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Appliance Record

Centrals CENTRAL
Model Name Vapor Fire 100 (VF100)
Manufacturer Lamppa Manufacturing, Inc.
Type Forced Air Furnace
Subtype Non-Catalytic Stove
Fuel Type Cord Wood
Test Method
Certification: Number 11FAF-17
NSPS Compliance 1988 No
NSPS Compliance 2015 Yes
NSPS Compliance 2020 Yes
Out of Production No
Firebox Volume (All) 1.000
Emission Rate (WH)
Firebox Volume (Cubic Feet) 1.000
Emission Rate Annual Avg (lb/mmBTU) 0.09
Emission Rate Annual Avg (gr/h)
Heat Output: Maximum (BTUs)
Heat Output: 8 Hour (BTUs)
Heat Output BTUs (Upper) 36063
Heat Output BTUs (Lower) 9332
Efficiency-HHV (percent) 79
CO (g/min) 0.820

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