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Main Title Resources, environment and engineering II /
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Xie, Liquan,
Publisher Taylor & Francis Group,
Year Published 2016
Call Number TA170.T43 2015
ISBN 9781315647227 (e-book : PDF); 9781317297376 (e-book: PDF); 9781317297352 (e-book: Mobi); 9781317297369 (e-book: ePub); 9781138028944 (hardback)
Subjects Environmental engineering--Congresses ; Chemical engineering--Congresses ; Natural resources--Congresses
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Collation 1 online resource : text file, PDF
Proceedings of the 2nd Technical Congress on Resources, Environment and Engineering (CREE 2015), Hong Kong, 25-26 September 2015. "A Balkema book"--title page. Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Contents Notes
The danger of the cohesive bonding released by microseisms : experimental evidence for monogranular cohesive materials / V. Pasquino, E. Ricciardi & D. Cancellara -- CFD research of hydrodynamic parameters of artificial ventricles for pulsating LVAD / V. Morozov & A. Zhdanov -- Analysis of development of sight distance assessment at intersection / R. Matuszkova, M. Radimsky, T. Apeltauer & O. Budik -- Desired and actual bid participation behaviour of Japanese construction companies / E. Morimoto & K. Arai -- The skid resistance evaluation in accordance with the Wehner/Schulze method / J. Daskova, P. Nekulova & J. Kudrna -- Site selection optimization of the cavern in the mountain of jointed rock masses with different slope degrees / C. Li, W. Zhu, B.X. Li & D. Zhang -- Compute development length for BFRP bars based on the bond-slip constitutive model / T. Liu, B. Jia, C. Zhang, X. Liu & N. Hou -- Study on spatial prediction of landslide hazard risk based on GIS / H.X. Gao & K.L. Yin -- The relation between tension, flange thickness and prying force for T-type bolt joints / Z.-X. Hou, G.-H. Huang, C. Gong & Y. Zheng -- Calculation for the distortional effect of curved composite beams based on the elastic foundation beam analogy method / Y.L. Zhang, Y.L. Liu, Z.M. Hou & Y.S. Li -- Dynamic response analysis and fatigue life evaluation of heavy haul railway steel truss bridges / Y.S. Li, Y.F. Xiao, Y.F. Diao & Y.L. Zhang -- Design actuator pump systems left ventricle assist devices / V. Morozov, A. Zhdanov, L. Belyaev & I. Volkova -- Resistance of asphalt binders to formation of frost cracks / P. Coufalik, O. Dasek, P. Hyzl, D. Stehlik, J. Kudrna, I. Krcmova & P. Sperka -- Experimental studies on pore water pressure changes at structure-soil interface under dynamic soil cutting / G.X. Liu, X. Liang, X. Wang, G.J. Hong, L.Q. Xie & P.P. Zhang -- Numerical analysis of flow effects on water interface over a submarine pipeline / Y.H. Zhu & L.Q. Xie -- Research on importance sampling technique in Monte Carlo method for structural reliability / Y.-F. Fang -- Optimal sizing of urban drainage systems using heuristic optimization / J.J. Yu, X.S. Qin & R. Min -- On the damping of wave propagation over porous bottom / Y.L. Ni, Y. Shen & J.F. Yu -- Research on settlement deformation aging characteristics of the concrete faced rockfill dam built on deep overburden layer / L. Jiang, X.G. Wang, X.P. Wei, J. Jian, W. Zhai & H.J. Zhang -- The application research of coal gangue in Yiqi Highway subgrade construction / Y. Liu -- Turbulent flow in open channel with different Froude numbers / S. Sarkar -- Seismic analysis for a new-type hybrid structure of steel reinforced concrete frame-four corner tubes-bidirectional steel truss under rare earthquake / Q. Chen & W. Zhang -- The forecasting application of Beijing urban waterlogging risk warning in 2012-2014 / Z.C. Yin & N.J. Li -- Bearing capacity calculation of U-shaped steel damper via assumed stress-strain curve / H.K. Du, M. Han & R.Q. Zhang -- The application research of geogrids in road broadening engineering / Q.B. Tian -- Study on behaviors of space frame structures under fire / L. Qiu, S. Xue & Y. Zheng -- Emulational analysis of contact open-close considering transverse joints with trapeziform key hydraulic grooves / Y.-z. Yan, L.-j. Yu, X.-c. Wen & G.-b. Wei -- Evaluation of comprehensive treatment measures and stability property of Mayanpo of Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station / L. Jiang, X.G. Wang, J.J. Zhang, J.H. Sun & H.J. Zhang -- Constant-ductility residual displacement ratio response spectrum / X. Hu, H. He & W. Jiang -- Numerical simulation of flow across a transversely oscillating wavy cylinder at low reynolds number / L. Zou, M. Wang, C. Xiong & H. Lu -- Bond behavior of near surface mounted carbon fiber reinforced polymer rod under temperature cycles / H. Lee, Y. Song, C. Park, W. Jung & W. Chung -- Study on the wave maker stroke and the energy dissipation of SPH numerical wave flumes / Y. Xu, Y. Pan & Y. P. Chen -- Experimental study on the hydraulic performance of baffle-drop shafts / Z.G. Wang, D. Zhang, H.W. Zhang & R. Zhang -- Residual bearing capacity of stud connectors for steel-concrete composite beam bridges subjected to fatigue damage / X.l. Rong, C.-f. Song & P. Zhao -- Kinematics study of 6-DOF spatial mechanism / E. Novikova, V. Morozov, A. Zhdanov & I. Volkova -- Inhibiting the spontaneous combustion of sulfide ores by bacteria desulfurization / C.M. Ai, A.X. Wu, H.J. Wang & J.D. Wang -- Analysis of superposition of wave load and wind load on offshore wind turbine based on load simulation / B.W. Jiang, M.J. Zhao, P. Liu, P. Jin & Z.Y. Tang -- Zr modified disordered mesoporous materials for CO[subscript 2] adsorption / W. Wu, Z. Tang & X. Zhang -- The bending of triangular plate under a concentrated bending moment / Y.J. chen & Z. Lei -- Nonlinear mechanics analysis of a thin plate under different loads in a magnetic field / Y.H. Bian -- Numerical simulation on flow characteristic of newtonu anti-icing fluids / J.X. Shan, S.H. Song, L. Feng & X. Peng -- The empirical study of hierarchical linear model of partitioned water consumption in the Yangtze River / Y.H. Zhu, P. Gao & X.F. Wu -- Bioactive properties of peptides from silkworm pupa protein / Z.Y. Zuo, F. Yu, H. Huang, L.L. Li & X.R. Qin -- Influences of coating process on the micro-structures of reconstituted tobacco sheets / Y. Hou, Q.H. Sun, Y. Li & S.Q. Hu -- A new evaluation method of heavy metal contamination in soil of urban area / Y.M. Yang & Z.J. Ye -- Au and Ag adsorption from a low-concentration sulfuric acid residue leaching solution / C.J. Zhou, G. Zhao, S. Wang & H. Zhong -- Swimming exercise and caloric restriction alter the serum cholesterol of rats / M. Yu & Y. Liu -- Study on dynamic responses of tunnels through fracture zones / X. Yan & H. Xiao -- Study on characteristics of lipoxygenase and antioxidant enzyme changes during processing of dry-cured sausage / L. Li -- Research of mine environment restoration effects and policies in Beijing since 2004 / N. Sun, G.X. Yan, L. Tang & W.Q. Liu -- Application of mathematical model for suspended sediment transport in mud-dumping ground of Sino-Myanmar crude oil pipeline and wharf engineering / N. Zhang, L.C. Sun & Q.X. Pang -- Research on hydraulic model application in water shortage dispatch plan implementation / X.-y. Zhang, Y.-h. Chen & Y. Xu -- Wind stability analysis and design plan contrast of the main bridge of Pinghai Bridge / P.J. Liu -- Numerical study on the street flooding in Huinan, Pudong District during the various short-duration rainstorm events / J. Huang -- Spatial distribution and pollution characteristics of Ammonia-N, Nitrate-N and Nitrite-N in groundwater of Dongshan Island / H.Y. Wu, S.F. Fu, X.Q. Cai & K.Z. Zhuang -- Rapid quantify HSPs mRNA in Sebastiscus marmoratus exposed to crude oil by LAMP / R. Chen, Z.P. Mo & Z.Z. Li -- Analysis and evaluation of nutrition composition of Clinacanthus nutans / Q. Yu, Z.-h. Duan, W.-w. Duan, F.-f. Shang & G.-x. Yang -- Extraction by microwave-ultrasonic assisted enzymatic hydrolysis and functional properties of insoluble dietary fiber from soy sauce residue / W. Li & T. Wang -- Determination of Cd, Pb and Cu in chia seeds by microwave digestion-HR-CS GFAAS / Y. Liu, S.L. Chen, Y. Li, Y.X. Zhu & S.Y. Jiang -- Determination of vitamin C in intact Actinidia Arguta fruits using Vis/NIR spectroscopy / G. Xin, B. Zhang, S.Q. Li, J.J. Mu, C.J. Liu & X.J. Meng -- Analysis and control of bacteria flora found in the dish-marinated bitter melon and cucumber / Q.H. Yu, Y.S. Jiang & X. Liu -- Efficient asymmetric synthesis of (S)-3-phenyllactic acid by using whole cells of recombinant E.coli / Y. Zhu, Z.Q. Huang, L. Wang, B. Qi & Y. Wang -- Immunohistochemistry applications in breast carcinoma : the hypoxia inducible factor 1[alpha symbol], estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and HER2 expression before and after neoadjuvant chemotherapy / Z.F. Zhang, Y.N. Liang, C.H. Zhang, G.P. Wang, S.C. Hou & G.Y. Pan -- Effect of [superscript 60]Co-[gamma symbol] irradiation on quality and physiology of blueberry storage / C. Wang, X.T. Li & X.J. Meng -- Determination of eight metal elements in polygonatum tea by microwave digestion-AAS / S.L. Chen, C. Li, A.H. Chen, Y. Shao, J.W. Li, S.B. Liu & X.W. Zheng -- Characterization of proteins in soy sauce residue and its hydrolysis by enzymes / J.L. Zhang, J. Y. Zhao, Y. Zhao, C.H. Yang & W.P. Wang -- Study on corrosion behavior of stainless steel 316 in low oxygen concentration supercritical water / J.Q. Yang, S.Z. Wang, Y.H. Li, T. Zhang, L.S. Wang & M. Wang -- 300 MW steam turbine transformation technology using high-temperature circulating water for heating / X.T. Wang, X.D. Wang & Y. Han -- Optimization of fracturing penetration ratio and fracturing time in Fang 48 fault block / P. Guo, Z.W. Zhang, L.J. Huo, B. Jiang & Y.Z. Lei -- Supercritical water oxidation of acrylic acid wastewater and sludge / L.S. Wang, S.Z. Wang, Y.H. Li, T. Zhang, J.Q. Yang & M. Wang -- Study of relationship of shaft seal steam leakage flow with variable steam temperature experiment parameters / X.D. Wang, Y.Z. Hao, W. Zhen & J.L. Qu -- Analysis on biomass briquette status quo and development problems / P.-l. Zuo, B.-j. Han, T. Yue, N. Yang, C.-l. Wang, X.-x. Zhang, Y.-h. Ding & S.-f. qi -- Adsorption of uranium from aqueous solution by bamboo charcoal / X.Y. Xiong, D.Y. Chen, J.W. Zhao & Z. Li -- Research progress of phytoremediation for heavy metal wastewater / M.L. Ji, J. Yan & H.X. Li -- Ecosystem health assessment of Dongyang River basin / T. Wu, Y. Zhang, G.-j. Jiang, X.-f. Xie & H.-j. Bian -- Treatment of sludge and wastewater mixture by supercritical water oxidation / T. Zhang, S.Z. Wang, Z.Q. Zhang, J.Q. Yang & M. Wang.