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Evaluation of mechanical and chemical methods for control of Melaleuca quinquenervia in Southern Florida 1995
Evaluation of nitrogen oxide emissions data from TVA coal-fired boilers / 1992
Evaluation of NOx Emissions from TVA Coal-Fired Power Plants. 1991
Experimental Air Exclusion System for Field Studies of SO2 Effects on Crop Productivity. 1977
Factors affecting the long-term response of surface waters to acidic deposition : state-of-the-science / 1986
Feasibility study of the effectiveness of drilling mud as a plugging agent in abandoned wells 1990
Feeding and survival strategies of estuarine organisms / 1981
Final report on impact of organic solvents on the integrity of clay liners for industrial waste disposal pits : implications for groundwater contamination 1979
Final Sampling Report for the Study of Personal CO (Carbon Monoxide) Exposure. 1984
Final sampling report for the study of personal CO exposure / 1984
Formation of halonitromethanes and iodo-trihalomethanes in drinking water / 2011
Full-scale field evaluation of waste disposal from coal-fired electric generating plants / 1985
Global Inventory of Volatile Organic Compound Emissions from Anthropogenic Sources. 1992
Glossary of uranium- and thorium-bearing minerals : a list of uranium- and thorium-containing minerals, with data on composition, type of occurrence, chemical classification, and synonymy / 1967
Ground-water quality monitoring : Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer / 1977
Guide to the disposal of chemically stabilized and solidified waste / 1980
Handbook for stabilization/solidification of hazardous waste / 1986
Harvesting of Leukocytes from Intestinal Lumen in Murine Giardiasis and Preliminary Characterization of These Cells. 1985
Heterotrophic Bacteria of the Freshwater Neuston and Their Ability to Act as Plasmid Recipients under Nutrient Deprived Conditions. 1991
Houston Aerosol Characterization Study. 1980
Identifying sources of subsurface nitrate pollution with stable nitrogen isotopes / 1979
Illinois highway and agricultural drainage laws, 1963
Immunological and Hematological Effects of Microwave Power Transmission from a Satellite Power System (Part 1 and Part 2). 1982
Impacts of Material Substitution in Automobile Manufacture on Resource Recovery - Volume 1: Results and Summary. 1976
Impacts of Material Substitution in Automobile Manufacture on Resource Recovery. Volume II. Appendices A-E. 1976
Influence of Redox Potential on the Anaerobic Biotransformation of Nitrogen-Heterocyclic Compounds in Anoxic Freshwater Sediments (Revised). 1994
Integrated sediment decontamination for the New York/New Jersey Harbor. 1998
Intercomparison of Optical Remote Sensing Systems for Roadside Measurements of Nitric Oxide. 1999
Interfacing nonpoint source programs with the conservation reserve : guidance for water quality managers / 1988
Interference mechanisms in waste stabilization/solidification processes : project summary / 1990
Interferences Mechanisms in Waste Stabilization/Solidification Processes. 1990
Landfill gas production from large landfill simulators / 1984
Landfill gas production from large landfill simulators / 1984
Landscape indicator interface with hydrologic models : research plan / 2000
Lead and cadmium levels in blood of Baltimore, Maryland City public school teachers : World Health Organization/United Nations environmental programs / 1983
Leaking underground storage tanks : remediation with emphasis on in situ biorestoration / 1987
Legal aspects of the Three Mile Island accident / 1979
Lime/limestone scrubbing for SO2 and particulate removal in a marble bed scrubber / 1975
Limits of flammability of gases and vapors, 1952
Materials for oxygenated wastewater treatment plant construction / 1978
Measurement of polycyclic organic materials and other hazardous organic compounds in stack gases: state of the art / 1977
Measuring the Climate Impact of Residential Buildings: GreeenPoint Rated Climate Calculator Version 2. 2012
Method for Estimating Methane Emissions from Underground Coal Mines: Preliminary Findings. 1990
Mobile source hazardous air pollutant emissions in the Seattle-Tacoma urban area / by Joe Mangino and Julian W. Jones. 1994
Mobile Source Hazardous Air Pollutant Emissions in the Seattle-Tacoma Urban Area. 1994
Molecular biology of the yeast Saccharomyces : metabolism and gene expression 1982
Molecular biology of the yeast saccharomyces, life cycle and inheritance 1981
Monitoring environmental impacts of the coal and oil shale industries : research and developments needs / 1977
Ohio River Basin Energy Study : land use and terrestrial ecology / 1980
Onsite engineering report of the slurry-phase biological reactor for pilot-scale testing on contaminated soil / 1993
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