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Main Title Homogeneous charge compression ignition engines, 2009 /
Publisher Society of Automotive Engineers,
Year Published 2009
OCLC Number 319677063
ISBN 0768021383; 9780768021387
Subjects Internal combustion engines--combustion--Congresses ; Internal combustion engines--Ignition--Congresses
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ELCM SAE SP-2242 NVFEL Library/Ann Arbor, MI 08/19/2019
Collation 589 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
Papers from the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) sessions, held during the SAE 2009 World Congress, April 20-23, 2009, Detroit, Mich. "April 2009." Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Notes
2009-01-1347. Investigation of Transient Emissions and Mixed Mode Combustion for a Light Duty Diesel Engine / Burton, J., Williams, D., Glewen, W., Andrie, M. et al. -- 2009-01-1345. Experimental Investigation of Cycle-by-Cycle Variations in CAI/HCCI Combustion of Gasoline and Methanol Fuelled Engine / Maurya, R. and Agarwal, A. -- 2009-01-1344. Homogeneous Charge Progressive Combustion (HCPC): CFD Study of an Innovative Diesel HCCI Concept / Musu, E., Gentili, R., and Reitz, R. -- 2009-01-1343. Limitation of Charge Stratification for High Load Extension of HCCI Combustion in a GDI Engine with NVO / Dongbo, Y., Fan, X., Zhi, W., and Jianxin, W. -- 2009-01-1342. Performance of Biodiesel Blends of Different FAME Distributions in HCCI Combustion / Bunting, B., Eaton, S., Crawford, R., Xu, Y. et al. -- 2009-01-1107. Influence of Engine Speed on HCCI Combustion Characteristics using Dual-Stage Autoignition Fuels / Hosseini, V., Neill, W., and Chippior, W. -- 2009-01-1106. Investigations into the Effects of Thermal and Compositional Stratification on HCCI Combustion -- Part II: Optical Engine Results / Herold, R., Krasselt, J., Foster, D., Ghandhi, J. et al. -- 2009-01-1105. Investigations into the Effects of Thermal and Compositional Stratification on HCCI Combustion -- Part I: Metal Engine Results / Krasselt, J., Foster, D., Ghandhi, J., Herold, R. et al. -- 2009-01-1104. Investigation of CAI Combustion with Positive Valve Overlap and Enlargement of CAI Operating Range / Yang, C., Zhao, H., and Megaritis, T. -- 2009-01-1103. In-Cylinder Studies of CAI Combustion with Negative Valve Overlap and Simultaneous Chemiluminescence Analysis / Yang, C., Zhao, H., and Megaritis, T. -- 2009-01-1102. Influence of Injection Timing and Piston Bowl Geometry on PCCI Combustion and Emissions / Cao, L., Bhave, A., Su, H., Mosbach, S. et al. -- 2009-01-1101. An Experimental Study of Dieseline Combustion in a Direct Injection Engine / Turner, D., Tian, G., Xu, H., Wyszynski, M. et al. -- 2009-01-1100. Which Fuel Properties for Improved CAI Combustion? Study of Fuel Impacts on the Operating Range of a CAI PFI Engine / Milpied, J. and Jeuland, N. -- 2009-01-0928. Detailed Unburned Hydrocarbon Investigations in a Highly-Dilute Diesel Low Temperature Combustion Regime / Koci, C., Ra, Y., Krieger, R., Andrie, M. et al. -- 2009-01-0925. Multiple-Event Fuel Injection Investigations in a Highly-Dilute Diesel Low Temperature Combustion Regime / Koci, C., Ra, Y., Krieger, R., Andrie, M. et al. -- 2009-01-0924. Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) Combustion of Diesel Fuel with External Mixture Formation / Ganesh, D. and Nagarajan, G. -- 2009-01-0923. Enhancing Light Load HCCI Combustion in a Direct Injection Gasoline Engine by Fuel Reforming During Recompression / Wermuth, N., Yun, H., and Najt, P. -- 2009-01-0670. Analysis of Cyclic Variation and the Effect of Fuel Stratification on Combustion Stabilityin a Port Fuel Injection (PFI) CAI Engine / Choi, S., Lim, J., Ki, M., Min, K. et al. -- 2009-01-0669. Combustion and Emissions Modeling of a Gasoline HCCI Engine Using Model Fuels / Puduppakkam, K., Liang, L., Naik, C., Meeks, E. et al. -- 2009-01-0668. Thermal Characterization of Combustion Chamber Deposits on the HCCI Engine Piston and Cylinder Head Using Instantaneous Temperature Measurements / Gèuralp, O., Hoffman, M., Assanis, D., Filipi, Z. et al. -- 2009-01-0667. Studying HCCI Combustion and its Cyclic Variations Versus Heat Transfer, Mixing and Discretization using a PDF Based Approach / Tunér, M., Karlsson, M., and Mauss, F. -- 2009-01-0666. Influence of EGR Quality and Unmixedness on the High-Load Limits of HCCI Engines / Sjèoberg, M. and Dec, J. -- 2009-01-0665. Uncooled EGR as a Means of Limiting Wall-Wetting under Early Direct Injection Conditions / Boot, M., Luijten, C., Somers, L., Eguz, U. et al. -- 2009-01-0499. Development of Robust Gasoline HCCI Idle Operation Using Multiple Injection and Multiple Ignition (MIMI) Strategy / Yun, H., Wermuth, N., and Najt, P. -- 2009-01-0498. Demonstrating the Potential of Mixture Distribution Control for Controlled Combustion and Emissions Reduction in Premixed Charge Compression Ignition Engines / Wada, Y. and Senda, J. -- 2009-01-0496. An Experimental Study of a Gasoline HCCI Engine Using the Blow-Down Super Charge System / Kuboyama, T., Moriyoshi, Y., Hatamura, K., Yamada, T. et al. -- 2009-01-0495. Influence of the Valve-lift Strategy in a CAI Engine using Exhaust Gas Re-Breathing -- Part 2: Optical Diagnostics and 3D CFD Results / Knop, V., de Francqueville, L., Duffour, F., and Vangraefschèpe, F. -- 2009-01-0494. HCCI Operating Range in a Turbo-charged Multi Cylinder Engine with VVT and Spray-Guided DI / Johansson, T., Johansson, B., Tunestêal, P., and Aulin, H. -- 2009-01-0301. Octane Sensitivity in Gasoline Fuels Containing Nitro-Alkanes: A Possible Means of Controlling Combustion Phasing for HCCI / Cracknell, R., Head, R., McAllister, L., and Andrae, J. -- 2009-01-0300. Operation Strategies for Controlled Auto Ignition Gasoline Engines / Adomeit, P., Sehr, A., Weinowski, R., Stapf, K. et al. -- 2009-01-0299. Influence of the Valve-lift Strategy in a CAI Engine using Exhaust Gas Re-Breathing -- Part 1: Experimental Results and 0D Analysis / Duffour, F., Vangraefschèpe, F., Knop, V., and de Francqueville, L. -- 2009-01-0298. Realization of Dual Phase High Temperature Heat Release Combustion of Base Gasoline Blends from Oil Refineries and a Study of HCCI Combustion Processes / Shibata, G. and Urushihara, T. -- 2009-01-0297. Study of the HCCI Running Zone Using Ethyl Acetate / Contino, F. and Jeanmart, H. -- 2009-01-0133. Premixed Low Temperature Combustion of Biodiesel and Blends in a High Speed Compression Ignition Engine / Northrop, W., Bohac, S., and Assanis, D. -- 2009-01-0132. Research on Spark Induced Compression Ignition (SICI) / Wang, Z., Wang, J., Shuai, S., He, X. et al. -- 2009-01-0131. Modeling and Investigation of Exothermic Centers in HCCI Combustion / Tunér, M. and Mauss, F. -- 2009-01-0130. A Detailed Chemistry Multi-cycle Simulation of a Gasoline Fueled HCCI Engine Operated with NVO / Etheridge, J., Mosbach, S., Kraft, M., Wu, H. et al. -- 2009-01-0129. A New Model to Describe the Heat Transfer in HCCI Gasoline Engines / Hensel, S., Sarikoc, F., Schumann, F., Kubach, H. et al. -- 2009-01-0128. A New Datadriven Approach to Modeling the Combustion of a Diesel Engine in HCCI Mode / Fuchsbauer, A. and Fuchs, C. -- 2009-01-0127. Experiments and Modeling of Adaptive Injection Strategies (AIS) in Low Emissions Diesel Engines / Kokjohn, S., Swor, T., Andrie, M., and Reitz, R.A.