Details of the Outreach Product

Title: Pollution Pipe - Street to Stream
Type: Educational
State: Minnesota
Agency: Hamline University - Center for Global Environmental Education
Saint Paul, MN, 55104-1284
Primary Contact/Email: Tracy Fredin
Description: Two-page flyer for students in Grades 6-12 on non-point sources of pollution found in runoff and the effects of development on watersheds. Shows the relationship between urban development and impervious ground cover created by streets, parking lots, and roofs. Provides a list of pollutants found in runoff, as well as some steps that can be taken to prevent water pollution.
Permission Comments: Permission is granted for other organizations or individuals to modify the files and use for their own outreach campaigns.
Contact for Permission: Tracy Fredin, (651) 523 - 3105
Related Media Campaign: None