Small Business Innovative Research:
FY90 - FY21 Phase I and Phase II Awards: Lead Paint Detection and Removal

Name and Address of Awardee Title of SBIR Project Phase I Award Phase II Award Total
Contract Number RFA FY $ Contract Number RFA FY $
Lead Paint Detection and Removal
Name: DzymeTech, Inc.
Address: 60 Hazelwood Drive, Suite 226
City: Champaign
State: IL
Zip: 61820

Development of a Reliable, Low-Cost, and User-Friendly Spot Test Kit for Leaded Paint and Dust Based on Recent Advances in Bionanotechnology EPD06040
Final Report
2006 $70,000 EPD07081
Final Report
2007 $225,000 $295,000
Name: Silver Lake Research Corporation
Address: 911 South Primrose Avenue, Suite N
City: Monrovia
State: CA
Zip: 91016

Rapid Immunochromatographic Strip Tests Detecting Lead-Based Paint EPD06056
Final Report
2006 $69,990       $69,990
Lead Paint Detection and Removal: Total     $139,990      $225,000  $364,990 
Total     $139,990      $225,000  $364,990