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Environmental monitoring and assessment program : arid ecosystems 1992 pilot report / 1994
Environmental problem definition for petroleum refineries, synthetic natural gas plants, and liquefied natural gas plants / 1975
Episodic Acidification and Associated Fish and Benthic Invertebrate Responses in Five Northern Appalachian Streams: An Interim Report of the Episodic Response Project. 1991
Estimation of hazardous air pollutant emissions from municipal sewer systems / 1995
Evaluation of an Annual Simulation of Ozone and Fine Particulate Matter Over the Continental United States: Which Temporal Features are Captured. 2004
Evaluation of Effects of Wastewater Treatment Discharge on Estuarine Water Quality. 2003
Evaluation of neonate squirrel monkeys receiving tritiated water throughout gestation / 1978
Experimental air exclusion system for field studies of SO2 effects on crop productivity / 1978
Experimental Air Exclusion System for Field Studies of SO2 Effects on Crop Productivity. 1977
Exposure commitment assessments of environmental pollutants volume 4, summary exposure assessment for aluminium / 1985
Gene Probe for PO Messenger RNA Used to Index Acrylamide Toxic Neuropathy in Rats. 1991
Growth and migration of the Tortugas pink shrimp, Penacus duorarum, and changes in the catch per unit of effort of the fishery, 1961
Handbook of household and structural insect pests / 2000
Health hazard evaluation of waste water using bioassays preliminary concepts / 1988
Hexavalent chromium : toxicological effects and means for removal from aqueous solution / 1971
Houston Aerosol Characterization Study. 1980
Identifying sources of subsurface nitrate pollution with stable nitrogen isotopes / 1979
Immunological and Hematological Effects of Microwave Power Transmission from a Satellite Power System (Part 1 and Part 2). 1982
Impacts of Material Substitution in Automobile Manufacture on Resource Recovery. Volume II. Appendices A-E. 1976
Improvements in pump intake basin design : project summary / 1995
In Vitro and In Vivo mutagenicity studies of environmental chemicals / 1984
In vitro and in vivo mutagenicity studies of environmental chemicals / 1984
Induction of DNA-Protein Crosslinks in Human Cells by Ultraviolet and Visible Radiations: Action Spectrum. 1985
Induction of Mutations by Chemical Agents at the Hypoxanthine-Guanine Phosphoribosyl Transferase Locus in Human Epithelial Teratoma Cells. 1984
Intercomparison of Optical Remote Sensing Systems for Roadside Measurements of Nitric Oxide. 1999
Interlaboratory Comparison of Thermospray and Particle Beam Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Interfaces: Evaluation of a Chlorinated Phenoxy Acid Herbicide Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry Analysis Method. 1991
International encyclopedia of quotations : an encyclopedia of quotations from every age for every occasion 1978
Landscape Atlas of Ecological Vulnerability: Arkansas' White River Watershed and the Mississippi Alluvial Valley Ecoregion. 2000
Landscape indicator interface with hydrologic models : research plan / 2000
Leaking underground storage tanks : remediation with emphasis on in situ biorestoration / 1987
Lime/limestone scrubbing for SO2 and particulate removal in a marble bed scrubber / 1975
Maintaining access to America's intermodal ports/technologies for decontamination of dredged sediment 1999
Measuring the Climate Impact of Residential Buildings: GreeenPoint Rated Climate Calculator Version 2. 2012
Medical and institutional waste incineration : regulations, management, technology, emissions, and operations. 1992
Monitoring environmental impacts of the coal and oil shale industries : research and developments needs / 1977
Myelin Basic Protein-Messenger RNA (MBP-mRNA) Expression during Triethyltin-Induced Myelin Edema. 1991
National Estimate of Methane Emissions from Compressors in the U.S. Natural Gas Industry. 1996
Neurobehavioral genetics : methods and applications / 2007
Neurotoxicity of Subchronic Acetylcholinesterase (AChE) Inhibition in Rat Hippocampus. 1990
Neurotoxicity of Subchronic Acetylcholinesterase (AChE): Inhibition in Rat Hippocampus. 1990
New developments in emission projection methodologies / 1992
Nitrate removal from wastewaters by ion exchange / 1971
North America Land Cover Summit / 2008
Ohio River Basin Energy Study : land use and terrestrial ecology / 1980
OIG fiscal 2000 audit plan and performance plan / 2000
Oil and gas fields of Colorado : statistical data / 1976
Organic contaminants in the environment environmental pathways & effects / 1991
Organochlorine Contaminates of Wintering Ducks Foraging on Detroit River Sediments 1984
Overview of the environmental control measures and problems in the food processing industries / 1979
Oxidation of water supply refractory species by ozone with ultraviolet radiation / 1980

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