Small Business Innovative Research:
FY90 - FY18 Phase I and Phase II Awards: Drinking Water and Water Monitoring

Name and Address of Awardee Title of SBIR Project Phase I Award Phase II Award Total
Contract Number RFA FY $ Contract Number RFA FY $
Drinking Water and Water Monitoring
Name: Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Address: 200 Yellow Place
City: Rocledge
State: FL
Zip: 32955

Capacitive removal of PFOA and PFOS from Drinking Water 68HE0D18C0020 2018 $99,878       $99,878
Name: Biopico Systems
Address: 2401 Calit2 Building
City: Irvine
State: CA
Zip: 92697

Environmental Sensing System Enhanced With Nested Concentrating Electrodes (ESSENCE) for Safe and Sustainable Water Resources EPD14025
Final Report
2014 $100,000       $100,000
Drinking Water and Water Monitoring: Total     $199,878      $0  $199,878 
Total     $199,878      $0  $199,878