Details of the Outreach Product

Title: "Save the Crabs, Then Eat 'Em": A Culinary Approach to Saving the Chesapeake Bay
Type: Evaluation
State: Maryland
Agency: Academy for Educational Development
Washington, DC, 20009
Primary Contact/Email:
Description: The Academy for Educational Development, a nonprofit organization specializing in social change communications, implemented a campaign to reduce nutrient pollution flowing into the Chesapeake Bay from the greater Washington D.C. area
Permission Comments: Authors: Landers, J., P. Mitchell, B. Smith, T. Lehman, and C. Conner
Contact for Permission: Please contact the Academy for Educational Development for more information, (202) 884 - 8000
Year: 2006
Related Media Campaign: None
Survey Purpose The primary campaign goal was to convince area residents not to fertilize their lawns in the spring, when fertilizer runoff is most damaging to the Bay, but to do so in the fall, if at all. A post-intervention survey showed increased awareness of lawn care behaviors that contribute to Bay pollution, and decreased intent to fertilize in the spring.