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1999 Nationwide LEPC Survey, May 17, 2000. 2000
A method for recovering viruses from sludges / 1981
Altered Steroidogenesis in Whole-Ovary and Adrenal Culture in Cycling Rats. 1993
Behavioral Suppression by 383-MHz Radiation. 1975
Bibliography of the cat / 1976
Bibliography of the cat, 1974
Chronic Exposure of Rats to 100-MHz (CW) Radiofrequency Radiation: Assessment of Biological Effects. 1980
Comparative Resistance of 'Escherichia coli' and Enterococci to Chlorination. 1992
Comparison of the Toxicity of Acrylamide, Cyclophosphamide, Chlrodecone, and Diethylstilbestrol in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) Cells with Their Toxicity In vivo. 1986
Concentration of Poliovirus in Water by Molecular Filtration. 1980
Cost and emission studies of a heat engine/battery hybrid family car / 1972
Decreased Body Weight in Fetal Rats After Irradiation With 2450-MHz (CW) Microwaves. 1984
Description and Implications for Analysis of Brain Growth in Suckling Mice. 1985
Destruction by Anaerobic Mesophilic and Thermophilic Digestion of Viruses and Indicator Bacteria Indigenous to Domestic Sludges. 1980
Development of Chicken Embryos in a Pulsed Magnetic Field. 1990
Developmental Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Fields on Animal Embryos. 1990
Differential Hepatotoxicity and Cytochrome P450 Responses of Fischer-344 Rats to the Three Isomers of Dichlorobenzene. 1992
Digitization assessment : a white paper for the Environmental Protection Agency / 2008
Ecological perspective on in-stream temperature: natural heat dynamics and mechanisms of human-caused thermal degradation / 2001
Effect of Ambient Temperature and Running Wheel Activity on the Outcome of Pregnancy in CD-1 Mice. 1989
Effect of Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide and Monochloramine on Rotavirus (SA-11) Inactivation. 1984
Effect of the Method of Preparing Monochloramine upon Inactivation of MS2 Coliphage, 'Escherichia coli', and 'Klebsiella pneumoniae'. 1991
Evaluation of the autoanalysis colilert test, coliquick coliform test and EC medium with MUG for detection of escherichia coli in water / 1992
Experiments in microwave exposure in the rat : body temperature, serum chemistry, and the use of chemical restraint / 1985
Experiments in Microwave Exposure in the Rat: Body Temperature, Serum Chemistry, and the Use of Chemical Restraint. 1985
Fetal and Maternal Effects of Continual Exposure of Rats to 970-MHz Circularly-Polarized Microwaves. 1992
Fetotoxic effects of nickel in drinking water in mice / 1983
Fetotoxic Effects of Nickel in Drinking Water in Mice. 1983
Growth and Development of Mice Offspring After Irradiation in Utero with 2,450-MHz Microwaves. 1984
Hepatotoxic Interactions of Ethanol with Allyl Alcohol or Carbon Tetrachloride in Rats. 1992
In vitro and In vivo Toxicity: A Comparison of Acrylamide, Cyclophosphamide, Chlordecone, and Diethylstilbestrol. 1987
Inactivation of Particle-Associated Coliforms by Chlorine and Monochloramine. 1988
Inactivation of Simian Rotavirus SA11 by Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, and Monochloramine. 1984
Kicking off the bootstraps : environment, development, and community power in Puerto Rico / 1996
Lack of Effects from 2000-Hz Magnetic Fields on Mammary Adenocarcinoma and Reproductive Hormones in Rats. 1989
Lethality and Hepatotoxicity of Complex Waste Mixtures (Journal Version). 1988
Lethality in Mice and Rats Exposed to 2450 MHz Circularly Polarized Microwaves as a Function of Exposure Duration and Environmental Factors. 1985
Lipoprotein kinetics and modeling 1982
Method for Concentrating Viruses Recovered from Sewage Sludges. 1982
Methodology for conducting risk assessments at asbestos superfund sites / 1999
Methodology for Conducting Risk Assessments at Asbestos Superfund Sites Part 1: Protocol, Interim Version, Final Edition 1999
Methodology for Conducting Risk Assessments at Asbestos Superfund Sites Part 2: Technical Background Document, Interim Version, Final Edition 1999
Modification of the Feeding Behavior of Marine Copepods by Sub-Lethal Concentrations of Water-Accommodated Fuel Oil. 1982
Modified elutriator method for the determination of asbestos in soils and bulk material 2000
Modified Elutriator Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Soils and Bulk Material, Draft 2000
Mutagenicity in Salmonella of Hazardous Wastes and Urine from Rats Fed These Wastes. 1987
Mutagenicity in Salmonella of Hazardous Wastes and Urine from Rats Fed These Wastes. 1987
Observations of Mouse Fetuses After Irradiation with 2.45 GHz Microwaves. 1978
Observations of Rat Fetuses after Irradiation with 2450-MHz (CW) Microwaves. 1980
Observations of Syrian Hamster Fetuses After Exposure to 2450-MHz Microwaves. 1982
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