of four methods of sampling groundwater for volatile organic compounds. 1984
Laboratory study of pre-biological treatment color reduction technology effectiveness for selected kraft streams. 1986
Laboratory study of the effects of sediments of two different size characteristics on survival of rainbow trout (Salmo Gairdneri) embryos to fry emergence 1984
Land application of wastewater in the forest products industry. 1985
Management of roadside vegetative cover by selective control of undesirable vegetation 1980
Meristems, growth, and development in woody plants; an analytical review of anatomical, physiological and morphogenic aspects. 1963
Modifications to the Qual-2 water quality model and user manual for Qual-2E version 2.2. 1985
Nitrate and nitrite variation in ground water / 1972
Notes on the occurrence and distribution of the Rhizocephalan parasite (Loxothylacus texanus Boschma) of blue crabs (Callinectes sapidus Rathbun) in Louisiana estuaries. 1972
Occurrence, distribution, and density of Rangia cuneata in Lakes Pontchartrain and Maurepas, Louisiana, 1972
Oyster distribution and density on the productive portion of state seed grounds in southeastern Louisiana 1977
Papers presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting on cumulative effects 1986
Population dynamics of wild brown trout and associated sport fisheries in four central Wisconsin streams / 1981
Population dynamics of wild trout and associated sport fisheries in two northern Wisconsin streams 1983
Probable effects of SO 2 1978
Recent studies and experience with use of sludge and fly ash on farm crop and forest lands. 1985
Recent studies on the comparison of in-situ and laboratory sediment oxygen demand measurement techniques / 1986
Relationship between fine sediment and macroinvertebrate community characteristic a literature review and results from NCASI fine sediment studies / 1984
Research and regulatory programs related to southern forestry management practices and water quality protection 1984
Research on the effects of forest harvesting drainage, mechanical site preparation and prescribed fire on water quality. 1984
Respiratory response to sulfate aerosols. 1981
Results of a cooperative field study of a downflow bubble contactor aerator and a conventional surface aerator. 1970
Review of in-situ and laboratory SOD measurement comparisons. 1982
Review of laboratory and field procedures for evaluating the behavior of landfill leachate constituents 1983
Review of procedures for conducting conservative tracer studies in the hydraulic characterization of effluent treatment basins 1983
Review of the literature on pulp and paper effluent management. 0
Review of the Mathematical water quality model WRECEV and guidance for its use. 1985
Selected experience with sludge accumulation in aerated stabilization basins. 1985
Sexual maturity and fecundity of brown trout in central and northern Wisconsin streams 1985
Study of areal and seasonal abundance of the American eel (Anguilla rostrata) at selected sites in southeastern coastal Louisiana 1982
Study of commercially important estuarine-dependent industrial fishes. 1972
Study of methods for reducing chloroform concentrations in bleached pulp mill effluents 1983

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