Small Business Innovative Research:
FY90 - FY21 Phase I and Phase II Awards: Water Quality

Name and Address of Awardee Title of SBIR Project Phase I Award Phase II Award Total
Contract Number RFA FY $ Contract Number RFA FY $
Water Quality
Name: TDA Research Inc.
Address: 12345 West 52nd Avenue
City: Wheat Ridge
State: CO
Zip: 80033

Disposable Test Strips for Ultra-Sensitive QuantificationofPolyfluoroalkyl Substances in Ground Water 68HERD19C0009
Final Report
2019 $100,000       $100,000
Name: 2W iTech, LLC
Address: 7964 Arjons Drive
City: San Diego
State: CA
Zip: 92126

Rapid Field Trace Detection of Perfluoroalkyl Substance in Water 68HERD19C0010
Final Report
2019 $100,000 68HERC20C0052 2020 $300,000 $400,000
Name: Faraday Technology Inc.
Address: 315 Huls Drive
City: Englewood
State: OH
Zip: 45315

Electrochemical Pretreatment of PFAS-Contaminated Aqueous Effluents 68HERD19C0011
Final Report
2019 $100,000 68HERC20C0058 2020 $0 $100,000
Name: Framergy, INC
Address: 4023 Kennett Pike #924
City: Wilmington
State: DE
Zip: 19807

A Novel, Nanostructured,Metal-OrganicFrameworks-BasedPretreatmentTechnology for the Remediationof PFAS inIndustrial Wastewater 68HERD19C0012
Final Report
2019 $100,000 68HERC20C0055 2020 $300,000 $400,000
Name: Anfiro, Inc.
Address: 84 Tremont Street
City: Cambridge
State: MA
Zip: 2139

Block Copolymer Membranes for Total Removal of Ionic and NonionicPFASfrom Industrial Wastewaters Optionally Co-Contaminated by Alcohols 68HERD19C0013
Final Report
2019 $100,000       $100,000
Name: BRISEA Group, Inc.
Address: 239 New Rd
City: Parsippany
State: NJ
Zip: 7054

Development of Microwave-assisted Membrane Filtration for Pretreatmentof PFAS in Industrial Wastewater 68HERD19C0014
Final Report
2019 $100,000       $100,000
Name: OXBYEL Technologies, lnc.
Address: 2518 W Medina Ave
City: Mesa
State: AZ
Zip: 85202

Electrochemical Mineralization of PFAS in lndustrial Wastewater 68HERD19C0015
Final Report
2019 $100,000       $100,000
Name: Polykala Technologies, LLC
Address: 11831 Ranchwell Cove
City: San Antonio
State: TX
Zip: 78249

Development of “Smart” Polymer Nanofiber Mats for Selective andEfficient Removal of PFAS from Landfill Leachate 68HERD19C0016
Final Report
2019 $99,815 68HERC20C0057 2020 $292,848 $392,663
Name: BioLargo, Inc.
Address: 14921 Chestnut St
City: Westminster
State: CA
Zip: 92683

Aqueous Electrostatic Concentrator to Remove Per- andPoly-fluoroalkylSubstances from Water 68HERD19C0017
Final Report
2019 $99,841       $99,841
Name: Claros Technologies, Inc.
Address: 208 4th St South
City: Stillwater
State: MN
Zip: 55082

Novel Sorbent Technology for Simultaneous Removal and Degradation ofWaterborne PFAS 68HERD19C0024
Final Report
2019 $100,000       $100,000
Name: DMAX Plasma LLC
Address: 65 Main St
City: Potsdam
State: NY
Zip: 13699

An Enhanced Contact Plasma Reactor: A Competitive Remediation Technology for Per- and Perfluoroalkyl Substance (PFAS) Contaminated Water 68HE0D18C0022
Final Report
2018 $98,991 68HERC20C0008 2019 $299,876 $398,867
Water Quality: Total     $1,098,647      $1,192,724  $2,291,371 
Total     $1,098,647      $1,192,724  $2,291,371