Details of the Outreach Product

Title: Don't Trash Fresno - Gas Pump Topper 3
Type: Other
State: California
Agency: California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS)
Sacramento, CA, 95814
Primary Contact/Email: Shaila Chowdhury
Description: Part of a 3-year pilot project from CALTRANS focused on littering in City of Fresno. Placard displayed on top of gas station gas pumps that serve as behavior prompts to deter littering. Image also used as Spanish and English billboards, bus ads, theater slides, and postcards.
Permission Comments: This product is not copyrighted, however please contact the Caltrans Division of Environmental Analysis to notify them that you are using their products
Contact for Permission: Erin First - Contact may be out of date, (916) 524 - 4825
Year: 2002
Related Media Campaign: Pollution Free - Don't Trash California