Details of the Outreach Product

Title: Do Clean Rivers Begin at Home? Exploring the Obstacles and Motivations of Homeowner Behavior
Type: Baseline
State: Oregon
Agency: Clean Water Services
Hillsboro, OR, 97123-
Primary Contact/Email: Karen DeBaker - Contact may be out of date
Permission Comments: Before using this product, please consult with the contact for permission listed here.
Contact for Permission: Nicole Tangvald - Contact may be out of date, (503) 243 - 3123
Year: 2002
Related Media Campaign: Good for Fish, Good for Us.
Survey Purpose Scientific telephone survey among Clean Water Services┬┐ service-area residents regarding public habits relating to water quality. The purpose of the study was to supplement previous public awareness and values studies with data relating specifically to actual habits. The purpose was also to examine barriers to, and incentives for, better water quality behavior. This was accomplished through an exploration of respondents┬┐ personal and household habits, as well as through the use of projection.