Small Business Innovative Research:
FY90 - FY21 Phase I and Phase II Awards: Biofuels

Name and Address of Awardee Title of SBIR Project Phase I Award Phase II Award Total
Contract Number RFA FY $ Contract Number RFA FY $
Name: Sustainable Bioproducts, LLC
Address: 920 Technology Blvd. Lab 102
City: Bozeman
State: MT
Zip: 59718

Direct Conversion of Municipal and Agricultural Wastes to Biodiesel and Ethanol Utilizing a Unique Extremophilic Fungus EPD14014
Final Report
2014 $99,944 EPD16007
Final Report
2015 $300,000 $399,944
Name: OmniLane Inc.
Address: 6395 Twin Oaks Lane
City: Lisle
State: IL
Zip: 60532

L-(+) Lactic Acid Production from Biodiesel Waste Using Pelletized Fungal Fermentation EPD11035
Final Report
2011 $79,996       $79,996
Name: General Systems Research LLC
Address: 223 James Ave
City: Burlington
State: VT
Zip: 5408

Cost-Effective Algae Biomass Production for Oil integrated with Wastewater Treatment and Valued By-Product EPD11036
Final Report
2011 $80,000       $80,000
Name: Trillium FiberFuels Inc.
Address: 720 NE Granger Ave., Bldg B.
City: Corvallis
State: OR
Zip: 97330

Development of a Fermentation Compatible Xylose Isomerase EPD11037
Final Report
2011 $79,885       $79,885
Name: Viresco Energy LLC
Address: 1451 Research Park Dr., Suite 200
City: Riverside
State: CA
Zip: 92507

Low Oxygenate Bio-Oil Through Two Stage Hydro-Pyrolysis EPD11048 2011 $79,825       $79,825
Name: TDA Research Inc.
Address: 12345 West 52nd Avenue
City: Wheat Ridge
State: CO
Zip: 80033

A New Renewable Polymer from Bio-Oil EPD11057
Final Report
2011 $80,000       $80,000
Biofuels: Total     $499,650      $300,000  $799,650 
Total     $499,650      $300,000  $799,650