Details of the Outreach Product

Title: Grasscycling Follow-up Survey
Type: Evaluation
State: California
Agency: California Integrated Waste Management Board and Association of Bay Area Governments
Sacramento, CA, 95812
Primary Contact/Email: Aleta Zak - Contact may be out of date
Description: Follows up on a baseline survey to capture residents' understanding following campaigns to promote grasscycling, composting and recycling.
Permission Comments: Copyright 2000 California Integrated Waste Management Board. All rights reserved. This publication or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission.
Contact for Permission: Aleta Zak - Contact may be out of date, (916) 322 - 4027
Year: 2000
Related Media Campaign: Grasscycle! California Statewide Program
Survey Purpose A survey following up on a baseline survey to evaluate the effectiveness of the grasscycling campaign