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Main Title Handbook of methods in aquatic microbial ecology /
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Kemp, P. F.
Publisher Lewis Publishers,
Year Published 1993
OCLC Number 27768277
ISBN 0873715640; 9780873715645
Subjects Water--Microbiology--Methodology--Handbooks, manuals, etc ; Microbial ecology--Methodology--Handbooks, manuals, etc ; Methodologie ; Mikrobiologie ; SèuÇwasser ; Microbiologia ; âAgua ; Eau--Microbiologie--Méthodologie ; âEcologie microbienne--Méthodologie ; Methodologie--(DE-588)4139716-2 ; Mikrobiologie--(DE-588)4316357-9 ; SèuÇwasser--(DE-588)4058507-4 ; Wasser--(DE-588)4064689-0 ; Eau--Microbiologie--Mâethodologie ; âEcologie microbienne--Mâethodologie
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Collation 777 pages : illustrations ; 27 cm
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Contents Notes
Isolation and enumeration of anaerobic and microaerophilic bacteria in aquatic habitats / by M.J. Ferrara-Guerrero, D.G. Marty, and A. Bianchi -- Isolation and cultivation of hyperthermophilic bacteria from marine and freshwater habitats / John A. Baross -- Isolation of psychrophilic bacteria / Richard Y. Morita -- Isolation and characterization of bacteriocytes from a bivalve-sulfur bacterium symbiosis / Steven C. Hand and Amy E. Anderson -- General techniques for the isolation and culture of marine protists from estuarine, littoral, psammolittoral, and sublittoral waters / John J. Lee -- Long-term culture of marine benthic protists / Philip G. Carey -- Behavior and bioenergetics of anaerobic and microaerobic protists / B.J. Finlay -- Culturing free-living marine phagotrophic dinoflagellates / Evelyn J. Lessard -- Enrichment, isolation, and culture of free-living heterotrophic flagellates / David A. Caron -- Determination of pressure effects on flagellates isolated from surface waters / C.M. Turley -- Isolation, cloning, and axenic cultivation of marine ciliates / A.T. Soldo and S.A. Brickson -- Isolation and laboratory culture of marine oligotrichous ciliates / Dian J. Gifford -- Extraction of protists in aquatic sediments via density gradient centrifugation / Daniel M. Alongi -- Statistical analysis of direct counts of microbial abundance / David L. Kirchman -- Enumeration and isolation of viruses / Curtis A. Suttle -- Total count of viruses in aquatic environments / Gunnar Bratbak and Mikal Heldal -- Improved sample preparation for enumeration of aggregated aquatic substrate bacteria / M. Iqubal Velji and Lawrence J. Albright -- Direct estimates of bacterial numbers in seawater samples without incurring cell loss due to sample storage / C.M. Turley -- Total and specific bacterial counts by simultaneous staining with DAPI and fluorochrome-labeled antibodies / Kjell Arne Hoff -- Use of RFLPs for the comparison of marine cyanobacteria / Susan E. Douglas -- Use of high-resolution flow cytometry to determine the activity and distribution of aquatic bacteria / D.K. Button and B.R. Robertson -- Phytoplankton analysis using flow cytometry / Robert J. Olson, Erik R. Zettler, and Michele D. DuRand -- Enumeration of phototrophic picoplankton by autofluorescence microscopy / Erland A. Maclsaac and John G. Stockner -- Estimating cell concentration and biomass of autotrophic plankton using microscopy / Beatrice C. Booth -- Preservation and storage of samples for enumeration of heterotrophic protists / Evelyn B. Sherr and Barry F. Sherr -- Staining of heterotrophic protists for visualization via epifluorescence microscopy / Evelyn B. Sherr, David A. Caron, and Barry F. Sherr -- A quantitative protargol stain (QPS) for ciliates and other protists / D.J.S. Montagnes and D.H. Lynn -- Preparation of pelagic protists for electron microscopy / B.S.C. Leadbeater -- A rapid technique for the taxonomy of methanogenic bacteria : comparison of the methylreductase subunits / Pierre E. Rouviere and Carla H. Kuhner -- Extraction of DNA from soils and sediments / Ronald M. Atlas -- Detecting gene sequences using the polymerase chain reaction / Ronald M. Atlas -- Quantitative description of microbial communities using lipid analysis / Robert H. Findlay and Fred C. Dobbs -- Single-cell identification using fluorescently labeled, ribosomal RNA-specific probes / Edward F. DeLong -- Immunofluorescence method for the detection and characterization of marine microbes / Lisa Campbell -- The relationship between biomass and volume of bacteria / Svein Norland -- Microscope methods for measuring bacterial biovolume : epifluorescence microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy / Gunnar Bratbak -- Measurement of carbon and nitrogen biomass and biovolume from naturally derived marine bacterioplankton / SangHoon Lee -- Use of color image analysis and epifluorescence mircoscopy to measure plankton biomass / Peter G. Verity and Michael E. Sieracki -- Determination of size and morphology of aquatic bacteria by automated image analysis / Roland Psenner -- Analysis of microbial lipids to determine biomass and detect the response of sedimentary microorganisms to disturbance / Fred C. Dobbs and Robert H. Findlay -- Total microbial biomass estimation derived from the measurement of particulate adenosine-5'-triphosphate / David M. Karl -- Microphytobenthic biomass measurement using HPLC and conventional pigment analysis / Catherine Riaux-Gobin and Bert Klein -- Microphotometric analysis of the spectral absorption and fluorescence of individual phytoplankton cells and detrital matter / Rodolfo Iturriaga and Susan L. Bower -- Measurement of elemental content and dry weight of single cells : x-raymicroanalysis / Mikal Heidal -- Microautoradiographic detection of microbial activity / Kevin R. Carman -- 14C tracer method for measuring microbial activity in deep-sea sediments / Jody W. Deming -- Evaluating bacterial activity from cell-specific ribosomal RNA content measured with oligonucleotide probes / P.F. Kemp, S. Lee, and J. LaRoche -- Use of fluorogenic model substrates for extracellular enzyme activity (EEA) measurement of bacteria / Hans-Georg Hoppe -- Photoassimilation of acetate by algae / Russell L. Cuhel -- Starvation-survival strategies in bacteria / Richard Y. Morita -- Community respiration measurements using pulsed O2 electrode / Christopher Langdon -- Sediment community production and respiration measurements : the use of microelectrodes and bell jars / P.A.G. Hofman and S.A. de Jong -- Distinguishing bacterial from nonbacterial decomposition of spartina alterniflora by respirometry / David E. Padgett -- Microbial RNA and DNA synthesis derived from the assimilation of [2,3H]-adenine / David M. Karl -- Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and total adenine nucleotide (TAN) pool turnover rates as measures of energy flux and specific growth rate in natural populations of microorganisms / David M. Karl -- Estimating production of heterotrophic bacterioplankton via incorporation of tritiated thymidine / Russell T. Bell -- Thymidine incorporation into DNA as an estimate of sediment bacterial production / Stuart Findlay -- Leucine incorporation as a measure of biomass production by heterotrophic bacteria / David L. Kirchman -- Estimating conversion factors for the thymidine and leucine methods for measuring bacterial production / David L. Kirchman and Hugh W. Ducklow -- Bacterial production in anerobic water columns / Carlos Pedros-Alio, Josefina Garcia-Cantizano, and Juan I. Calderon -- Production of heterotrophic bacteria inhabiting marine snow / Alice L. Alldredge -- Bacterial growth rates measured by pulse labeling / Paul LaRock and Jung-Ho Hyun -- Utilization of amino acids and precursors for amino acid de novo synthesis by planktonic bacteria / Meinhard Simon -- Dialysis bag incubation as a nonradiolabeling technique to estimate bacterioplankton production in situ / Gerhard J. Herndl, Elisabeth Kaltenbock, and Gerald Muller-Niklas -- Growth rates of natural populations of heterotrophic nanoplankton / George B. McManus -- The labeled chlorophyll a technique for determining photoautotrophic carbon specific growth rates and carbon biomass / Donald G. Redalje -- Incorporation of 14CO2 into protein as an estimate of phytoplankton N-assimilation and relative growth rate / Giacomo R. DiTullio -- Membrane-containing fungal mass and fungal specific growth rate in natural samples / Steven Y. Newell -- Radiotracer approaches for the study of plant polymer biodegradation / Ronald Benner -- Estimating degradation rates of chitin in aquatic samples / Michael T. Montgomery and David L. Kirchman -- Measurement of dimethylsulfide (DMS) and dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP) in seawater and estimation of DMS turnover rates / Ronald P. Kiene -- Sulfate assimilation by aquatic microorganisms / Russell L. Cuhel -- Determination of nitrogenase activity in aquatic samples using the acetylene reduction procedure / Douglas G. Capone -- Denitrification and nitrification rates in aquatic sediments / Sybil P. Seitzinger -- Turnover of 15 NH4 + tracer in sediments / T.H. Blackburn -- Microbial cycling of inorganic and organic phosphorus in the water column / James W. Ammerman -- Approaches for measuring stable carbon and nitrogen isotopes in bacteria / Richard B. Coffin and Luis A. Cifuentes -- Bacterial sinking losses / Carlos Pedros-Alio and Jordi Mas -- Methods for the observation and use in feeding experiments of microbial exopolymers / Alan W. Decho -- Protistan grazing rates via uptake of fluorescently labeled prey / Evelyn B. Sherr and Barry F. Sherr -- Grazing rate of bacterioplankton via turnover of genetically marked minicells / Johan Wikner -- Estimating rates of growth and grazing mortality of phytoplankton by the dilution method / Michael R. Landry -- Consumption of protozoa by copepods feeding on natural microplankton assemblages / Dian J. Gifford -- Predation on planktonic protists assessed by immunochemical assays / Mark D. Ohman -- Absorption of microbes by benthic macrofauna by the 14C:51CR dual-labeling method / Glenn Lopez -- Radioisotope technique to quantify in situ microbivory by meiofauna in sediments / Paul A. Montagna.