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Main Title The Triumph of the Sun in 2000-2020 How Solar Energy Conquered the World. [electronic resource] :
Author Palz, W.
Publisher Pan Stanford Publishing,
Year Published 2019
Call Number TJ810
ISBN 9781000751642; 1000751643; 9781003000860; 100300086X; 9781000751727; 1000751724; 9781000751802; 1000751805
Subjects SCIENCE / Environmental Science ; SCIENCE / Life Sciences / General ; TECHNOLOGY / Engineering / Chemical & BioChemical ; Solar energy ; Renewable energy sources
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Taylor & Francis
Collation 1 online resource (251 p.)
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Contents Notes
Cover; Half Title; Series Page; Title Page; Copyright Page; Dedication; A Tribute to the Glory of the Sun; Contents; About the Author; Preface; Acknowledgements; Prologue: A Vision of the Future from the 1970s; Prologue: From the Triumph of the Iron to the Triumph of the Sun; Part 1: The Sun and Us; 1. The Legacy of the Sun; 1.1 Man in the Universe; 1.2 A Heaven of Stars, One Sun; 1.3 The Way the Sun Produces Its Energy; 1.4 The Sun, Earth, and Us; 1.4.1 Children of the Sun and Earth; 1.4.2 The Birth of Earth; 1.4.3 Asteroids and Comets; 1.4.4 Earth, Ready for Life; 1.4.5 The Last Ice Age 1.4.6 Hephaistos1.4.7 The Great Flood; 1.4.8 The Paradise; 1.4.9 The Cradle of Civilisation; 1.4.10 Waiting Disasters; 2. Energy for Life; 2.1 What's Good Energy?; 2.2 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; 2.2.1 The Good; 2.2.2 The Bad; 2.2.3 The Ugly; 2.3 Pollution and Climate Change; 2.3.1 Pollution; The dangers of pollution; Policies to combat pollution; Pollution of nuclear waste; 2.3.2 Climate Change; A historical review; CO[sub(2)] and GHG emissions in 2018/2019: The role of coal Policies to combat GHG emissions: carbon allowances and CO[sub(2)] taxes2.3.2.4 Look into the future; 2.4 How Industrialisation Marginalised Solar Energy; 2.4.1 The Traditional Renewable Energies; 2.4.2 The Victory Road of Coal; 2.4.3 Nuclear Power; Part 2: The New Century Is Solar; 3. The Solar Revolution of the Year 2000; 3.1 The Threat of a Nuclear War; 3.2 A Society in Doubt about Its Future; 3.3 Hermann Scheer: From Disarmament to Solar Policy; 3.4 The German Solar Revolution Spreading to China and the World; 4. Renewables Conquering the Mainstream of the World's Energy Markets 4.1 The Triumph of Solar Power4.1.1 The World's Power Capacity from Renewable Energies Up to 2020; 4.1.2 The Turn of the European PV Market from 2010 to 2013 and the Emergence of New Market Leaders, China, Japan, the UK, India; 4.1.3 The Global PV and Wind Markets today; 4.1.4 New Trends; Auto-consumption; Renewables in the free electricity markets: PPAs as new global market design; 4.2 Renewable Energies for Heating and Transport; 4.2.1 Bio-Energy, the All-Rounder; 4.2.2 Heat Networks Promoting Geothermal Heat, Bio-heat, Heat Waste from Incineration Plants and Co-generation 4.2.3 Solar Heat Collectors4.3 A Summary of Global Achievements; 4.4 Renewables around the World; 4.4.1 China; 4.4.2 Renewable Energies in the United States; 4.4.3 Germany; 4.4.4 Europe; 4.4.5 Japan; 4.4.6 India; 4.4.7 Brazil, Latin America; Part 3: Understanding Nature, Creating Know-How; 5. Splitting the Atom and Creating Solar Technology; 5.1 Quantum Physics and Understanding the Atom; 5.2 From Quantum Physics to Nuclear and Semiconductors; 5.2.1 The Way towards Nuclear Fission; 5.2.2 The Origin of Solid-State Physics; 5.2.3 The Atomic Bomb and Nuclear Reactors Dramatic forest fires in California, flooding in Mozambique, unusual heat waves in Europe, hurricanes of strength never seen before--the world's climate is getting out of control. The list of human casualties and damage in billions of euros and dollars is getting longer day by day. Weather experts and climatologists make it clear that global carbon dioxide emissions are accelerating, and as a consequence, the world's climate is becoming unpredictable. This book, an updated edition of The Triumph of the Sun: The Energy of the New Century, is not another disaster report. It brings good news. It presents the details of a solar revolution that started with the dawn of the new century. The new solar energy conquered the markets and sidelined the conventional sources. Supplemented with the latest facts and figures, the book features new and updated sections on topics such as climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon allowances and CO2 taxes, auto-consumption, and renewable energy for heat and transport. Energy being at the heart of economic development and everybody's well-being, the new dominance of the renewables, which are the key to combating global change, revolutionized our society as a whole for the better. The author of the book witnessed the progress of this solar revolution and was one of the pioneers in the development of modern solar technologies.