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Main Title Diesel exhaust emission control, 2008 /
Publisher Society of Automotive Engineers,
Year Published 2008
OCLC Number 212327976
ISBN 0768019966; 9780768019964
Subjects Diesel motor exhaust gas--Congresses. ; Diesel motor--Combustion--Congresses.
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ELCM SAE SP-2154 NVFEL Library/Ann Arbor, MI 04/27/2015
Collation 600 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 28 cm.
Papers from the Diesel Exhaust Emission Control session of the SAE 2008 World Congress, Detroit, Michigan, Apr. 14-17, 2008. Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Notes
2008-01-0065. Development of Next-Generation NOx Reduction System for Diesel Exhaust Emission -- 2008-01-0066. EGR System Fouling Control -- 2008-01-0067. Development of a Synthetic Diesel Exhaust -- 2008-01-0068. The Fuel Processor for Accelerated Catalyst Light-Off and Engine-Independent Active Regeneration Measures -- 2008-01-0069. Diesel Emission Control in Review -- 2008-01-0070. Rational Design of Oxidation Catalysts for Diesel Emission Control -- 2008-01-0071. Influence of Pre Turbo Catalyst Design on Diesel Engine Performance, Emissions and Fuel Economy -- 2008-01-0072. Evaluation of Cu-Based SCR/DPF Technology for Diesel Exhaust Emission Control -- 2008-01-0328. Regeneration Strategies for an Enhanced Thermal Management of Oxide Diesel Particulate Filters -- 2008-01-0329. Diesel Particulate Filter System -- Effect of Critical Variables on the Regeneration Strategy Development and Optimization -- 2008-01-0330. Retrofit Kit to Reduce NOX and PM Emissions from Diesel Engines using a Low-Pressure EGR and a DPF-System with FBC and Throttling for Active Regeneration without Production of Secondary Emissions -- 2008-01-0331. Latest Development and Registration of Fuel Borne Catalyst for DPF Regeneration -- 2008-01-0332. Particle Filter Properties after 2000 hrs Real World Operation -- 2008-01-0333. Detailed Effects of a Diesel Particulate Filter on the Reduction of Chemical Species Emissions -- 2008-01-0335. Performance of Undamaged and Damaged Diesel Particulate Filters -- 2008-01-0336. Urban Air Quality Improvements by Means of Vehicular Diesel Particle Filters -- 2008-01-0446. Transient Performance of a Non-Catalytic Syngas Generator for Active DPF Regeneration and NOx Reduction -- 2008-01-0447. Sensor for Directly Determining the State of a NOx Storage Catalyst -- 2008-01-0448. Characterization of Lean NOx Trap Catalysts with In-Cylinder Regeneration Strategies -- 2008-01-0449. Development of a Diesel Emission Catalyst System for Meeting US SULEV Standards -- 2008-01-0451. The Feasibility of an Alumina-Based Lean NOx Trap (LNT) for Diesel and HCCI Applications -- 2008-01-0481. An Investigation into the NO2-Decoupling of Catalyst to Soot Contact and Its Implications for Catalysed DPF Performance -- 2008-01-0482. Characterization of Catalyzed Soot Oxidation with NO2, NO and O2 using a Lab-Scale Flow Reactor System -- 2008-01-0483. Advanced Catalyst Coatings for Diesel Particulate Filters -- 2008-01-0484. Experimental and Modeling Results Comparing Two Diesel Oxidation Catalyst -- Catalyzed Particulate Filter Systems -- 2008-01-0485. Oxide Based Particulate Filters for Light-Duty Diesel Applications -- Impact of the Filter Length on the Regeneration and Pressure Drop Behavior -- 2008-01-0486. Development of the Diesel Exhaust Filtration Analysis System (DEFA) -- 2008-01-0618. Study on Wall Pore Structure for Next Generation Diesel Particulate Filter -- 2008-01-0619. Development of Metal Foam Based Aftertreatment System on a Diesel Passenger Car -- 2008-01-0620. New Concept Catalyzed DPF for Estimating Soot Loadings from Pressure Drop -- 2008-01-0621. Improving of the Filtration and Regeneration Performance by the Sic-DPF with the Layer Coating of PM Oxidation Catalyst -- 2008-01-0622. Experimental Studies of an Advanced Ceramic Diesel Particulate Filter -- 2008-01-0623. Advanced High Porosity Ceramic Honeycomb Wall Flow Filters -- 2008-01-0764. A Methodology to Estimate the Mass of Particulate Matter Retained in a Catalyzed Particulate Filter as Applied to Active Regeneration and On-Board Diagnostics to Detect Filter Failures -- 2008-01-0765. Test Method Development and Understanding of Filter Ring-off-Cracks in a Catalyzed Silicon Carbide (SiC) Diesel Particulate Filter System Design -- 2008-01-0766. Diesel NOx-Storage Catalyst Systems for Tier 2 BIN5 Legislation -- 2008-01-0767. Influence of Hydrocarbon Storage on the Durability of SCR Catalysts -- 2008-01-0768. Pre-Turbocharger-Catalyst -- Catalytic Performances on an Euro V Type Diesel Engine and Robust Design Development -- 2008-01-0769. Critical Performance and Durability Parameters of an Integrated Aftertreatment System used to Meet 2007 Tier II Emission Standards -- 2008-01-1021. Deactivation of Cu/Zeolite SCR Catalyst Due To Reductive Hydrothermal Aging -- 2008-01-1023. Sulfur Tolerance and DeSOx Studies on Diesel SCR Catalysts -- 2008-01-1024. Extruded Zeolite Based Honeycomb Catalyst for NOx Removal from Diesel Exhaust -- 2008-01-1025. Enhanced Durability of a Cu/Zeolite Based SCR Catalyst -- 2008-01-1026. A Urea-Dosing Device for Enhancing Low-Temperature Performance by Active-Ammonia Production in an SCR System -- 2008-01-1027. Ammonia Storage and Delivery Systems for Automotive NOx Aftertreatment -- 2008-01-1028. The Challenge of Precise Characterizing the Specific Large-Span Flows in Urea Dosing Systems for NOx Reduction -- 2008-01-1029. Technical Advantages of Vanadium SCR Systems for Diesel NOx Control in Emerging Markets -- 2008-01-1030. The Effect of Hydrocarbons on the Selective Catalyzed Reduction of NOx over Low and High Temperature Catalyst Formulations -- 2008-01-1183. The Study of NOx Reduction using Urea-SCR System with CPF and DOC for Light Duty Vehicle; the Diesel NOx Reduction System -- 2008-01-1184. Bluetec Emission Control System for the US Tier 2 Bin 5 Legislation -- 2008-01-1185. Combined Fe-Cu SCR Systems with Optimized Ammonia to NOx Ratio for Diesel NOx Control -- 2008-01-1186. Urea Systems in Focus -- New Challenges and Solutions in the Development of Car and Commercial Vehicle Exhaust Systems -- 2008-01-1320. Evaluation of SCR System in Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine -- 2008-01-1321. Development of an Integrated NOx and PM Reduction Aftertreatment System: SCRi for Advanced Diesel Engines -- 2008-01-1322. OBD of De-NOx-Systems -- Requirements for Software Development and Calibration for 2010 and Beyond -- 2008-01-1323. Dynamic Model for the Selective Catalytic Reduction of NO with NH3 on Fe-Zeolite Catalysts -- 2008-01-1324. Model-Based Estimation and Control System Development in a Urea-SCR Aftertreatment System.