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Name of Media Campaign: Wisconsin Extension Public Outreach Campaign
Organization: Environmental Resources Center University of Wisconsin-Extension
Contact Information: Bruce Webendorfer
445 Henry Hall, Rm 202
Madison, WI 53706
(608) 262 - 1369
Website: Exit EPA Site
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Other Materials in the Toolbox: Rain Gardens: A Household Way to Improve Water Quality in Your Community (PDF) (8 pp, 696 KB) - Brochure
Brown Water Green Weeds (PDF) (4 pp, 256 KB) - Fact Sheet
Car Care for Cleaner Water (PDF) (4 pp, 166 KB) - Fact Sheet
Lawn and Garden Fertilizer (PDF) (4 pp, 283 KB) - Fact Sheet
Shoreline Plants and Landscaping (PDF) (16, 545 KB) - Fact Sheet
Managing Leaves and Yard Trimmings (PDF) (12, 715 KB) - Fact Sheet
Lawn and Garden Pesticides (PDF) (4 pp, 252 KB) - Fact Sheet
Pet Waste and Water Quality (PDF) (2 pp, 701 KB) - Fact Sheet
Storm Drain Markers: Storm Drain Stenciling (PDF) (2 pp, 149 KB) - Fact Sheet
Storm Sewers - The Rivers Beneath Our Feet (PDF) (3 pp, 375 KB) - Fact Sheet
Cleaning Up Stormwater Runoff (PDF) (2 pp, 107 KB) - Fact Sheet
Polluted Urban Runoff: A Source of Concern (PDF) (4 pp, 247 KB) - Fact Sheet
Lawn Watering (PDF) (4 pp, 303 KB) - Fact Sheet
Lawn Weed Control (Pesticides) (PDF) (8 pp, 379 KB) - Fact Sheet
Rethinking Yard Care (PDF) (8 pp, 329 KB) - Fact Sheet
Rain Garden How-To Manual (PDF) (32 pp, 3014 KB) - Booklet
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