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Campaign Evaluations: No Campaign Evaluations Available in the Toolbox
Name of Media Campaign: Huron River Watershed Council Municipal Toolkit
Organization: Huron River Watershed Council
Contact Information: Pam Labadie
1100 N. Main Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 769 - 5123
Website: Exit EPA Site
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Print Ads in the Toolbox: Got Grass? Mow High (PDF) (1 pp, 184 KB) - Print Ad
Rake It or Leave It (PDF) (1 pp, 146 KB) - Print Ad
Why We Put Dog Poop in Little Plastic Baggies (PDF) (1 pp, 433 KB) - Print Ad
It's Raining, It's Pouring, Toxic Rainbows are Forming (PDF) (1 pp, 450 KB) - Print Ad
Keep Your Assets Where You Put 'Em (PDF) (1 pp, 449 KB) - Print Ad
Stop Someone from Ripping You Off (PDF) (1 pp, 435 KB) - Print Ad
Up for a Swim? (PDF) (1 pp, 394 KB) - Print Ad
There's No Drama 'Til The Septic System Goes (PDF) (1 pp, 420 KB) - Print Ad
Get Clean on the Green (PDF) (1 pp, 407 KB) - Print Ad
Ordinary Life Can Be Extraordinarily Toxic (PDF) (1 pp, 312 KB) - Print Ad
It Takes a Really Big Person to Think Small (PDF) (1 pp, 305 KB) - Print Ad
Why Your Neighbor's Grass is Greener (PDF) (1 pp, 441 KB) - Print Ad
Don't Spoil This Baby (Fertilizer) (PDF) (1 pp, 448 KB) - Print Ad
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