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Action of a Fluoranthene-Utilizing Bacterial Community on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Components of Creosote. 1989
Aerobic Metabolism of Trichloroethylene by a Bacterial Isolate. 1986
Anaerobic Degradation of Chloroaromatic Compounds in Aquatic Sediments under a Variety of Enrichment Conditions. 1989
Aquation test systems for studying the fate of xenobiotic compounds / 1989
Assessing the Biodegradation of Sediment Associated Chemicals. 1985
Biodegradation of pesticides in sediments 1990
Biodegradation of Trichloroethylene and Involvement of an Aromatic Biodegradative Pathway. 1987
Biological and Abiotic Degradation of Xenobiotic Compounds in Vitro Estaurine Water and Sediment/Water Systems. 1988
Bioremediation as a Technology: Experiences with the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. 1991
Bioremediation Treatability Trials Using Nutrient Application to Enhance Cleanup of Oil Contaminated Shoreline. 1993
Biotic and Abiotic Degradation Rates of Methyl Parathion in Freshwater and Estuarine Water and Sediment Samples. 1987
Characteristics of Bacteria Adapted to Low Nutrient Conditions in Lake Ontario. 1979
Characterization of Anaerobic Dechlorinating Consortia Derived from Aquatic Sediments. 1989
Chromium Biotreatment in Soil, Chapter 6. 1997
Comparison of p-Nitrophenol Biodegradation in Field and Laboratory Test Systems. 1984
Concepts in Improving Polychlorinated Biphenyl Bioavailability to Bioremediation Strategies. 1994
Creosote-Contaminated Sites: Their Potential for Bioremediation. 1989
Dibutylphthalate Degradation in Estuarine and Freshwater Sites. 1984
Effect of Inoculation on the Biodegradation of Weathered Prudhoe Bay Crude Oil. 1992
Effectiveness and Regulatory Issues in Oil Spill Bioremediation: Experiences with the EXXON VALDEZ Oil Spill in Alaska. (Chapter 12). 1993
Effects of Adaptation on Biodegradation Rates in Sediment/Water Cores from Estuarine and Freshwater Environments. 1980
Effects of Kepone on Estuarine Microorganisms. 1978
Effects of Lugworms and Seagrass on Kepone (Trade Name) (Chlordecone) Distribution in Sediment/Water Laboratory Systems. 1985
Environmental fate and effects of shale-derived jet fuel / 1988
Fate of Environmental Pollutants. 1986
Fate of Environmental Pollutants. 1985
Fate of Fenthion in Salt-Marsh Environments: 1. Factors Affecting Biotic and Abiotic Degradation Rates in Water and Sediment. 1989
Fate of Fenthion in Salt-Marsh Environments: 2. Transport and Biodegradation in Microcosms. 1989
Fate of Pollutants (Journal Version). 1988
Guidelines for biodegradation test methods used to evaluate biodegradability of chemicals in the environment 1990
Interdependent Microcosms for the Assessment of Pollutants in the Marine Environment. 1978
Isolation and Characterization of a Fluoranthene-Utilizing Strain of 'Pseudomonas paucimobilis'. 1990
Metabolism of Fenthion by Aquatic Microbial Communities. 1986
Microbial Toxicity Studies. 1985
Movement of Kepone (Trade Name) (Chlordecone) Across an Undisturbed Sediment-Water Interface in Laboratory Systems. 1986
Novel Pathway of Toluene Catabolism in the Trichloroethylene-Degrading Bacterium G4. 1989
Oil spill bioremediation project : interim report / 1990
Perspective on the Role of Microcosms in Environmental Fate and Effects Assessments. 1982
Phenol and Trichloroethylene Degradation by 'Pseudomonas cepacia' G4: Kinetics and Interactions between Substrates. 1990
Phenylacetic Acid Metabolism by Three Aquatic Bacteria Isolated from Continuous Culture Enrichments. 1979
Physical and Biological Parameters that Determine the Fate of 'p'-Chlorophenol in Laboratory Test Systems. 1987
Proceedings of the workshop : biodegradation kinetics : Navarre Beach, Florida, 18-20 October 1983 / 1985
Proceedings of the Workshop : Microbial Degradation of Pollutants in Marine Environments, Pensacola Beach, Florida, 9-14 April 1978 / 1979
Proceedings of the Workshop--Microbial Degradation of Pollutants in Marine Environments, Pensacola Beach, Florida, 9-14 April 1978 / 1979
Recent Developments in Cleanup Technologies. 1993
Review of progress in biotechnology-microbial pest control agent risk assessment / 1989
Shake-Flask Test for Estimation of Biodegradability of Toxic Organic Substances in the Aquatic Environment. 1987
Studies on the Microbial Ecology of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Biodegradation. 1994
The degradation of oil in continuous culture / 1974
The Degradation of Oil in Continuous Culture. 1974
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