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Main Title Homogeneous charge compression ignition engines, 2007 /
Publisher Society of Automotive Engineers,
Year Published 2007
OCLC Number 126864053
ISBN 9780768018905; 0768018900
Subjects Internal combustion engines--combustion--Congresses ; Internal combustion engines--Ignition--Congresses
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ELCM SAE SP-2100 NVFEL Library/Ann Arbor, MI 08/19/2019
Collation 575 pages : illustrations ; 28 cm.
"April 2007." Papers from the Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI) sessions, held during the SAE 2007 World Congress, April 16-19, 2007, Detroit, Mich. Includes bibliographical references.
Contents Notes
2007-01-0227. A Computational Analysis of Direct Fuel Injection During the Negative Valve Overlap Period in an Iso-Octane Fueled HCCI Engine / Aroonsrisopon, T., Nitz, D., Waldman, J., Foster, D. et al. -- 2007-01-0224. The Use of Fuel Chemistry and Property Variations to Evaluate the Robustness of Variable Compression Ratio as a Control Method for Gasoline HCCI / Szybist, J. and Bunting, B. -- 2007-01-0222. Predicting HCCI Auto-Ignition Timing by Extending a Modified Knock-Integral Method / Shahbakhti, M., Lupul, R., and Koch, C. -- 2007-01-0221. Effect of Air Temperature and Humidity on Gasoline HCCI Operating in the Negative-Valve-Overlap Mode / Andreae, M., Cheng, W., Kenney, T., and Yang, J. -- 2007-01-0220. Auto-Ignition Characteristics of Hydrocarbons and Development of HCCI Fuel Index / Shibata, G. and Urushihara, T. -- 2007-01-0219. Experimental Investigation into the Effects of Direct Fuel Injection During the Negative Valve Overlap Period in an Gasoline Fueled HCCI Engine / Waldman, J., Nitz, D., Aroonsrisopon, T., Foster, D. et al. -- 2007-01-0218. Development of a Reduced Chemical Kinetic Mechanism and Ignition Delay Measurement in a Rapid Compression Machine for CAI Combustion / Kim, Y., Min, K., Kim, M., Chung, S. et al. -- 2007-01-0217. Study on Combustion Chamber Geometry Effects in an HCCI Engine Using High-Speed Cycle-Resolved Chemiluminescence Imaging / Vressner, A., Hultqvist, A., and Johansson, B. -- 2007-01-0215. Full-Load HCCI Operation with Variable Valve Actuation System in a Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine / Kodama, Y., Nishizawa, I., Sugihara, T., Sato, N. et al. -- 2007-01-0214. Multi-Mode Combustion Strategies with CAI for a GDI Engine / Kulzer, A., Hathout, J., Sauer, C., Karrelmeyer, R. et al. -- 2007-01-0213. High-Speed PLIF Imaging for Investigation of Turbulence Effects on Heat Release Rates in HCCI Combustion / Seyfried, H., Olofsson, J., Sjèoholm, J., Richter, M. et al. -- 2007-01-0212. Investigation of the Early Flame Development in Spark Assisted HCCI Combustion Using High Speed Chemiluminescence Imaging / Persson, H., Hultqvist, A., Johansson, B., and Remón, A. -- 2007-01-0211. Investigation into Controlled Auto-Ignition Combustion in a GDI Engine with Single and Split Fuel Injections / Cao, L., Zhao, H., and Jiang, X. -- 2007-01-0210. HCCI Combustion Using Charge Stratification for Combustion Control / Berntsson, A. and Denbratt, I. -- 2007-01-0209. Particulate Emissions from a Gasoline Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine / Price, P., Stone, R., Misztal, J., Xu, H. et al. -- 2007-01-0208. Effect of Reformer Gas on HCCI Combustion -- Part I:High Octane Fuels / Hosseini, V. and Checkel, M. -- 2007-01-0207. Thermodynamic and Chemical Effects of EGR and Its Constituents on HCCI Autoignition / Sjèoberg, M., Dec, J., and Hwang, W. -- 2007-01-0206. Effect of Reformer Gas on HCCI Combustion -- Part II: Low Octane Fuels / Hosseini, V. and Checkel, M. -- 2007-01-0205. Investigating the Effects of Reformed Fuel Blending in a Methane- or n-Heptane-HCCI Engine Using a Multi-Zone Model / Kongsereeparp, P. and Checkel, M. -- 2007-01-0204. Control of a Multi-Cylinder HCCI Engine During Transient Operation by Modulating Residual Gas Fraction to Compensate for Wall Temperature Effects / Chang, K., Lavoie, G., Babajimopoulos, A., Filipi, Z. et al. -- 2007-01-0203. Smokeless Combustion within a Small-Bore HSDI Diesel Engine Using a Narrow Angle Injector / Fang, T., Coverdill, R., Lee, C., and White, R. -- 2007-01-0201. Development of an Experimental Database and Kinetic Models for Surrogate Diesel Fuels / Farrell, J., Cernansky, N., Dryer, F., Law, C. et al. -- 2007-01-0199. Study of SI-HCCI-SI Transition on a Port Fuel Injection Engine Equipped with 4VVAS / Zhang, Y., Xie, H., Zhou, N., Chen, T. et al. -- 2007-01-0197. Investigation of the Effects of Injection Timing on Thermo-Atmosphere Combustion of Methanol / Yao, M., Chen, Z., Zheng, Z., and Zhang, Q. -- 2007-01-0196. Parametric Study on CAI Combustion in a GDI Engine with an Air-Assisted Injector / Li, Y., Zhao, H., Brouzos, N., and Ma, T. -- 2007-01-0195. Mode Switch of SI-HCCI Combustion on a GDI Engine / Tian, G., Wang, Z., Ge, Q., Wang, J. et al. -- 2007-01-0194. Modeling and Experiments of NOx Formation in DI-PCCI Combustion / Ishiyama, T., Kee, S., Kitamura, Y., Horibe, N. et al. -- 2007-01-0193. Investigation of Mixing and Temperature Effects on HC/CO Emissions for Highly Dilute Low Temperature Combustion in a Light Duty Diesel Engine / Opat, R., Ra, Y., Gonzalez D., M., Krieger, R. et al. -- 2007-01-0192. Extinction and Chemiluminescence Measurements in CR DI Diesel Engine Operating in HCCI Mode / Mancaruso, E., Merola, S., and Vaglieco, B. -- 2007-01-0191. Effects of Fuel Property Changes on Heavy-Duty HCCI Combustion / Bessonette, P., Schleyer, C., Duffy, K., Hardy, W. et al. -- 2007-01-0190. Multidimensional Simulation of PCCI Combustion Using Gasoline and Dual-Fuel Direct Injection with Detailed Chemical Kinetics / Tamagna, D., Ra, Y., and Reitz, R. -- 2007-01-0188. 19-Color H2O Absorption Spectrometer Applied for Real-Time In-Cylinder Gas Thermometry in an HCCI Engine / Lan, C., Caswell, A., Kranendonk, L., Sanders, S. et al. -- 2007-01-0187. The Effects of Two-Stage Cam Profile Switching and External EGR on SI-CAI Combustion Transitions / Cairns, A. and Blaxill, H. -- 2007-01-0183. Effect of Turbulence on HCCI Combustion / Yu, R., Bai, X., Vressner, A., Hultqvist, A. et al. -- 2007-01-0182. Locally Resolved Measurement of Gas-Phase Temperature and EGR-Ratio in an HCCI-Engine and Their Influence on Combustion Timing / Weikl, M., Beyrau, F., Leipertz, A., Loch, A. et al. -- 2007-01-0180. Improving the NOX-CO2 Trade-Off of an HCCI Engine Using a Multi-Hole Injector / Steeper, R. and De Zilwa, S. -- 2007-01-0178. Advances in Diesel Engine Combustion: Split Combustion / Weiskirch, C. and Mèuller, E. -- 2007-01-0177. Controlling CAI Combustion Mode with VVA: A Simulation Approach / Knop, V., Boulerie, J., Bohbot, J., and Jay, S. -- 2007-01-0176. A Study on Natural Gas Fueled Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition Engine -- Expanding the Operating Range and Combustion Mode Switching / Kuzuyama, H., Machida, M., Akihama, K., Inagaki, K. et al. -- 2007-01-0175. Development of an Experimental Database and Chemical Kinetic Models for Surrogate Gasoline Fuels / Pitz, W., Cernansky, N., Dryer, F., Egolfopoulos, F. et al. -- 2007-01-0173. An Experimental Approach to the Controlled Auto-Ignition / Morikawa, H. and Ishibashi, Y.