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Main Title Homogeneous charge compression ignition engines, 2008 /
Publisher Society of Automotive Engineers,
Year Published 2008
OCLC Number 227209511
ISBN 9780768020243; 0768020247
Subjects Internal combustion engines--Combustion--Congresses ; Internal combustion engines--Ignition--Congresses ; Motoren
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ELCM SAE SP-2182 NVFEL Library/Ann Arbor, MI 08/19/2019
Collation 520 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
Papers from the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) sessions, held during the SAE 2008 World Congress, April 14-17, 2008, Detroit, Mich. Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Notes
2008-01-0792. Investigation of a SI-HCCI Combustion Switching Control Method in a Multi-Cylinder Gasoline Engine / Kakuya, H., Yamaoka, S., Kumano, K., and Sato, S. -- 2008-01-0791. Study on Layered Close Loop Control of 4-Stroke Gasoline HCCI Engine Equipped with 4VVAS / Zhou, N., Xie, H., Li, N., Chen, T. et al. -- 2008-01-0790. Combustion Parameters Estimation Based on Knock Sensor for Control Purpose Using Dedicated Signal Processing Platform / Guillemin, F., Grondin, O., Chauvin, J., and Nguyen, E. -- 2008-01-0789. HCCI Engine Modeling and Control using Conservation Principles / Blom, D., Karlsson, M., Ekholm, K., Tunestêal, P. et al. -- 2008-01-0064. A Comparative Study of Multi-zone Combustion Models for HCCI Engines / Jia, M., Xie, M., and Peng, Z. -- 2008-01-0062. A Study of Fuel Auto-ignitability on Premixed Compression Ignition Characteristics / Tsujimura, T., Oguma, M., and Goto, S. -- 2008-01-0061. Quantitative Analysis of the Relation between Flame Structure and Turbulence in HCCI Combustion by Two-Dimensional Temperature Measurement / Hasegawa, R., Sakata, I., Yanagihara, H., Aldén, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0059. Experimental and Numerical Study of Diesel HCCI Combustion by Multi-Pulse Injection / Huang, H., Su, W., and Pei, Y. -- 2008-01-0058. Adaptive Injection Strategies (AIS) for Ultra-Low Emissions Diesel Engines / Sun, Y. and Reitz, R. -- 2008-01-0057. Development of a Fuel Injection Strategy for Diesel LTC / de Ojeda, W., Zoldak, P., Espinosa, R., and Kumar, R. -- 2008-01-0054. Influence of Fuel Autoignition Reactivity on the High-Load Limits of HCCI Engines / Sjèoberg, M. and Dec, J. -- 2008-01-0053. Detailed HCCI Exhaust Speciation and the Sources of Hydrocarbon and Oxygenated Hydrocarbon Emissions / Dec, J., Sjèoberg, M., Hwang, W., Davisson, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0052. Studies of the Control of In-cylinder Inhomogeneities in a 4VVAS Gasoline Engine / Li, Z., Xie, H., and Zhao, H. -- 2008-01-0051. The Influence of Boost Pressure and Fuel Chemistry on Combustion and Performance of a HCCI Engine / Yao, M., Liu, H., Zhang, B., and Zheng, Z. -- 2008-01-0050. A Study of a Gasoline-fueled HCCI Engine~Mode Changes from SI Combustion to HCCI Combustion~ / Matsuda, T., Wada, H., Kono, T., Nakamura, T. et al. -- 2008-01-0049. Reformer Gas Composition Effect on HCCI Combustion of n-Heptane, iso-Octane, and Natural Gas / Hosseini, V. and Checkel, M. -- 2008-01-0048. Pathline Analysis of Full-cycle Four-stroke HCCI Engine Combustion Using CFD and Multi-Zone Modeling / Hessel, R., Foster, D., Steeper, R., Aceves, S. et al. -- 2008-01-0047. Modeling Iso-octane HCCI Using CFD with Multi-Zone Detailed Chemistry; Comparison to Detailed Speciation Data Over a Range of Lean Equivalence Ratios / Hessel, R., Foster, D., Aceves, S., Davisson, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0045. A CFD Model with Optical Validation on In-cylinder Charge Performances of CAI Engines / Osei-Owusu, P., Chen, R., Ibrahim, S., Wigley, G. et al. -- 2008-01-0041. Optical Investigations on Partially Premixed Diesel Combustion for Different Operating Parameters / Schmid, M., Kaiser, M., Koch, P., Wensing, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0039. Study of Reformer Gas Effects on n-Heptane HCCI Combustion Using a Chemical Kinetic Mechanism Optimized by Genetic Algorithm / Kongsereeparp, P. and Checkel, M. -- 2008-01-0038. Environmental, Thermodynamic and Chemical Factor Effects on Heptane- and CNG-fuelled HCCI Combustion with Various Mixture Compositions / Kongsereeparp, P. and Checkel, M. -- 2008-01-0037. A LIF-study of OH in the Negative Valve Overlap of a Spark-assisted HCCI Combustion Engine / Berntsson, A., Andersson, M., Dahl, D., and Denbratt, I. -- 2008-01-0035. The Potential of Enhanced HCCI / CAI Control Through the Application of Spray Guided Direct Injection / Brewster, S., Cathcart, G., and Zavier, C. -- 2008-01-0034. A Study of Methods to Lower HC and CO Emissions in Diesel HCCI / Bression, G., Soleri, D., Savy, S., Dehoux, S. et al. -- 2008-01-0033. Ethanol-Diesel Fumigation in a Multi-Cylinder Engine / Ekholm, K., Karlsson, M., Tunestêal, P., Johansson, R. et al. -- 2008-01-0031. Multidimensional Simulation of the Influence of Fuel Mixture Composition and Injection Timing in Gasoline-Diesel Dual-Fuel Applications / Tamagna, D., Gentili, R., Ra, Y., and Reitz, R. -- 2008-01-0027. Extinction and Chemiluminescence Measurements of HCCI Mode in Diesel Engine Operating with Late Injection / Mancaruso, E., Merola, S., and Vaglieco, B. -- 2008-01-0023. Evaluation of Breakup Models and Application to the Mixture Preparation Process for Diesel HCCI Engines / Jia, M., Peng, Z., and Xie, M. -- 2008-01-0021. Studying the Influence of Direct Injection on PCCI Combustion and Emissions at Engine Idle Condition Using Two Dimensional CFD and Stochastic Reactor Model / Cao, L., Su, H., Mosbach, S., Kraft, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0019. Understanding the Chemical Effects of Increased Boost Pressure under HCCI Conditions / Silke, E., Pitz, W., Westbrook, C., Sjèoberg, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0016. Optimization of Recompression Reaction for Low-Load Operation of Residual-Effected HCCI / Song, H. and Edwards, C. -- 2008-01-0015. Application of a Multi-Cylinder Natural Gas PCCI Engine with Spark Ignition to Generator / Ohtsubo, H., Nakazono, T., Shirouzu, T., Yamane, K. et al. -- 2008-01-0014. Spray Hot-impingement System Optimization for Premixed Diesel Homogeneous Charge Preparation / Hu, Z., Wu, Z., Li, L., and Gao, G. -- 2008-01-0012. GC-MS Speciation and Quantification of 1,3 Butadiene and Other C1-C6 Hydrocarbons in SI / HCCI V6 Engine Exhaust / Elghawi, U., Misztal, J., Tsolakis, A., Wyszynski, M. et al. -- 2008-01-0009. Mixing-enhanced Combustion in the Circumstances of Diluted Combustion in Direct-injection Diesel Engines / Zhang, X., Su, W., and Pei, Y. -- 2008-01-0008. Influence of the Wall Temperature and Combustion Chamber Geometry on the Performance and Emissions of a Mini HCCI Engine Fueled with Diethyl Ether / Manente, V., Tunestêal, P., and Johansson, B. -- 2008-01-0007. Dual Phase High Temperature Heat Release Combustion / Shibata, G. and Urushihara, T.