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AAEC tritium list no. 2, 1975-1976 / 1977
AAEC tritium list no.2, 1975-1976 1977
Advanced combustion systems for stationary gas turbine engines. 1980
Alternate treatment of organic solvents and sludges from metal finishing operations : final report / 1983
Alternative treatment of organic solvents and sludges from metal finishing operations / 1983
Analysis of Specialized Pesticide Problems Invertebrate Control Agents - Efficacy Test Methods. Volume VII. Human and Pet Treatments. 1977
Animal investigation program 1976 annual report / 1978
Applicability of the thermal DeNOx process to coal-fired utility boilers / 1979
Atmospheric distributions, sources and sinks of selected halocarbons, hydrocarbons, SF6 and N2O / 1979
Brine disposal treatment practices relating to the oil production industry / 1974
Compacted Soil Barriers at Abandoned Landfill Sites Are Likely to Fail in the Long Term. 1993
Comparison of auto exhaust emissions from two major cities 1964
Cost-effective comparison of land application and advanced wastewater treatment / 1975
Current Status and Historical Trends of the Estuarine Living Resources within the Corpus Christi Bay National Estuary Program Study Area. Volume 1. 1996
Development of Decision Analysis Methodology for Health Risk Assessment: An Illustrative Application to Alternative Air Quality Standards for Carbon Monoxide, Final Report. 1982
Digging efficiency trials with a modified hydraulic clam digger 1976
Dioxins. 1980
Distribution of contaminants in waters of Monroe Harbor (River Raisin) Michigan and Adjacent Lake Erie / 1988
Effects of Pollution on Freshwater Fish and Amphibians. 1983
Environmental radioactivity at the TMI, venting phase 1985
Environmental radioactivity at the TMI, venting phase / 1985
Evaluation of the proposed ambient air monitoring equivalent and reference methods / 1974
Experimental Investigations of Fine Particle Charging by Unipolar Ions: A Review. 1977
External quality assurance audits of the Utility Acid Precipitation Study Program (UAPSP) 1990
Food habits and radionuclide tissue concentrations of Nevada desert bighorn sheep 1972-1973 / 1976
Fundamental Design Concepts for the Lime Stabilization of Lebanon Raw Sludge. 1971
Guidelines for particulate sampling in gaseous effluents from industrial processes / 1979
Impact of Ozone and Sulphur Dioxide on Soybeam Yield. 1986
Impact of Ozone on Winter Wheat Yield. 1985
Interlaboratory Evaluation of Measurements for HCN and H2S Released from Wastes. 1984
Kaneohe Bay Sewage Diversion Experiment: Perspectives on Ecosystem Responses to Nutritional Perturbation. 1981
Land disposal of hazardous wastes : proceedings of the fourth annual research symposium held at San Antonio, Texas, March 6, 7, and 8, 1978 / 1978
Mathematical Model for Calculating Electrical Conditions in Wire-Duct Electrostatic Precipitation Devices. 1976
Measurements of exhaled breath using a new portable sampling method /. 1990
Monte Carlo Simulation of Daily Regional Sulfur Distribution: Comparison with SURE Sulfate Data and Visual Range Observations during August 1977. 1981
OHMSETT "high seas" performance testing : MARCO Class V oil skimmer / 1978
Oil and gas field emissions survey / 1992
Particulate sizing techniques for control device evaluation / 1975
Persistence and Disappearance by Washoff and Dryfall of Methoxychlor from Soybean Foliage - A Preliminary Study. 1981
Phosphorus Removal with Aluminum Chlorohydrate. 1970
Potential Impacts from Marinas and Boats in Baltimore Harbor. 1991
Process design manual for land treatment of municipal wastewater / 1981
Recommendations for the National Surface Water Monitoring Program : report two / 1980
Regional Inventory for Critical Natural Areas, Wetland Ecosystems, and Endangered Species Habitats of the Albemarle-Pamlico Estuarine Region. Phase 3 Report. 1993
Report on Vitellogenin Gene Expression in Fathead Minnows and Pearl Dace from Reference (Non-Dosed) and Lakes Dosed with EE2 in the Canadian Experimental Lakes Area. 2004
Review of Techniques for Incineration of Sewage Sludge with Solid Wastes. 1976
Sampling charged particles with cascade impactors / 1979
Sperm Count, Morphology and Fluorescent Body Frequency in Autopsy Service Workers Exposed to Formaldehyde. 1984
Survey of chemical factors in Saginaw Bay (Lake Huron) / 1977
Three Mile Island Nuclear Reactor Accident of March 1979. Environmental Radiation Data: Update. A Report to the President's Commission on the Accident at Three Mile Island. 1981
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