Details of the Outreach Product

Title: RiverSmart: Times Have Changed: SPOT 3 Paintbrush and Faucets
Type: 30 second PSA
State: Oregon
Agency: River Network
Portland, OR, 97204-1535
Primary Contact/Email: Jean Hamilla - Contact may be out of date
Description: Imagery of boating down a suburban street with cars in driveway, yard work, pets. Imagery of paintbrush and storm drains
Permission Comments: Permission is granted for other organizations or individuals to replicate and use the files subject to the following restrictions: 1) No support from River Network 2) Educational purposes only 3) No use that would be inconsistent with 501(c)3 status. Email:
Contact for Permission: Karli Kondo - Contact may be out of date, (303) 736 - 2724
Year: 2002
Related Media Campaign: RiverSmart