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Main Title Preparation and assay of enzymes /
Author Colowick, Sidney P.
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Kaplan, Nathan Oram
Publisher Academic Press,
Year Published 1955
OCLC Number 15607953
Subjects Enzymes ; Enzymes--analysis ; Carbohydrate Metabolism ; Lipid Metabolism ; Biochimie ; Enzymes--Analyse ; Enzymologie
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EKCM  QP601.C71 Vol. 1 CEMM/GEMMD Library/Gulf Breeze,FL 08/11/2000
Collation 835 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
Contents Notes
Section I. General preparative procedures : Tissue slice technique / K.A.C. Elliott -- Tissue Homogenates / Van R. Potter -- Fractionation of Cell Components of animal / George H. Hogeboom -- Preparation of Mitochondria from plants / Bernard Axelrod -- Preparation of chloroplasts and disintegrated chloroplasts / Paul R. Gorham -- Methods of extraction of enzymes from animal tissues / Robert K. Morton -- Extraction of Enzymes from microorganisms (Bacteria and Yeast) / I.C. Gunsalus -- Extraction of soluble enzymes from higher plants / Alvin Nason -- Disintegration of bacteria and small particles by High pressure extrusion / C.S. French and H.W. Milner -- Protein fractionation on the basis of solubility in aqueous solutions of salts and organic solvents / Arda Alden Green and Walter L. Hughes -- Separation of proteins by use of adsorbents / Sidney P. Colowick -- The partition chromatography of enzymes / R.R. Porter -- Chromatography of enzymes on Ion Exchange resins / C.H.W. Hirs -- Special techniques for bacterial enzymes. Enrichment culture and adaptive enzymes -- Osamu Hayaishi -- Separation of proteins from nucleic acids / Leon Heppel -- Preparation of buffers for use in enzyme studies / G. Gomori -- Section II. Enzymes of Carbohydrate metabolism: Amylases, cx and [beta] / Peter Bernfeld -- Pectic enzymes / Z.I. Kertesz -- Mucopolysaccharidases / Albert Dorfman -- Cellulase preparation from helix pomatia (snails) / George De Stevens -- Polysaccharide synthesis from disaccharides / Edward J. Hehre -- Phosphorylases from plants / W.J. Whelan -- Muscle phosphorylase / Gerty T. Cori, Barbara Illingworth, and Patricia J. Keller --The PR enzyme of muscle / Patricia J. Keller and Gerty T. Cori -- Amylo-I,6-glucosidase / Gerty T. Cori -- Polysaccharide phosphorylase, liver / Earl W. Sutherland -- Branching enzyme from liver / Joseph Larner -- Disaccharide phosphorylases / M. Doudoroff -- Hoxoside hydrolases / Shlomo Hestrin, David S. Feingold, and Michael Schramm -- Methods for measuring transglycosylase activity of invertases / J.S.D. Bacon -- Glucuronidases / William H. Fishman and Peter Bernfeld -- Yeast Hexokinase / Margaret R. McDonald -- Animal Tissue Hexokinases / Robert K. Crane and Alberto Sols -- Fruetokinase (Ketohexokinase) / H.G. Hers -- Galactokinase and Galactowaldenase / Luis F. Leloir and Raul E. Trucco -- Phosphoglucomutase from muscle / Victor A. Najjar -- Phosphohexoisomerases from muscle / Milton W. Slein -- Phosphohexokinase / Kuo-Huang Ling, William L. Byrne, and Henry A. Lardy -- Aldolase from muscle / John Fuller Taylor -- Aldolase from yeast / Walter Christian -- Fructose-1-phosphate aldolase from liver / Franz Leuthardt and H.P. Wolf -- Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase / A. Kornberg and B.L. Horecker -- 6-phosphogluconic dehydrogenase / B.L. Horecker and P.Z. Smyrniotis -- Glucose-6-phosphate and 6-phosphogluconic dehydrogenases from leuconostoc mesenteroids / R.D DeMoss -- Glucose dehydrogenase from liver / Harold J. Strecker -- Glucose aerodehydrogenase (glucose oxidase) / Ronald Bentley -- Hexose phosphate and hexose reductase / John B. Wolff and Nathan O. Kaplan -- Gluconokinase / Seymour S. Cohen -- Synthesis of glucose-1,6-diphosphate / Luis F. Leloir and Raul E. Trucco -- Yeast pentokinase / Henry Z. Sable -- Phosphoribomutase from muscle / Hans Klenow -- Pentose phosphate isomerase / Bernard Axelrod -- Pentose isomerases / Seymour S. Cohen -- Transketolase from liver and spinach / B.L. Horecker and P.Z. Smyrniotis -- Crystalline transketolase from baker's yeast / G. de la Haba and E. Racker -- Transaldolase / B.L. Horecker and P.Z. Smyrniotis -- Deoxyribose phosphate aldolase (dr-aldolase) / E. Racker -- Triosephosphate isomerase from calf muscle / Gerwin Beisenherz -- A-Glycerophosphate dehydrogenase from rabbit muscle / Gerwin Beisenherz, Theodor Bucher, and Karl-Heinz Garbade -- Glycerol dehydrogenase from aerobactor aerogenes / Robert Main Burton -- Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from muscle / Sidney F. Velick -- Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase from yeast / Edwin G. Krebs -- Tpn triosephosphate dehydrogenase from plant tissue / Martin Gibbs -- Phosphoglycerate kinase from brewer's yeast / Theodor Bucher -- Phosphoglyceric acid mutases / Peter Oesper -- Enolase from brewer's yeast / Theodor Bucher -- Pyruvate kinase from muscle / Theodor Bucher and G. Pfleiderer -- Lactic dehydrogenase of muscle / Arthur Kornberg -- Lactic dehydrogenase from yeast / Malcolm Dixon -- Lactic dehydrogenase of heart muscle / J.B. Neilands -- Glyoxalases / E. Racker -- Plant carboxylases / Thomas P. Singer -- Acetoin formation in bacteria / Elliot Juni -- Phosphoroclastic split of pyruvate, yielding formate (e. coli) / Harold J. Strecker -- Phosphoroclastic split of pyruvate, yielding hydrogen (clostridium butylicum) / H.J. Koespell -- Phosphate-linked pyruvic acid oxidase from lactobacillus delbruckii / L.P Hager and Fritz Lipmann -- Coenzyme a-linked pyruvic oxidase (animal) / S. Korkes -- Coenzyme a-linked pyruvic oxidase (bacterial) / S. Korkes -- Liver alcohol dehydrogenase / Roger Bonnichsen and Norman G. Brink -- Alcohol dehydrogenase from baker's yeast / E. Racker -- Tpn-alcohol dehydrogenase from leuconostoc mesenteroids / R.D. DeMoss -- Potassium-activated yeast aldehyde dehydrogenase / Simon Black -- Tpn-linked aldehyde dehydrogenase from yeast / J. Edwin Seegmiller -- Liver aldehyde dehydrogenase / E. Racker -- Aldehyde-dehydrogenase from clostridium kluyveri / E.R Stadtman and Robert M. Burton -- Flavin-linked aldehyde oxidase / Henry R. Mahler -- Glycolic acid oxidase and Glyoxylic acid reductase / Israel Zelitch -- Formic dehydrogenase from peas / Alvin Nason and Henry N. Little -- Formic hydrogenlyase from escherichia coli / Max Bovarnick -- Fatty acid oxidation in mitochondria / Albert L. Lehninger -- Fatty acid oxidation in higher plants / P.K. Stumpf -- Butyrate enzymes of Clostridium kluyveri: