Details of the Outreach Product

Title: What Happens After the Flush?
Type: Fact Sheet
State: Not State-Specific
Agency: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - Office of Wastewater Management
Washington, DC, 20460
Primary Contact/Email:
Description: Colorful reprint from The Family Handyman Magazine that explains how various wastewater systems work by using excellent illustrations. Reprinted with permission from The Family Handman Magazine, 1997 Home Service Publications, Inc., an affiliate of The Reader's Digest Association.
Permission Comments: Permission is granted for other organizations or individuals to modify the files and use for their own outreach campaigns. Various versions of the files are located at Contact using this link:
Contact for Permission: Maureen (Tooke) Pepper - Contact may be out of date , (208) 378 - 5626
Year: 2003
Related Media Campaign: None