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Compilation of air toxic and trace metal summary statistics / 1984
Comprehensive assessment of the specific compounds present in combustion processes / 1983
Comprehensive evaluation of a field test kit for lead / 1991
Cosolvent-enhanced critical-fluid extraction of organics from water : final report for the period August 14, 1984-August 14, 1985 1986
Creating the future, agendas for tomorrow : international symposium III, October 28-30, 1974, Expo '74 ... Spokane, Washington, USA / 1974
Cyanide in water and soil : chemistry, risk, and management / 2006
Detection and Comparison of DNA Adducts After In vitro and In vivo Diesel Emission Exposures. 1993
Determination of DDT and Related Substances in Human Fat. 1953
Development and Evaluation Report: Physical-Chemical Marine Sanitation System. 1974
Development document for effluent limitations guidelines for the pesticide chemicals manufacturing point source category / 1978
Development document for expanded best practicable control technology, best conventional pollutant control technology, best available technology, new source performance technology, and pretreatment technology in the pesticide chemicals industry. 1982
Development of emission factors for fugitive dust sources / 1974
Developmental aspects of the cell cycle. 1971
Developmental Toxicity of Halogenated Acetonitriles: Drinking Water By-Products of Chlorine Disinfection. 1987
Differences in Detection of DNA Adducts in the 32P-Postlabelling Assay After Either 1-Butanol Extraction or Nuclease Pl Treatment. 1989
Dilemma facing humanity : international symposium I, May 19-21, 1974 / 1974
Dispersion of sewage sludge discharged into New York Bight / 1978
Dissolved oxygen and oxidation potentials in ground water 1986
Distribution, Clearance, and Mortality of Environmental Pseudomonads in Mice upon Intranasal Exposure. 1991
Dominant Lethal Effects of Subchronic Acrylamide Administration in the Male Long-Evans Rat. 1986
Dose-Related Differences in DNA Adduct Levels in Rodent Tissues Following Skin Application of Complex Mixtures from Air Pollution Sources. 1990
Draft guidance for ozone and fine particulate matter permit modeling. 2020
Dynamics of aerocolloidal systems, 1970
East Philadelphia Field Office pilot study on cleaning systems 1994
Ecology and management of blackbirds (Icteridae) in North America / 2017
Economic/Social Impact of Occupational Noise Exposure Regulations. 1976
Effect of Pentachlorophenol on the Activation of 2,6-Dinitrotoluene to Genotoxic Urinary Metabolites in CD-1 Mice: A Comparison of GI Enzyme Activities and Urine Mutagenicity. 1991
Effect of pumped-storage reservoir operation on biological productivity and water quality 1969
Effects of Age, Species Difference, Antibiotics and Toxicants on Intestinal Enzyme Activity and Genotoxicity. 1993
Elements of physical hydrology / 1998
Emission test report : Canadian Forces Base, Prince Edward Island, Canada : volume I / 1987
Emission test report : General Electric Company, New York State / 1985
Energy conservation in municipal wastewater treatment / 1978
Engineering design manual for solid waste size reduction equipment / 1983
Engineering design manual for solid waste size reduction equipment / 1982
Environmental accomplishments to date : a reason for hope : international symposium II, July 16-18, 1974 : {papers} / 1974
Environmental assessment of steelmaking furnace dust disposal methods / 1977
Environmental considerations for emerging copper winning processes / 1982
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, assessing the suitability of windbreaks as wildlife habitat -- 1994 pilot plan / 1994
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment Program, assessing the suitability of windbreaks as wildlife habitat -- 1994 pilot plan : project summary / 1994
EPA geospatial quality council strategy plan : FY-02 / 2001
Estimated Exposure to Ambient Carbon Monoxide Concentrations under Altenative Air Quality Standards. 1980
Estimating critical loads of sulfate to surface waters in the Northeastern United States : a comparative assessment of three procedures for estimating critical loads of sulfate for lakes / 1991
Estuarine and coastal marine waters : bioassessment and biocriteria technical guidance / 2000
Evaluating a mathematical model for predicting lake eutrophication 1975
Evaluation of a Field Test Kit for Monitoring Lead in Drinking Water. 1993
Evaluation of beef cattle feedlot waste management alternatives / 1971
Evaluation of MTF for Testing Hazardous Material Spill Control Equipment. 1974
Evaluation of the Collier County, Florida landfill mining demonstration / 1993
Evaluation of the ground-water resources of parts of Lancaster and Berks counties, Pennsylvania 1984
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