Related Media Campaign Materials

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Campaign Evaluations: 2002 Omnibus Phone Survey (PDF)  (3 pp, 42 KB) - Baseline
Research Report: Soil Erosion Advertising Test (PDF)  (29 pp, 563 KB) - Evaluation
Assessment of Maine's Stormwater Phase II & NPS Outreach Campaign 2003/2004 or Who is Willing to Protect Maine's Water Quality? (PDF)  (26 pp, 203 KB) - Evaluation
Name of Media Campaign: Erosion It's Soiling Our Waters
Organization: Maine Department of Environmental Protection - Bureau of Land and Water Quality
Contact Information: Kathy Hoppe - Contact may be out of date
1235 Central Drive
Presque Isle, ME 04769
(207) 764 - 0477
Website: Exit EPA Site
TV Ads in the Toolbox: No Tv Materials Available in the Toolbox
Radio Ads in the Toolbox: It's No Fish Story (Soil Erosion) (MP3) (1411 KB) - 60 second PSA
Daddy, Why Is the Stream Brown? (Soil Erosion) (MP3) (1406 KB) - 60 second PSA
Town Meeting - Road Erosion (MP3) (1411 KB) - 60 second PSA
Print Ads in the Toolbox: Soil Erosion Could Be E-roading Your Tax Dollars Away (PDF) (1 pp, 50 KB) - Print Ad
It's No Fish Story: Soil Erosion Is Our #1 Water Pollutant (PDF) (1 pp, 50 KB) - Print Ad
It's a Real Scandal: Eroding Soil is Polluting Maine's Waters (PDF) (1 pp, 49 KB) - Print Ad
Stopping Soil Erosion Begins in Our Own Backyards (PDF) (1 pp, 54 KB) - Print Ad
Other Materials in the Toolbox: Does Your Town Have a Dirty Little Secret? (PDF) (2 pp, 446 KB) - Postcard
Stopping Soil Erosion Begins in Our Own Backyards (PDF) (2 pp, 450 KB) - Postcard
Please Don't Soil Our Waters (PDF) (2 pp, 443 KB) - Postcard
Dangers of Bare Soil Exposed! (PDF) (2 pp, 451 KB) - Postcard
Logos, Slogans and Mascots in the Toolbox: Erosion. It's Soiling Our Waters. Logo (JPG) (16 KB) - Logos In Use