Deployment of Innovative Water Technologies for Very Small Drinking Water Systems, Areas Served by Private Wells and Source Waters

EPA awarded $$965,395 in funding to one recipient to develop and validate programmatic approaches that states can use to obtain approval for new or alternative technologies for very small drinking water systems. Very small drinking water systems (serving 500 persons or fewer) often lack the financial and technical resources to identify and implement technologies and approaches to address their most pressing drinking water challenges. Technological innovation can help address these challenges, but it is often difficult for states to review and approve new technologies in a timely manner while ensuring public health protection from the specific treatment technology.

Request for Applications closing date: January 12, 2021

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Identifier Abstract Principal Investigator Institution Grant Amount PROJECT PERIOD Project Start Date Project End Date Extended End Date State
1 840243
Innovation Applied: Streamlining Access and Approval of Technology for Small Systems and Private Wells Roberson, Alan
Ferguson, Christobel
Oxenford, Jeff
Reckhow, David A.  
Association of State Drinking Water Administrators, Rural Community Assistance Partnership, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Water Research Foundation (VA) $1,457,220   August 01, 2021 -
July 31, 2024  
August 01, 2021   July 31, 2024     VA  

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