Details of the Outreach Product

Title: The General Public: Who Are They and What Do They Think?
Type: Baseline
State: Maine
Agency: Maine Department of Environmental Protection - Bureau of Land and Water Quality
Presque Isle, ME, 04769
Primary Contact/Email: Kathy Hoppe - Contact may be out of date
Permission Comments: Permission is granted for other organizations or individuals to replicate and use the files subject to the following restrictions: 1) must contact the Permission Contact listed to inform them of how the materials will be used; 2) when or wherever appropriate credit Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Permission will be granted once noted restrictions are performed.
Contact for Permission: Kathy Hoppe, (207) 764 - 0477
Year: Conducted yearly (4 times) from 1996 to 2000
Related Media Campaign: Maine DEP NPS Awareness Campaign
Survey Purpose A survey to gauge the effectiveness of Maine's efforts to educate the general public about NPS pollution.